11th March 2020

NEWS FLASH! Welcome Coach Melita to the BADABINGS!
At 7 we started passing and weaving, followed by a warm up game of 3 virus teams, At 7.20 the 3 teams mutated into 2. The Blue Bird flu, Louise, Nancy, Sally, AK, Tulay, Shirley. Versus the No-Bibs Swine Flu, Lisa, Sarita, Laurie, Gill, Dania, Andreea, Feddi. Lisa won the Jump and the swines scored! Its a Pandemic! The green jerseys started a formation. Help we were in a Panacotta! The greens were growing in numbers, self isolating subs were off 2 at a time, OMG Panchetta…the swines were winning! Dropping balls like pancakes into a basket. The room was hot, Fedi was in a fever, Dania defended the Pandora’s box! While blue Pans-people danced around the basket. AK used her Panavison to see a way through. It was a pantomime of errors. A Phudemic! A couple of fouls and travel restrictions in favour of the blues and a Panama hat trick from AK the final scores were 16-18 to the Greens.
At 8pm the Panorama was over! Thank you Coach Melita for a great game. See you all next Wednesday!  BADABING!

5th March 2020

7pm drills, then some much needed defence practice.

Coach Jo was a woman on a mission, we needed to listen and focus.

Pink team;
Dania, AK, Fi, Nancy, Gilly, Tulay, Charlene verses the
Black team: Fedi, Sarita, Sally, Lisa, Andrea, Laurie, Shirley.

There was a rollling subbing of two off from each team, this did cause some confusion and I would suggest in future you sub off with the person you are marking(let’s try that next time)? It was a great game, AK had extending arms and despite her absence was shooting basket after basket. Coach Jo was most marvellous and was quick to umpire and coach.

Subs to Louise by bacs and bibs to Shirley.