31st October 2018

We were playing in the lab late one night! BANG what a terrible sight ! its Halloween! The Rocky Horror show with 2 teams. The Orange Pumpkins Frank-N-Furter Feddi, Dania Wednesday Adams, Auntie Fester Sarita, Lurch Laurie and a sweet transvestite from Transylvania called Tulay played the Black Widow Spiders, Louise Haversham, Poison Ivy Shirley, Cruella-deVille-Lisa, Minna Morticia Adams and Zombie Coach Josephine.

After a very cold warm-up, the game began. The pumpkins won the jump to the left, while the spiders took a step to the right! With their hands on their hip Sarita did the time warp again! The Pumpkins were in the lead. Morticia grabbed the ball as it threw her took across the floor, without a graze she passed to Cruella-Lisa with a single thrust of the hip the Spiders ball was in the web. These even scores didn’t last long as the Monster mash became a graveyard Smash, the Pumpkins took the lead. Like body snatchers they grabbed the ball, bobbed and threw severed heads into the basket. Zombie Coach Josephine used her Spider arms to help the Blacks equal, Morticia had flying skills unseen before but the Pumpkins instincts were too strong.
They won 3 games to 0. At 8pm the doors flew open a group of blood thirsty vampires burst in and took our floor going for the jugular. We screamed ‘The Scream! ‘
See you next Wednesday! Fangs for a great night girls, Welcome Minna !

24th October 2018

Due to poor staffing the Pharmacy opened 7 minutes late. At 7.07  9 girls started with layups and stretches. Head pharmacist Jo arrived at 7.12pm. The aim to collect our loyalty points. 2 team choices. The Orange 5 Super drug store collecting stars (Louise, Lisa, Sarita, Nancy and Shirley) versus The 4 Beautiful Boots the Chemist gathering points (Feddi, Dania, Sally, and Gill) Gilly had a head start at the pharmacy counter with a ball in the nose. First purchase of Cotton wool balls.  ‘Always’ the first game won with Feminine hygiene products, collecting a total of 7 points to The beautiful Boots. Game 2. new rules 5 passes before getting to the counter. Dania was fouled as she Aspirin into action jumping the queue to the cash desk. 1x knee support needed. Louise screamed as she bought her travel size tissues, I think she Lemslipped as she hit the ground. Game 3. 4 passes before purchase. Game 5. No dribbling. Free prescriptions were handed out to Nancy from all at the dispensary. Imodium was purchased as we all got the runs as a forfeit from Head Pharmacist for not listening. Some of us had to get our ears waxed. New rules for Game 6 zoning. Shirley got 2 for 1 at the free throw line. At 8pm the Pharmacy closed. We all left with hot flushes and a fast break to the hair and beauty aisle. Dania politely requested more efficiency from the staff at the front desk, as tonights change over over ran. Letters to the managment will be sent.

17th October 2018

At 7pm 3 buses waited in the depot, as expected at 7.05 three more turned up at once. Bus Driver Louise started shooting practice immediately.

At 7.12pm the Bus inspector arrived and split the London Transport buses into 2 colours. The Orange (Louise, Fedi, Laurie) versus Blue Buses (Shirley Tulay and Gilly) The Inspector took us on manoeuvre practice and final warmups ending with a weave. The game started on 1/2 court. We checked our tickets to start. Louise and Laurie used their freedom passes to Balls pond road while Feddi and Shirley ran straight to route Highgate and back to Marble Arch getting their monies worth out of their day passes.

Tulay rang the bell and we were off again. Our Inspector Josephine used Cctv so we could checkout our routes. At the end of the line there was a quick water break then back driving the ball, this time to Full Earls court.

There were some unexpected ding dings as the ball went into the basket. One more stop and we went back to half Earls court. Gilly hooted her horn and scored. Feddi and Shirley had driven so hard they had now run out of petrol.

At 8pm our shifts were up and the next  teams arrived promptly. C U ALL NEXT WEDNESDAY!
New season starts next week. October 24 to January 16th  (11 weeks)

10th October 2018

Tonights Pepsi Challenge ‘Taste the difference’ Keeping the temperature down and holding the score was Coach Edweze.
The Cherry Coca Cola’s (Dania, Nancy, Tulay and Shirley) versus the The Pepsi Max (Lisa Sally Louise, Gill and Laurie)
The Cherry’s started with the ball, Dania brought her pack of 4 towards the basket, just before they could score they were tango’ed by Sally’s amazing defence. The Pepsi’s now had the ball and Louise was the first to pull her ring-can into the net. Dania Tizer’ed the ball forward but The Pepsi’s bubbled and scored again. 2-ZERO  Again Dania brought the ball down and with the Lucozade of her team mates she was sugar free, pouring herself around the players like a touch of lemon zest, evening the score.
We stopped for a diet coke-break. Sarita joined the Cherry Cola’s. Dr Pepper blew the whistle and we were 2 packs of 5. Lets take it to the MAX. Some amazing baskets from Gilly, Shirley and Sarita. Great rebounding from Sally, Tulay and Lisa. Nancy snatched and popped her cherry!
The score was 7up at one point. Our secret lemonade drinker Laurie iron-brew-our-minds with a unexpected basket! Sch-Schhhweepes you know who! No arguing with the Ref girls. We might have been soft drinks but we were all full of caffeine! De-Sprite the efforts of the Pepsi cola’s who could only Fanta-sise. The Cherry cola’s won the Orangina of the night.

3rd October 2018

New leggings

Unfortunately I am not well enough to come to basketball tonight but I can feel a write up coming along. I will ask the spirits for their help.
Through the mist of my crystal basketball ..I can see 2 teams forming, is it 7, 8 or maybe 9 players. 1/2 in Pink and 1/2 in Black. There is a tall figure with the initial J or is it E or is it EJ? Does that ring a bell? No… I hear a whistle. There is jumping and a ball flying backwards and forwards the scores are high. Someone with the letter S has just scored, is it Sal, Sar or maybe the name begins with a Shirr. I can hear rejoicing….  it’s the winning team, they are in black or is it pink?  … the crystal basketball is clouding over…Its gone.
…..Whos’ in for tonights game?

Louise Out.

What really happened.

It was a great night! We started by running lines into the gymnastic team as they slowly cleared up.  Then we did that thing under the net really successfully.

Next stop the game. Andrea’s team, Andreea, Tulay Nancy and Dania. Sally’s team Sally, Shirley, Laurie and Lisa. Thanks to Andreea’s exceptional shooting skills they lead on baskets.  Team LLSS changed their defence they managed to even things up, well slightly.

Nancy was on fire with her defence and spent most of the game leaping to get the ball from the other team. Dania kept us focused  and on point with calling out fouls.

With four players aside we didn’t stop – red faces all round. A marvellous game everyone- good effort!