11th March 2020

NEWS FLASH! Welcome Coach Melita to the BADABINGS!
At 7 we started passing and weaving, followed by a warm up game of 3 virus teams, At 7.20 the 3 teams mutated into 2. The Blue Bird flu, Louise, Nancy, Sally, AK, Tulay, Shirley. Versus the No-Bibs Swine Flu, Lisa, Sarita, Laurie, Gill, Dania, Andreea, Feddi. Lisa won the Jump and the swines scored! Its a Pandemic! The green jerseys started a formation. Help we were in a Panacotta! The greens were growing in numbers, self isolating subs were off 2 at a time, OMG Panchetta…the swines were winning! Dropping balls like pancakes into a basket. The room was hot, Fedi was in a fever, Dania defended the Pandora’s box! While blue Pans-people danced around the basket. AK used her Panavison to see a way through. It was a pantomime of errors. A Phudemic! A couple of fouls and travel restrictions in favour of the blues and a Panama hat trick from AK the final scores were 16-18 to the Greens.
At 8pm the Panorama was over! Thank you Coach Melita for a great game. See you all next Wednesday!  BADABING!

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