30 January 2019

The Hollywood jewels were out tonight.

The first Mary Poppins AKA Julay Andrews, followed by Sophia LooLooren and Grace Sally. Lisa Bacall, Gilly Caron and Shirley St Johns Nat Wood. The warm ups began. Laurie Christie from Dr Zhivargo rushed in from the cold clutching her fur hairband. Meanwhile Katherine Ross (Sarita Hayworth) accompanied by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid got ready to play. Arriving fresh from Harrods was Elizabeth Andreea Taylor dripping in Diamonds and wearing her Fur.
The most stunning Jewel of the coach crown, The Pink Jo Panther organised the stars into 2 teams. The 5 purple Ruby’s (Natalie Wood, Julie Christie, Lesley Caron, Sophia Loren and Katherine R ) versus the 4 Green Emeralds (Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor and Julie Andrews.) The game get your jewels safely into the vault. Grace Sally the 1st with the key to the safe. Next to protect her jewels from the pick pockets was Looloo Loren. Mary Poppins used every trick in her handbag to protect the Emerald basket. Sarita Hayworth took to defence using a combination she caught every Ruby rebound. Lisa Bacall’ed the ball making 3 direct safe throws. Julie Christie cut and pasted diamond heart shaped. Hayworth threw the ball to Gilly Caron, thank heaven for little girls, for little girls grow into basketball players every day. Elizabeth Taylor made a claim to a string of pearls. There were times Shirley almost dropped her gems, but came to the rescue with many a layup safe break.
The Burglar Alarm sounded at 8pm. Diamond of the match goes to Grace Sally who upped her wears taking jewel box home.

A rich high class game tonight girls!, can’t wait for next week!

23rd January 2019

Tonights players seemed to be dropping like flies, it must have been those Super Bugs. The survivors arrived on the Lindo Wing. After private tutorial lay-up and shooting drills we did a 3 man weave followed by a spacing defence drill, where we Showed our D spots, put our Guns up, blocked our opponents and Drove to the basket! at 7.40 the 2 teams were formed, The Super Bugs in red, Louise Lisa and Sarita versus The Blue Wonder Bottles in blue, Shirley, Laurie and Sian. With only 6 beds needed we played full ward. Lisa won the jump and was the first to score 2 in a row. The private healthcare tuition was paying off. Using the backboard. Sarita was next to score followed Dragon fly Sian who flu the ball into the basket. The Flys were back in the game spreading their germs. This was where MRSA meets WNBA. Shirley took her antibacterial wash and drove the ball into the net several times. Sarita would not give up the penicillin passing the ball back and forth to Lisa. Lisa became antibiotic and scored 7 baskets in a row. Laurie caught and dodged a few passes. Matron Jo decided to join the flies on the big D. Lemsipping the ball to the players to shot. The Blue Bottles were catching up. Time flies! It was 8pm and the game came to a halt.
See you all next week for more fun and frolics on the court.

16 January 2019 MAY DAY

At 7.05 The members of the party had arrived in Westminster to vote.
2 teams. The 5 Blue Eyes to the Left (Louise, Nancy, Shirley, Sian and Tulay) and the 4 Red Nose’s to the Right. (Sarita, Dania, Andreea and Lisa) We started the game with a vote of no confidence as our Speaker of the house Josephine Bercow was stuck outside parliament.

Sarita and Sian took the jump. Sarita MAY of won but Blue Loo Hunt scores first . Followed by Red JezerLisa. Sarita took a flurry of motions. The score One Aye to 4 No’s. To the ballot box said Jezarita as she steered her team to vote. Andreea called for No Deal While she scored. Sian passed to Nancy. It was team work for Nancy & Shirley as they dropped their vote into the right honourable basket.

Dania pushed the ball to the right, Tulay to the left, the game got heated. ORDER called the Lords. It was MAYHEM. MAYDAY MAYDAY!

Sian Johnson threw the ball into the Red basket! A HOME GOAL!What are the chances of That like getting another referendum? Every time Shirley called a NO she got Brexit!

Tonights Winners with the majority vote were the 4 Red’s but the 5 blue MAYBOT’s will be back next week to play again.

9th January 2019

Tonight we were Jamming,
The 6 Subbing Seville Oranges (Louise, Lisa, Laurie, Sally, Nancy, Shirley,) versus the Non Subbing Bad Black Currents (Rhondaberry, Dania, Andreea, Tulay, Gilly) After a false volley start the game began. The orange peeled themselves into formation of man to man. The blackcurrants rolled into positions of defence. TootingTulay rebounding tight under the basket with Rhondaberry squeezed to the side of the Net. It took a age before either team scored. This started a flurry of dark berries into the pot from Andreeagoosberry Rhondaberry and Damson Dania. The Oranges gently simmered away until Nancy created a fine cut marmalade directly into the basket. The Blackberries were wining for the first half of the evening, the ball started to move faster than the coach and the Jojoberry was unable to see the ball was out. Citrus Sally saw as did the other Satsumas. The rind was now Black ball. Seville Shirley was fouled and got 2 shots from the boiling point. Damson Dania played rough cut, stealing the ball and ramming the opposition. We changed ends and tactics, both teams began to Zone. Now the jam started to set. At 8pm it was a draw, 5 all.

2nd January 2019

Tonight was BingTastic! Playing in purple were Sian, Sally & Gilly and for the pale blues were Sarita, Lisa & Tulay, a fast and furious game, with Jo introducing some tactical play, like a triangle of light opening up the offence under the basket, from me to you and back again.

Tulay was man of match as she blocked and attacked with equal gusto. Lisa & Sian both bagged basket bonanzas from afar. Sarita once again proved a force to be reckoned with. Gilly & Sally were here, then there & everywhere.

The blues were the technical winners but everyone who played is a winner and gets a gold 🌟, fitness first, thanks Jo a great start to the year. See you next Wednesday Badabings