25th September 2019

At Clarence court The Session started at 7pm A dozen Eggs some cracked rolled into the filthy battery Pen. Warming, laying and Shooting drills started.
At 7.15 the Poultry husband was still clearing up water spills and putting away the equipment from the earlier Cocks coop.
Coach Jo Edwina Curry measured the eggs in to size.
The Old Cotswold Blue Legbars, Sarita, Laurie, Shirley, Ak, Dania and Di. Versus The Burford Browns in Black. Louise, Nancy, Fadi, Lisa, Gilly, Tulay. Lisa won the Jump but the black were the first to score. Fadi scrambled  her team into a omelet of players of who’s marking who. Don’t mess with the Coach! Tulay was poached by 2 players and got 3 free throws. One boiled in and 2 sunny side down. A.K got all her eggs in one basket. Game 1 to the Legbars. Game 2, new plan, Feddi Whisked herself into a soufflé. Louise was battery hemmed in. Coach Jo exchanged white to yoke swopping Lou and Sarita. Game 2 Blue. Shirley got 2 free range. Double yoke’ers! Dania pickled and devilled her eggs over easy. The Egg timer rang 8pm, we all meringue. The Blue Won Hens down!

18th September 2019

Yes it really was a fabulous session!

First some drills, which we managed to use later. Then 3 on 3 on 3 for a rolling game of defence and offence, then four on four.

Fedi, Dania, Lisa and Sally verses AK, Shirley, Rhonda & Andrea, some great passes, use of backboard (Lisa) and teamwork. AKs team managed to win by a basket as the whistle blew. Really fast game, some fabulous play by all, great coaching by Jo.

11th September

After being subjected to many years of insults – Shirley’s blue ball finally got the begrudging appreciation it deserved. As the ONLY ball 🏀 on court it’s services were called upon for the full hour.  So, the lesson that can be taken from this is : BRING YOUR OWN BALLS.
Great game Pinks were AK, Nancy, Gilly, Lisa, Blacks were Sarita, Andreea, Shirley and Josephine.

THe Wasp

4th September 2019

2 teams started warming up The Dixons of Dock Green Sally, Louise, Fadi, Shirley, versus The Great Red Train Robbers AK, Tulay, Dania and Gill. The Justice of the Peace blew the whistle and the game began. Ron Gill Briggs was the first to score followed by Buster A K Edwards.

The  Criminals were in the lead till Detective Shirley Demsey and Fedi Makepeace managed to arrest a basket. Sally and Tulay had a hand cuff situation. Green Ball. Sally played Columbo….theres one more thing.. as she popped the ball in the net. Game 1 to the Reds. Judge called Water break. Stasky passed to Dania Hutch who jumped a rolled the ball into the net. Inspector Morse wanted morse from Clouseau but Clouseau didn’t have a Clouseau, Gill was too fast. As was Ak. Glass houses. The Reds were wining.

Louise was fouled got 2 from the top of the Key stone cops but didn’t score. Game 3. Judge Jo swopped Gill for Lou. Lou turned to crime but crime didn’t pay, Lou turned her ankle. Gill got the green light and scored a promotion. On the last Shoot out the reds stole the show.

See you next Wednesday