28th February 2018

The Beast from the East Blew in 2 teams.
Team 1 known for conquering Everest, Louise, Shirley, Sarita & Laurie in Orange versus Team 2 who walked to the North pole and returned to tell the tale, Dania, Lisa, Pearl and Andreea in Purple. The match started with a snow storm allowing Sarita and her Yeti powers to score. Followed closely behind by Shirley Snowwhite, giving the Orange team 2 up. Dania the Abominable Snowman was not taking this, she gathered her team to check point Charlie and marched towards the ball, 1/2 Court Defence called Dr Zhivago the coach. The iron curtain was down.
The Frosty Snowmen were not happy with the Doctors orders. Andreea the Iceman cometh down the court, stole the snowball and directed it swoosh straight into the net. Dania was fouled and got a clean shot from the Free throw line. The cold war began again. Pearl scored. The roads were treacherous on the way to the basket with the Yeti and Snowwhite playing their good cop bad cop ice skating routine. There was a flurry of baskets from the Purple White Walkers but they could not catch up. Just like the Chronicles of Narnia Lisa the Snow queen was tall and strong catching throws from Dania but with no Turkish delight the Yeti could not be tamed. Laurie scored one and dropped one due to frost bite. Louise with carrots for fingers managed to score from the Free throw line. The Game ended with a score of 12-6 with a portion of Chocolate cake and a Happy Birthday sing along The Ice melted.  We were off to face a new blizzard….the journey home. C U next Wednesday for more fun on the court. QT
Last call for Subs.

21st February 2018

The Queen made tonights headlines by playing basketball for Fashion Week!
2 teams, Orange is the new black
The Fashion Team in Black: The Queen Bee, Sarita, Andreea, Nancy, Pearl versus The Winter Olympic team, Lisa, Laurie, Tulay, Gill and Shirley in Snowglow Orange.
While Coach Edweze was fashionably late we started our warm ups and layup shooting Drills.
Olympic medalist Lisa was the first to score, “I’m the Queen!” said Louise as she equaled the score for the fashionistas. In the first half Miss Andreea Dolce teamed with Sarita Gabbana they excelled themselves by Pam Hogg’ing the ball together with a exquisite collection of baskets. After Team GB’s Lucozade break at 7.39pm things turned for the better. Coach Edweze moved the teams around. Dolce Andreea moved into the Winter sports team and Laurie over to the fashion world. Tulay became iTonya catching rebounds like no other, Gill scored and Shirley and Andreea teamed up sharpening their blades on the ice shooting the ballerol like Torvill and Dean. The Olympians were catching up. Lisa curling the ball between I Tonya’s legs. Pearl Fashion rocked her Raven black feathers scoring twice by intercepting the ball from the Orange team. Nancy ran the runway wearing a high pony tail and Sister T shirt. The Fashionista were looking great until the Queen dropped her pants Ohh la la! What a foul pas!
At 8.00 pm Stormzy came rushing in we all received our first Brit awards ‘Best Badabing Babes’ of the centre.
No time for speeches, C U ALL next Wednesday

14th February 2018

It was Valentines night and Love is in the air.
2 Teams. The Rose colour ‘One Love’ (Sarita, Shirley, Andreea, and Laurie) versus The Purple ‘One Heart’ (Louise, Nancy, Gilly and Edwige) lets play together and it will be alright. Tonights Rules Full court, 1/2 court defence, 3 seconds in the key.
The Rose coloured Glasses were full of hot desire as they scored 4 baskets before the Purple Beating hearts had even got one. The score 4 to Love. This game was not for the faint hearted with the sound of a click Louise had a broken heart (finger). Refusing to sit out ‘Love Hurts’ she played on …only to fall head over heels into Sarita putting her ankle at risk. Lets make love not war Sarita scored. Gilly raised the heart beat for the Purple hearts buy scoring twice from the free throw line. Love maybe blind but the passion of the Rose team kept coming. Twice Andreea stole Edwize’s heart taking it to victory and stuffing it into the net. The Purple hearts beat faster as Edwize romanced the ball to his girls equaling the score for a moment. Edweze impressively took the shape of Eros with his arrow keeping the ball in play. Love holds no Rebounds.
I name Nancy The Brave-heart of the night for catching the ball where others fear to tread.
but we the foolish hearts, we were beaten by One Love.

7th February 2018

Tonights Hayho Suffragettes 1918 In Purple Mrs Banks(Louise) Mrs Pankhurst (Sarita) and Mrs Davison (Tulay) versus the Sacked Bimbo’s Formula 1 grid-girls 2018 Ms Katy Price,(Lisa) Ms Kelly Brook (Shirley), Linda Lusardi (Laurie) and Ms Melinda don’t Shoot the Messenger (Gill). Holy Crutch Coach Ed needs new track pants but meanwhile he gave us restrictions. Full court game 1/2court defence.
The campaign began. The Purple Suffragettes started with the ball rattling their chains towards the Palace railings, they were the first to get the vote in. Mrs Sarita Pankhurst was in fully in charge, positioning Mrs Davison and Mrs Banks either side of the key, they scored a second time. Well done Sister Suffragettes. Our daughters will adore us and they will sign in grateful chorus,  Well done Sister Suffragettes!

Meanwhile On the Blue team
Ms Shirley Brook was the first to get her tits out for the boys knocking both Charlies in the net. The scores became neck and neck. A bad neck for Katie Lisa Price but this did not deter her from Scoring 3 netball corkers from outside the key. Laurie Lusardi surprised us with a super swish basket, followed by 3 uncanny swoosh baskets from Ms Gill Messenger. Mrs Tulay Davison held fast in front of the basket catching the rebounds before the Kings horse blocked her way. The Purple Suffragettes fought hard for their cause and scored many more times. The Grid Girls started to catch up with low-tops low-pay lay-ups and hard man to man marking but unfortunately 8pm got the better of them
Vote for womens basketball! Hold the banners high ‘Equality and choice for all!

C U all next week! QT