27th March 2018

Its my birthday and I’ll sit on the side if I want too…you would sit too, if it happened to you!
Louise wore her birthday suit. Two teams, Let the party begin.
the Pink Nibletts, Rhonda, Shirley, Nancy, Tulay, Laurie, versus the Blacks balloons. Sally, Rave, Gilly Andreea and Agancha . Rhonda won the jump but no-one scored. The ball floated from one end to another, First to score was Nancy.
Pass the ball said Coach Jo, it’s quicker. Pass the parcel said Sally drawing the score to 1-1 all. Shirley scored for the Pinks.  May-Rave took possession and got the party started. 19.35 Ding Dong! A gate crasher! Agancha. Now the Party started to rock!  Gill scored 3 jellies, Sally 5 crumpets. Shirley 2 party sausages, 2 jammy dodgers from a Laurie. Rhonda drank her fizzy soda and the pinks were in the lead. Agancha got into the party spirit scoring 8 baskets! The blacks were now steaming ahead feeding Agancha’s appetite.  At 8pm the Party pooppers set off the fire alarm, the score 9-20 to the Blacks.
Thank you girls for the fabulous cake, card, booze, flowers and POPPERS. ! I will be back in 2 weeks!

20 March 2019

Spring has sprung and the gym was hot.  2 Teams 4 x 4

Pinks :Sarita, Nancy, Gilly, Shirley V Blacks : Andreea, Tulay, Laurie Sally.

Thanks Josephine for the passing drills.  Fierce games.

13th March 2019

It was nearly a full house – we missed you Sian but the mighty Jo stepped in, she has both long arms & legs & is a formidable player & coach, who we all love and respect .

So the pretty pinks were, Sarita, Laurie, Tulay (the lips) & Shirley with a little help from Jo, who took on the mighty blacks, Nancy, Andrea, Gilly, Dania & Sally.  We learnt how to mark/move in the key, as though one. First man to man then zones,

I think the blacks won both games but only by a whisker and I could be corrected? Nancy & Sarita were super attackers & defenders & get the players of the match. Fabulous game everyone.

6th March 2019

It’s getting close to Red Nose Day and the fund raising has just started! Warm up and comedy stand-up drills set the tone. 2 teams The Black humour : Shirley Lisa Sally Nancy versus Purple Burst a blood vessels: Sarita Dania, Andreea, Laurie and Tulay. Hilarity started the Jump tallest and Shortest Lisa V Dania. The Black took the fast break but failed to score. Sarita’s comedy timing caught the rebound and with new matching leggings made the first basket. ‘Does that make sense said Coach Josephine’ as she joined the game ‘No sense’ said empire Louise wearing a fez sitting on the side. Glass Bottle, bottle glass. Nancy took a fast break, passed to shirley 1-1. Josephine was out, Josephine was in. Bottle glass. Laurie put on a red nose making the score 2-1. Sarita made it 3-1. Lisa Scores to the cost of a jammed finger. Sarita made it Four Candles 4-2. then 5-2. Shirley squirts a flower its 5-3. Sally is on fire jumping hoops rebounds to Nancy’s running gag, the black are strong but fail to score. Andreea laughs its 6-3. The Blacks break a smile for Shirley 6-4. Andreea pulls out a bunch of flowers 7-4. 1st game over. Game 2. Sally scores. Josephine run backwards keeping her eyes on the ball. Lisa chuckles 3. Nancy added one 5-0. Laurie turns over the ball, sponsors Andreea and the purples are back in the game. Dania 2 fancy layups. The score now 8-4 to Black. Sarita was exhausted from her walk up Kilimanjaro and sat out. Water break new game. Dania takes a minute. Sarita’s back with new vigour. Jo calls fouls, Sally got 1of 2 to come from the free throw comedy line. Ending the magnificent game with a draw.
A record fund raiser of baskets scored by all.