29th August 2018

It’s Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday, Ten Badabings Meet to celebrate A Thriller Night on the basketball court. Our Coach tonight is Jocent Price. Ahahahahahahaha haIt’s close to 7 at night, 2 teams are lurking in the dark, Under the court light, Jocent talks us through a new drill routine. 2 teams The Flesh-Eating-Zombies in Pink (Ghoullou, Dangernance, Android, Tuuooo-lay, and Smooth-criminal Fed) Versus The Werewolves in Black (Snarita, Shirhowling  Gillyjean, SpitfireSally and Laurie she’s bad) We are playing man in the mirror,  Ghoulou is the first to ‘rock with you’ Laurie is first to scores for the black, she’s bad….and Feddi she Don’t stop till she gets enough. Ohh! She’s Bad, Sally ‘got to be there’ to pass to Snarita,’ Cause this is thriller, Thriller night, And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to score, You know it’s thriller night, and You’re all be fighting for the ball, Inside there is a killer thriller, Ahahahahahahahaha, tonight we are gonna bring it on the ball, Andreea says Beat it..beat..it beat it, you know you have to run and beat it.  8pm Jocent Price recites and ‘Darkness falls across the land’. C U All next Wednesday

Werewolves win 2 out of the 3 games of first to 4. The Zombies are fast but not fast enough.

22nd August 2018

EJ makes basketball Great again.
8 girls hooked up for basketball, starting with layups and stretches. 7.20 The Game began. 2 teams with everything to play for, the aim Box out Trump.  Tonights coach EJ Aka Micheal Cohen whistle-blower and dealer of the playout. Which team scored more the Actress and Playgirl Bunnie Karen McDougal’s team in Plum (Louise, Sarita, Tulay and Lisa) or Actress and Porn star Stormy Daniels in blue (Stormy Dania, Andreea, Shirley and Laurie) Lisa won the Jump ball followed by Sarita placing the 1st ball of cash in the net. The Plums were all over the papers with baskets flying here and there. Incredible rebounds from Tulay Porn star of the match. Experienced Andreea Lewinksy took the ball to new heights shooting her cigar into the net. Laurine Keeler took her Profumo affair into the basket but lost her case on court. Lisa got her tit whacked for tat with Stormy Dania as they jostled for the payout. The Cheeky girls Shirley and Andreea tried to box out Actress and model Sarita but no one could stop her relentless shooting. Dania Stormed threw the defence making every layups count.
At 20.00 hrs the Hush money was the guilty plea! It was unanimous the Purple Playgirls had won the night.
Hip Hip Hooray
See you next Wednesday


Coach EJ worked her magic on the shop floor.  2 Good Jobs’ made up 2 teams. the 4 Wine tasters In Black ‘the Pinot Noirs’ (Sarita,Sally, Andreea, Nancy) versus The Chocolate Tasters The 5 ‘Chocolate Oranges’ (Louise, Lisa, Laurie, Shirley and Tulay) the game started with a lively ball
bouncing to and throw, Louise was the first to get her Orange segment in to the hamper. Sarita tasted the fine notes of her full bodied Barolo, a Corker spit into the spittoon. Next to score was Bouncing Beaujolais Andreea a young feisty wine with high and low notes aimed her taste buds straight for the case. Lisa used her chocolate bar marathon height to stop Sarita but Sarita was on a bender, spilling herself all around, she could not be contained, gulp after gulp Sarita scored again and again with help from Malbec Sally a fine blush grape naturally blocking and passing to her. The Pinot Noir’s won the first round and the 2nd.
Game 3 Louise took a Rolo to the floor. Nancy Rioja’d herself to the forefront. Tulay and Sally tasselled for the ball. Quality Controller Shirley shouted her team chocolates into position. Lisa turned her flake round into a Ripple scoring a toffee crisp of a basket. Laurie showed her honeycomb middle by taking the position of her Crunchie. Tulay became the Dime bar of Defence. In the last game of the night The Chocolates turned into Quality Street until Andreea the Beaujolais nouveau replaced the Barolo, scoring the last basket of the night.  It was almost After Eight and the mint Match sticks had to finish.
Thank you Coach EJ you turned our Volley into Bolli (Bollinger) our Nestle into Champagne chocolate Truffles.

8 .8.18. 8 x Bings

 Coach Jo Johnson took 2 teams into a political game of basketball. In Red, the Post Boxes Louise, Sarita, Nancy, Andreea and Laurie Versus the Blue Robbers, Dania, Gill, Tulay and Shirley. The game began with a jump ball. Sarita V Tulay. The ball travelled back and forth before being posted in the Red letter box. The Royal mail won the first round of 4. Shirley the Robber left after 1/2 hour before going off to court, innocent until proven guilty she pleaded. Andreea with a tinkle in her eye turned to crime and joined the robbing gang. The Queens Jewels was her aim. Dania was the first to take the crown, followed by Andreea with both of the Queens earrings. Close the gate screamed Postman Sarita as she caught the rebound and ran with a special delivery. Tulay was fouled and took 2 from the free throw line. Sarita landed on her royalmail arse and took a her second foul of the evening. It was Worth it as she delivered another parcel for her team. Laurie caught some amazing passes. Nancy threw 2 packages in to the box from a distance. On the 3rd game of 4 Andreea stole a string of pearls popping each of them in to the robbers den one by one. Gill deflected the ball, passed to Dania, the villains were catching up. Louise earned a PQBB (Personal Queen Bee Best in any one game) 7 letters! Whoohoo!
A good stash, pieces of 8 and deliveries delivered by 8 Finished at 8
See you all next week for more terrific fun on the court.

1 August 2018

Frying tonight was 2 teams, The Fish in Orange batter (Sarita, Shirley Nancy and Laurie) Versus The Chips in black oil. (Louise, Sally, Andreea and Gilly)  Roach Josephine was caught up stream and was unable to make the game.
We started layup and warm ups at 7.05. The 4 aside Game began at 7.20.
Chip off the old block Andreea was the first to score. The first game of the night was won by the Blacks oiled Chips who battered the fish. Cod was not on their side. The blacks scored 3-0 before flapping Fish Sarita got one in the net. Then the tide turned. Game 2.  Sarita soon became unstoppable. Skinny Chip Gilly breamed for Andreea blocking Shirley’s path. Chubby Chip Louise slipped another one in when the fish least expected.  Nancy hung back up stream to catch some wild throws from Laurie, she scored 3 in a roe. Super Sally Parmesan Truffle oil Chip exceeded all expectations by catching impossible rebounds stopping the slippery Sarita from scoring more!  Shirley slipped a couple in the net from afar. Laurie took a shot and scored. Sally and Gilly relished their scoring moments with a tomato sauce dip. Sarita started to keep score exaggerating the size of her teams lead. With a Minute to 8pm The ball was trout or was it in….Louise helped by her chips Badabing’ed the last one in…Hooray!
But still Team Fish took first plaice on the plate winning over all. It was the tastiest game of the fishing season with no one to call travel or the 3 second rule.
See you all next Wednesday for another takeaway of fun.