26th February 2020

Its Radio No Show Jo and D.J Sam is taking the mic! 2 teams The Tony Blackburns in Soul Gold Nancy, Natalie, Gill, Louise, Tulay, versus The Terry Wogan’s in Euro Purple, Shirley, Sally, Dania, Fie, Laurie. Sarita film producer watches from the side. Shirley radio Talk Talk Played the first 3 tracks dedicated to the Purples before Gill managed to spin the first gold disc. The Wogan’s were playing hit after hit, where as the golden Tony’s were more Miss Radio Ga Ga. Dania tuned into Smooth Radio followed by ‘Kiss’ my arse I am coming threw! The Purple spin the first game 7-1.
Sam makes a announcement and changes stations. Shirley and Sally go Gold, Nancy and Natalie Turntable purple. All tuned in and ready to play, Sally gives us some Classic FM moves and gets the easy listening baskets. Tulay played from the Heart with record breaking rebounds. Fie blocks the airways stopping all Gold discs from the hit parade. Natalie catches the Zoe Ball, gets one in the face and rolls her ankle all in one song. Laurie plays her number one hit! Nancy is in the Groove it, Groove it!  Travel news! Sam blows the whistle! The Gold Tony’s are ahead…but Soul hour is cut short. Final score 7 to 5Live to the purple Terry’s.
8pm Radio Times up!

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