27th February 2019

Top game after a new drill  – the independents (blacks) Lisa, Andrea, Dania, Laurie & Sally against the superstars (pinks) Sarita, Shirley, Sensational Gilly & Super Tulay, it was a thoroughly exhausting game, chasing that ball up & down the court, passing, faking, running. Potty mouth Shirley was told firmly off for being a gobshite –  Ho Ho. There is a new rule of no swearing, so be warned. The pinks narrowly won due to some top baskets by Gilly & Shirley.

Fabulous game everyone!

20 February 2019

Well!! They say it ain’t over til the grey lady sings. And that’s for sure with the Bings
Blacks Sian, Rhonda, Laurie and Sarita vs Pinks Fadi, Shirley Andreea – a splinter group of 4 on 3. Ridiculous drill at the beginning that ed Stretch . But soon we were bobbing and weaving; open the gate, shut the gate and the game started.
Was wearing double thick leggings so sweating a good ‘un (style over function – must learn).
Excellent shooting from all sides. Was going to do a whole QB on the new independent party but have now had a and lost the mo. COME BACK LOULOU!
Great game all – see you next Wednesday xx


13th February 2019

T’was the eve of Valentines day and love was in the air. Coach Cupid Josephine showed the lovers how to shoot their arrows. followed by smooching warm ups, and a 3’s a crowd weaving. The Lovers in purple (Sarita, Dania, Laurie and Rhonda) and The fighters in Black (Sally, Lisa, Tulay and Shirley)
Sarita Valentined Lisa for the jump. The ball rocked both ends until Shirley took a direct arrow into the net. Laurie was the first to score for the purples bringing the score to 3-1 Love struck Trulay Madly deeply as she bought the score to 4-1. Lisa broke another heart making it 5-1 Dania took purple control changing the score to 5-2. Sally shot a golden arrow making it 6-2. Sarita 6-3. Dania was blocking, Laurie was dropping, Lisa started dribbling. Sally chose sharp defending.Shirley made a fast break 7-3 There was a water break up. Cupid said that the fighters were cheating on the lovers! Zoning when they should have been marking. Sally was fouled and took 2 from the free throw. Sarita made it 7-4, Shirley took the power of love 8-4. With a jump ball from Lisa and Sarita the score turned to 9-4. Sally spread her love to 10-4. The lovers were unlucky in love this evening, Lisa took a chance on a shot from afar…oh so very lucky in love 12-4. Dania scored 12-5. The black hearts were racing Shirley, Tulay 14.5. Sarita 15-6 With 10 minutes to go Rhonda fell catching love on the rebound. Smitten she turned 15-7 to the fighters. Hot blooded Dania topped it 15-8. Sarita caught a ball from behind without looking proving Love is blind! The last 2 cards were posted by Shirley and Lisa  17-8. All you need is love. Happy Valentine.

6th February 2016

My basketball arm.

With Chinese new year upon us it is the year of the pig and no better way to celebrate is with lashings of Chocolate. Our Chocolatier Josephine. The 2 teams made from Green and Blacks were. The 4 in Green Louise, Sarita, Andreea and Tulay, the 5 in Black Sally, Feddi, Shirley, Gill and Laurie.
The first slice of black forest gateaux went to Sally, she scored the first 2 baskets for the blacks. The nestle to score was Louise for the Greens. Feddi was fast like a chocolate whip, a chocolate fountain coating the ball from every angle.  Sallys defence was incredible getting passed her was like hitting a wall, a block of Walls choc ice cream A Magnum!  Tulay was fouled and took a Twix from the free throw line making 1 chocolate truffle. Louise’s brittle choc-finger caught the ball and it brandy snapped. Wrapping her finger against all advice she continued to play. (silly finger of fudge) Sarita passed the ball around her galaxy of team mates, making Cadbury’s sure they all scored. Andreea throw chocolate eggs directly into the basket enjoying every mouthful. Gill ran a marathon up and down the court. Laurie was a honeycomb sticking to Louise like Gu. It was a chocolate mouse of a game until Louise became a fruit and nut case and ice-screamed at Feddi, bringing the game to a chocolate sticky toffee pudding Halt.
Sorry Feddi for spoiling your bonbon de chocolate.