19 February 2020

What a turnout! Tonights BadaBrit Awards! For arriving on time! Louise, Sarita, Dania, Nancy, Aza, Charlene, Fedi, Andreea, Shirley, Rie.

At 7.10 Host Josephine Whitehall arrives to a standing aviation!  2 girl Groups wearing blue and green. The 1st to score award goes to lead singer Fedi in Blue. 2nd to score award to Andreea looking dashing in Green. Nominees for the usual late comers are Sarita and Josephine but tonight they are surprisingly pipped to the post by the marvellous Trio Tulay, Laurie and Gill!

3 groups now compete 1.Best album in Blue, Charlene, Fedi, Aza, Gill, Rie, 2.Best Solo Players in Green Nancy, Shirley, Tulay, Dania 3. Best Female Artist in Pink, Sarita, Louise, Laurie, Andreea. Let the Show begin! Best Solo Player: Nominees : Sarita, Fedi and Nancy. The BadaBrit award goes to Fedi! Best Newcomer Nominees are Fie, Charlene and Aza, Award goes to Charlene.

Nominees Best Song 1.‘Easy peasy passes’ 2.’Who’s on Fedi’ 3. ‘to me to me to me’ ‘Winners hands up!’ Award goes to the Blue team for outstanding performance Followed by Green coming 2nd and last go Pinks.

The Last award of the evening …2020 Life achievement award goes to Birthday Dania! Happy birthday Dania …Speech! Speech ! ‘Thank you all for everything for playing with me, making my week…my cake, fiz and beautiful Card! ‘ ’See you all next week for more fun fun fun!

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