25th July 2018

It’s summer holiday time and No kids at the centre! 7 girls get on the coach for destination Basketball. Tonights Trip Adviser all seeing Owl is Josephine. 2 teams battle it out for the best trip and star ratings. Booking.com in Black Nancy, Laurie, Sarita and Trip adviser Jo versus Travago in Orange, Louise, Dania, Gill and Sally. Sally and Sarita prepare for the jump. First to drop her bags to the hotel was Sarita ranking up her first star. The Black hotel was a superior luxury room in the first Game, wining 5 stars to 2.  Game 2 Trip Adviser all seeing Owl swapped places with Sally. Orange Dania woke up and started to score, getup and layup was her mantra scoring 4 stars in a row for Team Orange with added Louise collecting a star for the best single room. The Orange equalled the score. Trip adviser started the holiday song ’Turnaround’ turning around Sarita got a ball in the face, soon followed by Sally same ball same face same song. It was one Airb&ball each. After a minutes water break Game 3 began. All the players were now hot and exhausted, moving room to room, and running from one side to the other. Sarita started to dance the Majorana as she hit the pool for 5 stars more Booking.com Booking .YEAH!
8pm The Coach hooted it’s horn it was time to go.
Thank you all for a lovely holiday, hope you can make it next week, and for those that couldn’t we wish you were here!

18th July 2018

Tonights Wimbledon Ladies Quintet finals.
The Williams Team in Purple included coach Venus and Sarina, Shirley Murry, Gill Barker, Billie Laurie Jean , Versus Team The Djokovic’s in Blue Andreea Agassi, Louise McEnroe, Lisa Graff, Tulay Goolagong, Nancy Nadal.
Sarina won the toss but Agassi won the serve. 15 love to the blue team. Sarina picked up her game and won the set. 5 to 1. McEnroe drove the ball down the court passing to Nadal, Nadal was swift and nimble squeezing the ball in and out and around the net. Goolagong caught the rebounds and shot the ball back into play. Laurie Billie Jean slammed the purple ball up to Sarina, the ball went back and forth, one side of the court to the other. Steffi Graff scored from afar. Murry blocked Agassi, Barker found space and scored. Sarina was strong and fast, taking the ball to the net taking the purples to Victory. At 19.45 Strawberries and water 90 sec break. Sides were changed, Venus Williams started to pile on the pressure by counting down the seconds to score. Agassi got a second wind advantage, she scored basket after basket, Wining the game, set and match. At 19.52 Sir Cliff and the Shadows arrived at the entrance, ‘Get out’ screamed McEnroe. The Rolex Turned to 20.00hrs. 3 more minutes said Venus, ‘You Can’t be Serious’ screamed McEnroe ‘The ball is OUT! ‘
C U all next Wednesday for another night of full on fun.

4th July HOT HOT HOT

10 top flyers entered the court at 7.04pm. Swarmups with layups. It was the hot summer of 1976 The grass was yellow and the insects were buzzing. 7.15pm Manager Josephine Flip flopped in.  The Stinger Wasps in Blue Louise, Sarita, Nancy, Shirley, Laurie versus the The Super Flying Ants in Pink Dania, Alice, Tulay, Andreea and Gilly.  Jo took control ‘man to man’ first to 4. RUN, FLY, DRIVE, MOVE, CUT, BLOCK. We FLEW, we BUZZED, we JUMPED, Our temperatures were rising it wasn’t surprising we are having a heat wave. The ball fluttered from one end to the other.  Eventually Gilly was the first to score followed by ‘Sarita the heater’ the heat took us back to 1966 we dreamed of wining the world cup. A stinging basket from the Bee. Louise was Buzzing! Thumper thumped one in. It became a penalty shoot out, one by one we scored. Sarita, Laurie, the Wasp. The First game Victory to the Stinger Wasps. Game 2. We changed sides, still fly on fly. It was hot hot hot, The Stag used her Antlers to knock the ball into the net. We were all were flying high tonight. The blues won a . The loosing team run a their 2nd forfeit. Game 3, Zoning. The Bullit shot on target. Thumper thumps another hat trick. Tulay too. The Pinks fly to Victory Winning match 4. The Blue forfeit is run. Still on man to man – Fly to fly Gilly is fouled, she throws 2 on target. Its exciting, there is one point in it, Josephine is shouting, RUN-SHOOT-MOVE-STICK-BLOCK. We are. The Clock showed 8pm, we took one last minute of extra time. Sarita catches the rebound but Andreea steals the the ball GOAL! and the Whistle goes. Tonights flying colour is Blue. 3 cheers for Coach Josephine a excellent Match Top coaching. Jo you are the best. QT