26th February 2020

Its Radio No Show Jo and D.J Sam is taking the mic! 2 teams The Tony Blackburns in Soul Gold Nancy, Natalie, Gill, Louise, Tulay, versus The Terry Wogan’s in Euro Purple, Shirley, Sally, Dania, Fie, Laurie. Sarita film producer watches from the side. Shirley radio Talk Talk Played the first 3 tracks dedicated to the Purples before Gill managed to spin the first gold disc. The Wogan’s were playing hit after hit, where as the golden Tony’s were more Miss Radio Ga Ga. Dania tuned into Smooth Radio followed by ‘Kiss’ my arse I am coming threw! The Purple spin the first game 7-1.
Sam makes a announcement and changes stations. Shirley and Sally go Gold, Nancy and Natalie Turntable purple. All tuned in and ready to play, Sally gives us some Classic FM moves and gets the easy listening baskets. Tulay played from the Heart with record breaking rebounds. Fie blocks the airways stopping all Gold discs from the hit parade. Natalie catches the Zoe Ball, gets one in the face and rolls her ankle all in one song. Laurie plays her number one hit! Nancy is in the Groove it, Groove it!  Travel news! Sam blows the whistle! The Gold Tony’s are ahead…but Soul hour is cut short. Final score 7 to 5Live to the purple Terry’s.
8pm Radio Times up!

19 February 2020

What a turnout! Tonights BadaBrit Awards! For arriving on time! Louise, Sarita, Dania, Nancy, Aza, Charlene, Fedi, Andreea, Shirley, Rie.

At 7.10 Host Josephine Whitehall arrives to a standing aviation!  2 girl Groups wearing blue and green. The 1st to score award goes to lead singer Fedi in Blue. 2nd to score award to Andreea looking dashing in Green. Nominees for the usual late comers are Sarita and Josephine but tonight they are surprisingly pipped to the post by the marvellous Trio Tulay, Laurie and Gill!

3 groups now compete 1.Best album in Blue, Charlene, Fedi, Aza, Gill, Rie, 2.Best Solo Players in Green Nancy, Shirley, Tulay, Dania 3. Best Female Artist in Pink, Sarita, Louise, Laurie, Andreea. Let the Show begin! Best Solo Player: Nominees : Sarita, Fedi and Nancy. The BadaBrit award goes to Fedi! Best Newcomer Nominees are Fie, Charlene and Aza, Award goes to Charlene.

Nominees Best Song 1.‘Easy peasy passes’ 2.’Who’s on Fedi’ 3. ‘to me to me to me’ ‘Winners hands up!’ Award goes to the Blue team for outstanding performance Followed by Green coming 2nd and last go Pinks.

The Last award of the evening …2020 Life achievement award goes to Birthday Dania! Happy birthday Dania …Speech! Speech ! ‘Thank you all for everything for playing with me, making my week…my cake, fiz and beautiful Card! ‘ ’See you all next week for more fun fun fun!


Sally warmed up the crowd. Compare Louise took the whistle ‘ Welcome to the Feddi Show!’ Feddi and her 2 guest stars Sally and Laurie in Red versus the Commercial breaks in Blue. Lisa, Shirley, Nancy and Tulay.

It’s show time! Red Fedi Scored twice before the show went to a commercial break! Shirley drove to the basket in a new Audi with her Vorsprung lurch technic. The show must go on and on, 6-3 to Feddi. 19.27 Sarita joins the game tying her Trainers! ‘Just do it! ‘Joining the Blues, Nancy turned Red. Match 1 red 7-3. New game. Guest star Sally scores! Whoop whoop! Fedi takes the mike, 3-0 to Red.

We go to a commercial break Lisa ‘BUPA’ private Healthcare. Nancy goes back to blue. With 3 to Shirley another from Sally. Its Laurie’s magic Show! WOW what a basket. Feddi Scores a 3 pointer! the score now 4-4! Nancy has a fast break 5-4 it’s tense! She’s had her weetabix! Red loose the rebound. Tulay makes it 6-5 blue Lidle on price.

The Feddi show is signed for another series 6-6! Tulay mobile makes it 7 ‘every little helps’ blue win the match! A Quick sip of Evian ‘Live young!’. Game 3. Cliche Shirley ‘Who’s on Feddi!’ ‘Easy passes’ ‘Who wants it’ said Sarita, ‘There is a glass and half in everyone’. Shirley gets a high pass. ‘Where there’s blame there is a claim’. The credits roll, It’s 8pm “that’s all folks” See you next week, same time, Same place.

5 February 2020

It was hot in the City, Josephine the Executive Car arrived on the dot of 7. She took us cabs round the block a few times in dribbling and layups. 2 teams The Ubers babes with red upholstery Fedi, Andreea, Gill, Sally verses The Lady London Cabbies in Blue, Louise Nancy, Sarita, Dania. Louise and Andreea revved their motors to start, Andreea won the Jump, destination drop the fare off at the basket. The court was congested, the meter ran high before Uber Fedi got the first drop off. Gill drove in knowing the short cut! Sally beeped her horn scoring as she made it to the destination. Louise scored first for the lady Londoners, but it was too late Game 1. 7-1 to the Uber Reds. Game 2. We changed sides. The Reds picked up a fare immediately driving left right and centre. Louise’s electric battery ran low, luckily Nancy got a charge and a big tip! Dania was running up town when she got pranged on her front bumper. Hoot hoot! Andreea knew some new routes and with Fedi running over the speed limit, Red Won Game 2. 7-4. Game 3. The blue were now in the congestion Zone. Sarita took a one way street direct to the drop off. Nancy was there to greet her..beep beep! Nancy achieved her knowledge and was pronounced Driver of the week! Game 3 to the London Blues. 1st to 3 was game 4. At 8pm the shifts were over, we all went home exhausted. Happy Birthday Rhondy Roundabout may all your journeys be sweet. beep beep!