19th December 2018

The last game of the year deserves a Badabing Crosby Christmas medley about us Silver Belles (Louise, Shirley, Sally, Rhonda) in Green versus The Miss-All-toes. (Nancy Sarita, Laurie, Gill) In Red

The Badabings are coming to town!  BADABINGS ARE COMING TO TOWN…. You better watch out, you better not Cry, you run now Nancy I am telling you why, Sarita’s bringing the basketball down the court! ………Run-pum-run..run  Pa-run-pum-run-run Coach Josephine kept the peace on earth with good will to all women. 2 to1 games to Red. I was dreaming of a Rhonda Christmas just like the ones we used to play, where the Sally belles are ringing and the all girls are singing,’ To hear the coach blowing whistles in the snow. Mistletoe and Shirley whine. So Laurie this is Christmas, Gillian I hope you have fun, to the near and the dear ones the old and the young. A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to those that couldn’t make it, your own Christmas play list here. Save the world.. from Sian. Dania’s driving home for Christmas, Andreea listens while hoop top glisten, I saw Feddi kissing Santa Claus, It’s Lisa Winter Wonderland. Natalie  Fleliz Navidad, Minna you jingle belle Rock. Marta all we want for Christmas is you!  At 8pm the Jingle bells ring, it’s beginning to look a lot like a Christmas Party! Thank you Sally for hosting a fabulous, delicious Badabing Christmas party.

See you all on Wednesday 2nd January 2019

The Queens speech, 

12 December 2018

Once in Royal Little Venice City 2 teams gathered to play their weekly politics. Before the game a shooting in the back drill followed by warm ups.
The Secret Santas singers in Red (Sally, Shirley, Andreea, Gill and Coach Jo) versus the Secret Ballot voters in Green (Louise Nancy, Feddi, Dania and Sarita)
Feddi was the first Ballot in the box, followed by Louise with a vote of confidence. Noel Noel Noel Noel wow Andreea that was a ball straight from Israel. The Green votes had to pass around the team like the Robot dancing Queen to score. The Red Santa Babies driven by Coach Jo joyful and triumphant just scored. Teresa May all your baskets be merry and right said the green team. The Room was swaying and snow balls falling, girls were grabbing and girls were snoring, the tall Grinch rebounding. Sally was blocking, Sarita was running, Sleigh bells ringing, Feddi was stealing, Nancy was catching, Gilly was shooting, Dania was calling out for Christmas day. No way was this a silent night! Bearing balls we travelled so far, Shirley threw from the free throw line, Tra la la la la la la la la.  A nut cracker basket. At 8pm Dingdong merrily on high the Votes were in. The results were called. The Teresa green party won the majority of 2 games to 1.
See you all next week for the wonderful last game of the year and Christmas party after play with surprises, gifts, fun, snacks, booze or loose. Everyone invited if you have been to basketball or not you are a Bling Bing ! Remember to bring a wrapped secret Santa (not more than a £5’er) for the lucky dip.
GLoria Hosanna in excelsis,
C U NEXT Wednesday

5th December 2019

OH NO! There has been a accident in the work place and Santa Coach is stuck at A&E. With only 2 weeks till Christmas The Green and Red elves will have to work very hard to get the toys out on time, so to help the toymakers Sally gave us all a drill to improve our toy making and passing. The Christmas Bibs were out for a photo finish and the teams were set to Zone.
The 4 Green Elves Slappy, Cheeky, Leary and Dopey, versus the 5 Red Grumpy Cheaty, Sloppy, Chatty and Sneezy. Elf Tulay was the first to fill her sack twice in a row for the Green. Lou the first for the red. Sarita passed to her little helpers Laurie and Shirley they topped the bag and the green Elves were off on their Sleigh. Red Elf Andreea wouldn’t give up on the kiddies and on the third try she filled her Sack again and again. The Red Sleigh was not far behind. Red Elf Dania knew which little girl was naughty and nice and directed her Elves into the correct positions. Top of the Zone was Red Elf Sally her perfect place to chuck the gifts straight down the Chimney. Chim-chim-merey Tulay caught many rebounds. Santarita impressed the all the elves with a gift of a Rolex behind the 3rd chimney line!  Whooooo! Nancy Drove the ball up the court, Shirley took it down. The Green had nearly potted all their toys…Whooosh it was 7.49 Coach Santa arrived blowing the whistle ding dong Merrily on a high. The game took a faster turn! At 8pm the Green Elves had delivered all their toys and toddled off to celebrate their win.  What a jolly ho ho ho all the way home.