29th January 2020

This evening ingredients for Marmalade were The Oranges, Louise, Tulay, Rie, Charleen versus The Sugar Preserves in Green, Dania, Laurie, Gill, Sally.

Sweet Sally started the cane rolling with 2 fast breaks directly into the  Sugar bowl, ‘Dunk it ‘ shouted Dania. Louise marderin’ed 2 segments making it 2 -5 to the sugar spoons 7.24pm ready made Sarita Marmalade arrived side’ing on both teams. She satsumas’ed first with Orange taking them into the lead winning the game. 7-2 At Boiling point guard she sweet coated to the Green-side. She was so fast no one could caster-sugar. Game 2. Laurie took 2 lumps in her tea cup. Gill had a sweeter tooth with her sugar cubes! Tulay pipped the sweeteners to the post as she Pectin’ed. Charlene orange peeled a wicked 3 pointer!

A Spoon full of Sugar helps the medicine ball go down as Dania hit the floor!  Game2 Score 1-7 to Green. Game 3 and 4. Sarita and Rie squeezed every last bit of orange taking the pith with a thick cut! making a seville orange partnership! 8pm! The jars were sealed. Sugar Bomboms birthday wishes to Sian!

22nd January 2020

Two Crazy cats entered the Den at 8.27 to find 2 teams…that’s Cool for Kats!
The Persian Blues, Sally, Lisa, Fedi, Nancy, Andreea Versus The Purple Bengal’s Dania, Rie, Laurie, Gill, Tulay.
Feline Feddi was like a kitten possessed, paw’ing the ball wherever it landed, springing into action, shooting, pulling, no one stood a chance until Officer Jo Dibble blew her whistle and called Subs! Lifting her tail high Sarita joined the Bengal’s and the cat-fight for the ball began. ‘Pass the ball’ Called Officer Dibble as Feline Itchy the Scratchy didn’t pass!  A team forfeit of sit-ups or lunges from each tabby. Fedi was back on her hot in roof. Andreea Lloyd Webber took the ball to the ally…. purring as she scored. Love cat Tulay prowled round the net blocking and catching rebounds. Lisa Sylvester used her hight to catch the ball and use the back board! MEOW! Sally had 9 lives, facilitating her team mates to pass and score. Fie like Mr Jinxs slipped them in from under the net. Nancy got the cream and the ball! Laurie smiled like the Cheshire cat with her 1 score of the night. Dania coughed up 2 fur balls from the free throw line. Gill crazed with cat-nip leaped from the bushes to the net. Despite the lucky Bengal’s go cats, the Persian blue’s were the cats whiskers and winners of the night.  8pm Time for a cat nap! A top night from 12 Top cats!

15th January 2020

The Canadian Winter sports started immediately with layups, warm ups and most importantly the Royal Basketball Protocol of fouling, Charging, Can’adian’s and cant’s. Josephine made the Badabrexit of 2 teams, 7.19 pm Sarita and Andreea Flew in on business class.

In Green, Frogmore Cottage, Louise, Sally, Sarita, Gill, Andreea versus In Red The Maple leaf of Vancouver, Dania, Nancy, Lisa, Feddi, Tulay.

Red Lisa won the jump, Green Gill was 1st to score, followed by Andreea and Louise, score 3-0. 1st on the leader board for Red was Lisa, this started a landslide for the red mounties. Dania with her sweet maple syrup touch and Nancy making a break for Quebecxit. French Canadian Fadi travelled before scoring, Sally and Sarita Windsor’ed up the court passing, shooting like wild-boar at Sandringham carrying the Mountbatten for the Green team.

Game 2, Red scored first leaving Sally paying the high price for Royal secruity. Fouled Dania took from the free throw, while Sarita toronto’ed 1 in after a run in with Lisa, no arm done. Game 3. We saw a Red Lettuce sandwich and a stuffed moose, also we witnessed a marvellous steal from Brian Adreea Prince of thieves. 8pm Megxit got to live with the common people leaving the rest of us tortured by Celine Dion

8th January 2020

9 x Christmas puddings entered the Hall. Immediate Shooting and lay-up drills. 7.12 pm Coach Josephine took the floor organising weaves and choosing both teams. 7.17pm Sarita made it 10!

The Jam Roly Poly’s in Purple, Sarita, Gill, Laurie, Dania, Andreea versus the Blueberry Mince Pies, Louise, Lisa, Feddi, Tulay and Nancy. Feddi was first to find the lucky 6d, followed by Sarita holding the horse shoe. The scores were neck and neck. Gill thrilled, Tulay was Fly! Lisa lit up the Christmas pud and left Jo hanging on a high 5! Game 1 The Blues.

Game 2 brought in the new decade 2020, Sarita’s Roarers in Purple v Feddi’s Flappers in Blue. Dania Screened and Screamed for her teammates, Laurie used her Jazz hands. Nancy was fastest to the net. Sarita toasted in the new year with a jammed finger. Andreea took the free throw…3rd time lucky.. was her NY resolution. Josephine joined the game! Still the Blue Party Animals won.

Game 3 The hangovers kicked in with the knackered January Blues. Dry January Lou couldn’t see the basket for the The Purple ‘The Lean Mean Basketmaking Machines’ ! At last a win for the Purple vegan rolls!. What a Fabulous start to the year! See you all next week for a slimmer fitter trimmer game of wonderful basketball.

Apologies from the 2 ghost of Christmas passed Sally and Shirley