25th April 2018

On the Weeks Anniversary of Stephen Lawrence it was rough on the street tonight.
The 2 teams The Old Black Cabinet Girls Louise, Sally, Nancy, Rhonda, and Dania versus The Blue Youth Streeters Sarita, Feddi, Andreea, Laurie and Tulay. The Evening started with layup practice. Coach Ed took over at 7.07pm taking us through some stretches.
The Youth won the Jump and proceeded to score 8 points before Teresa Lou- May managed to pass a movement resulting in a basket. The Youth scored more using their Fast-Feddi-Breaks and Dandy-Andy-Street Dancing, they were now leading by 10 to 2. Amber Sal-Rudd popped a motion in the basket bringing the score to 10-4. Some life in the old government dogs yet. Teresa May’d another basket Dania Abbot too. Emigration rules were put into place, 3 second rule for both teams in offence and defence. Passports were lost as the teams changed sides. Harriet Rhonda Harman and Nadine Nancy Dorries caught many rebounds, as did street child Laurie. The hooded urchins continued to steal the ball scratching as they passed. The Blue Youth were streets ahead. Teresa Lou-May demanded a court case with Wind Rush Feddi. Feddi had not broken any Emigration rules but Teresa Lou-May would not give up the ball lightly. “snatching the ball is legal in basketball” shouted the Coach and Feddi. ‘It is dangerous for old politicians’ said the PM. There was a up roar in the Court. ‘Order! Order!’ said the Judge but it was too late Feddi had fled the dock and was on her way back to Jamaica. The Game continued with sad hearts as we all love the FEDD.

18 April 2018

7 Planes gathered for take off. After safety brief of layups and Warm ups. There was a 19 minute delay before take off due to the late Pilot. At 7.20pm we took our positions and fastened our safety belts.
3 Red Arrows Shirley (EasyJet), Nancy (Private jet) and Sarita (fighterJet) versus 4 Commercial Airlines. Sally (British Airways) Louise (Budget), Gill (Virgin) and Lisa (Concord). The game started with a short haul of half court. Taxiing the planes out of the 3 Point line before take off and lay up landings. The Pilot kept the score. The commercial flights were climbing thousands of feet above the cunning jets. Lisa Concord kept shooting her hand luggage directly into the lockers above. Gill managed to parachuted many balls into the net. The Commercial planes couldn’t miss.
Then at 7.40pm the drinks trolley came out. New flight patterns were decided. Long haul-full court, 1/2 court defence. The routes had changed and so did the score. Louise Lost height, Gilly was sucked to the floor and almost out of the window as Sarita’s fighter jet flew into top gear. The turbulence was strong. The commercial planes started to loose altitude. The Jets were flying down the runway using their boarding passes to get to the net. Sarita was fouled and made 2 perfect landings. The score became neck and neck. It was 8pm and all planes landed, hands in. See you Next Wednesday

11 April 2018

What a load of rubbish. This Wednesdays collection of 5 aside. The Blue Recycle Truckers Lisa, Sarita, Shirley, Gill and Andreea versus the Black Rubbish collectors Sally, Louise, Nancy Dania and Laurie. The game started promptly after the council took us through some warm up drills and stretches.

The Westmister’s Blue recyclers sorted their plastics well by getting their bottles into the bottle bank again and again. Leaving the Black refuge collectors from Hackney on a tea break. We are too slow said Black Bin Sally She had a plan, ‘Follow the van! and don’t dilly dally on the way.  She wore the Dustman’s hat. Louise put on the cor’blimey trousers and they cleared the council flat. Dania drove the ball to the dumpster but dropped her bin-bag at the vital moment. Sally didn’t dilly dally, she scored breaking her record by far but not far enough, the recyclers were combing the area picking up the ball at every opportunity.

After a tea break The Westminster blues recycled their passes into 3 bags before shooting them into the bank. The black Council workers tried but couldn’t keep up. Nancy caught some blinders but was surrounded by the recyclers and couldn’t finish. Lisa had her first throw from the free throw line, missed both but immediately scored by catching her own rebound

The Councillor broke his electoral promise he forgot to call any 3 second recycle rules or fly tipping fouls. Shirley was thrown under the truck but survived the ordeal unhurt.
The game ended with a unhealthy score of 18-35 to the unstoppable Westminster Blues. ‘Bin there, done that.
Queen of the Dustbin team was Sally. The Recycle Hero was Sarita, who stood in a bin of her own. C U all Next Wednesday for more messing around.

4 April 2018

Two teams Mystical creatures.
The Centaurs in Blue versus the Unicorns in Purple
3 tall beasts Sarita, Lisa, Andreea played against 4 little mystical creatures Feddi, Louise, Gill and Shirley.
Starting with half court with a 3 passing rule Feddi the Unicorn (rarely seen) wizzed the Orb into the basket scoring 2 in a row.
Saritaur (half woman half horse) galloped past her team calling them to pass, Andreea (half Shetland half Woman) caught the ball, a miracle basket was made. Saritaur called again for the ball but Lisa could not hear. A cunning spell put on her by the unicorns. The little Unicorns were wining with colourful Orbs by Shirley, she was unstoppable until Louise broke her spell by whispering words of praise, OH NO Shirley knew this was her jinx. Gilly took over popping the orb into the Net. Lisa found her ground to score but Feddi Unicorn broke the deaf spell by knocking the Orb out of Lisa’s arms, Bang! she could hear again Saritaur took the ball, now on full court nothing could stop her, not  a Orb to the face, head, arm or foot she just galloped threw like a Schwarznegger machine over the 3 point line and straight towards the basket, Andreeaur bounced the ball off the spike of Unicorn Louise’s head ‘WOAH NEDDY’ SHE CRIED  but the 1/2 Shetland pony continued on to score! ‘Not a foul’ said the Coach Edwige as he admired her skill. The Centaurs were catching up but ran out of time.
The Purple Unicorns had pipped them to the post. C U All next Wednesday for more horse’ing around,