31st January 2018. The Full Moon party

31 January 2018 was a very special night at basketball as the planets were all in alignment for the 2nd Moon of the month.
We warmed up with some shooting practice. As Pluto arrived we went straight into a game of 4 on 4.
The tides parted the planets into 2 teams. The Blue Moons Ed (Pluto) Shirley (Mars) Tulay (Venus) Pearl (new Moon) versus The Black Sky  Louise (Jupiter) Dania (Saturn) Gilly (Uranus) and Lisa (Neptune)
The Blue Moons were the first to score. Just like a eclipse the black Skys covered the Blue moons and began to take the lead on the score board.
Mars attacked as Shirley scored like a shooting star. The fork ran away with the spoon as Louise the Jupiter cow jumped straight over the moon, Dania gave us dark star moves ‘who wants it!’ She cried ‘we do’ replied Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus and they stuffed the ball in the basket where the sun doesn’t shine. Lisa nearly lost her head as a rogue comet hit her. Tulay used her Venus charms caught the rebounds and popped the ball in the silvery net. Gill caught and scored in aliment to the basket. Pluto used his long arms of defence holding Lisa Neptune back and passed to the newbie Pearl. Then once in a Blue Moon a light shines on a basket and Pearl was born into the Badabings. 5 baskets were coated in mother of Pearl for her first moon rising. Pearl Welcome to the team. At 8pm the final score 9-11 To the Black Sky. Next week a new Moon, a new galaxy a new world, a new theme.
C U ALL Next Wednesday

24 January 2018

11 girls, 10 to play, Marta on the side, 3 birthdays, One big party on the court. 2 teams The cake with Candles (Andreea, Shirley, Louise, Sally, Sarita) in purple versus The party Sausages (Sian, Nancy, Lisa, Laurie, Tulay) in Blue.

Mama Mia
I been waiting all week since you know when,
So I made up my mind,
when the game comes to an end, its 3 Bings birthdays,
will I ever learn?
I don’t know how but I suddenly lost control
There’s a basketball within my soul
Just one look and I can hear a bell ring
One more look and I forget everything
Mamma mia, here we run again
My my, how can we catch you?
Mamma mia, the balls gone again
My my, just how much I’ve marked you,

Mama Mia Andreea’s off again,
My my look how she shoots so well!
I don’t know how we can stop her now,
We don’t know how we can catch her,
I don’t know if she will suddenly lose control
No! Basketball in in her soul!
My My Andreea’s Birthday girl of the Match!
One big fat amazing game and party last night girls!

WOW! C u all next week QB

17th January 2018

Two teams, The Purple Rain, Purple reign. Louise, Sarita, Shirley, Laurie and Tulay Versus The Blue Ice Babies, Dania, Andreea, Gill, Lisa and Edwize
The Forecast was stormy but the game predicted blues sky’s ahead. The Purples reigned the game from the start with the first 3 baskets which blew in from the West. This brought sunshine over the Purple Terrain. A sudden gust of a icy hurricane Andreea took the ball by storm causing a disruption of balls into the net. Sarita rebounded the ball and rained over the west dropping a flurry of hailstones with help from weather girl Shirley. I’m Frozen said the Iced blue coach ‘let it go, let it go’ I am at one with the wind, sky and snow and he passed to his team under a blanket of snow. A Cyclone hit Lisa as she was about to score taking the ball right out of her hands. She fought back catching the rebounds fighting through the wet and stormy weather scoring  2 baskets against all frost odds. The tempature started to rise as Sarita caught the rebound. After scoring Gill had a foggy moment and passed to Purple Shirley. Dania took the frostbite to her finger while bringing the ball down avoiding the storm chasers and lay’ed up points for her team. The blues Iced babies were catching up. Tulay rebounded and passed through the showers while Laurie caught fast flying balls from Sarita under the net. The wind changed direction and the purples reigned once more. Hypothermia set in at 7.58pm as the mens basketball team stormed in distracting the last moments of our game causing gales of hot air creating lightening and thunder across the court beware of travel disruption, I advise you remember your umbrella.

10th January 2018

Rub a dub dub 10 girls to the pub
The two Teams of 5. The Black Horse and Jockey (Louise Sally, Gill, Andreea and Shirley) versus the Water Rats in Blue (Sarita Laurie, Dania, Tulay and Nancy)
The first to score was the Black dog, followed by four Ball and Bush from ‘the Water way’ girls. The score 6 -4 to the Water Rats. What a Pen and Ink. Ye old Cheshire Cheese Please. The Clifton Arms of Sarita were too challenging for the ‘the Black Jug’ She was the basketmaker. The Rats just seemed to Fawcett inn which way and ‘the Everyway’. The score was The Rising Sun. ‘The Dog and duck’ ‘Crossed Keys’ but didn’t get the ‘Hog in the pound’. ‘The Coachman’ didn’t call 3 seconds in ‘the cross keys’ nor call all ‘the Cock and fowl’. Dania the Slippery fox played ‘the Snatch and pout,’ while the black team retreated to ‘the travellers inn’. After a water break at ‘the Halfway house The teams changed sides, the blacks lost their ‘Hope and Anchor’ and lost ‘the Port and Bottle’
The Tallship Sarita was still reaching for ‘the Star and garter’ It was a ‘Tatar Figget’ No more ‘the Jolly Sailor’ 3 Crowns to the waterRats’.  It was the gravediggers end to ‘the Fat Duck’

See You Next Wednesday
The Queens head

3rd January 2018

It was all glitter at glits on the court as the ladies entered the celebrity big basketball house. The first game of the year. The winners win immunity. Coach Big Brother made the task hard. The aim of the game was taking candy from a baby and popping it into the basket. The house was split to 2 teams.
Playing for the Purple team Comedian LouLou what she lacked in height she made up with her big mouth! Saviour Sian the addict from a plastic planet, Gossip columnist Shirley Wasp, next in was Nancy Pyjama designer famous mogul and last but not least Dania lets get this party started the IT Girl of the movie world.
Playing for the celebrity Black team was Super Glamour model Sarita in a all new designer outfit in fetching aubergine. Next Cobble runner was Celebrity soap star Gillian Self, Celebrity journalist, politician’s sister Lisa tall Johnson, and last but no means least Andreea Maggie police women first officer, whistle blower and basketball maker.
What a mix of celebrities this game will certainly be interesting. Big Brother joined the blacks to even the numbers. The blacks had height. The purple had the mouth. Cameras were everywhere, this show is live so please do not swear.
Within minutes of the game the height were dropping candy into the basket at a rate of flying saucers. The score was 6-0 before the mouths Nancy PJ mogul scored, she motored 4 in a row. Sarita glamour model posed under the net, dropping more sweets into the basket. Celebrity gossip girl Shirley got a break and chattered her way up the court passing to Dania IT GIRL waiting for her to score. Journalist Lisa caught her team mates rebound and popped some candy into the net “Who’s on Gilly” Gossiped the gossip girl as the soap star got one in. Andreea Maggie was sharp tonight taking her shots from the 3 point police line. Saviour Sian got the ball but was thwarted by big brothers defence, IT Girl Dania too was stopped in her tracks. The height were in the lead. Glamour model Sarita was showing her assets scoring away. Not even Saviour Sian could save her team now!
At 8pm the purple team were evicted.