20th July 2018

It was a blisteringly hot night in Russia as the world cup got underway.
The 2 teams warmed up under the supervision of manager Lou Southgate. The national anthem was sung.’ God save the Queen Bee’
At 7.15 pm the Ref took control. Tonights games was to be played strictly by the book.
Team 1 In Blue. Lisa Kane, Andreea Ronaldo, Tulay Beckham, Nancy Vardi  Team 2 In Purple Louise Maradona, Sarita Suarez , Shirley Pele,  Laurie Messi. The Game took off with a terrific start, Suarez to Maradona, Maradona scores!! They were football crazy, they were football mad! Football had taken away the little sense she had! Andreea Ronaldo was the next to take the ball, up and around the wall over and down…she scores the crowd are going crazy! Futbol! GOAL! Laurie caught the pass, passes back to Saurez, Saurez to Pele and SHE SCORES!  Nice one Cyril nice one son, nice one Cyril lets have another one.  Lisa Kane takes the ball, throws directly into the net! She wears 3 lions on her shirt! The Blue have equalise, It’s 5 all. 1/2 time 1 minute water break. The 2nd half begins. Kane suffers a ankle wound. Messi a hit in the face. They play on. Saurez has the ball …Ref calls travel or was she pushed! Nancy moves the ball forward tackled by Saurez, Ref calls foul 2 from the free throw, one in….the 2nd throw Ronaldo is off side, Saurez throws again! BACK OF THE NET!  VINDALOO! The Games heating up, all the players suffering from exhaustion, We’er playing for In-ger-land. Saurez catches the ball, Vardi dives! it’s a Yellow card, Vardi given a throw in from the side. Beckham is fouled, she takes the ball from the free throw line She bends it, it is in! FOOTBALLS COMING HOME! The whistle goes at 8pm 1 minute of injury time. The game ends with penalties. No one scores! It’s a Draw
Hands in, See you Next Wednesday

God save the Queen B

13th June 2018

Cirque du Badalay
Ringmaster Josephine cracked her whip knocking us all into shape. The first drill, dribbling to score. Once warmed up the first trick ‘the shortest to tallest’  Those in Plum, Louise, Nancy, Andreea, Tulay and Lisa versus The Azures Alice, Laurie, Dania, Gill and Shirley. Its Showtime in the big top! Alice showed her skill by winning the jump, Gillylina caught the ball making the first basket. The Azures were fast and nimble swinging in and out holding the positions in unison. Dania flew in the air and scored. The Plum clown Louise had a lucky break on to the score board. We laugh HA HA. Now Grasshopper Andreea had warmed up WOW did she go!.. The applause was getting louder. BOOM cried the Ringmaster. Dancer Shirley was unstoppable sliding in-between the defence twirling with the ball to score, held back at times by Strongman Tulay’s rebound catching. Good defence called the Ring master all agreed. Grasshopper Andreea held the game to a halt, SHUUUU! she cried bending to adjust her enormous clown feet! More laughter from the crowd. Trapeze artist Lisa had good balance forgetting to dribble used her height aimed straight to the basket. BOOM …HA HA she missed. After the water break the tables turned, we were now all in the Zone. The Grasshopper played her finale by jamming the ball onto the back board. HA HA! More applause as the Ringmaster knew the only trick to release it.
For a encore Alice finished the game with a perfect basket from the free-throw line.
On the The Queen B birthday honours list Dania was awarded the most generous player of the night, this was followed by a red arrow fly pass.
See you all next week for more ball tricks and fun on the court.

6th June 2018

It is Love Island. With Josephine in charge of the Villa. The First 3 fit contestants to arrive were Louise Nancy, Shirley, Alice  followed by Josephine, Gill, Tulay and last Sarita. Basketball layups started the evening as the contestants got to know each other. Then Warm ups. High knees, jogging, heel flicks, hamstrings and Sumos. Now we are ready for Love. The 2 teams were formed. Before coupling up we took positions in the Love Zone.
First In Blue Louise, Tulay, Alice, Gill versus the First Purples, Sarita, Shirley, Nancy and Jo. Sarita was the first to fall in love with the ball, straight into the net it went. She was wild at heart leaping to catch her rebounds and shooting into the net her love held no bounds.
Alice was the first Blue to fall in Love with the ball and take it to the net. The blues were not so lucky in love, the blues points were short lived.
Josephine called a water break and mixed up the lovers. Gill turned Purple, Shirley was Blue, Jo swopped shirts with Tulay. Even with the new lineup Sarita’s intense love affair was still going strong. Love was her game. She jumped, she ran, she spread her love all over the place. The blues hearts were pumping as they ran up and down the court, cutting here and there only to be caught out by the purple lovers standing in their way. Louise scored a basket from the free throw line but couldn’t dunk a second. The blue hearts were worn on their sleeves, not in the net. The night showed us some amazing baskets. At 19.59 the last minute stood still, love changed sides and back again. Exhausted and all shagged out we left knowing love conquers all.
We love you Josephine please stay with us, tonight we were your Napoleon.
Nothing compares to you,
C U All NEXT WEEK. I have a feeling Love is in the air.