20th December 2017

T’was the last game before Christmas and we were all on the court.
The Smirnoff Black label team, Dania, Gilly Sally, Andreea versus the Blue Absolutes Louise, Sarita, Nancy and Laurie.
Edweze joined the Absolutes blues until Sarita arrived.
The aim of the game was to down a shot in one. Nancy was the first to down one adding a touch of tonic to her Absolute vodka. She lined up 3 in a row.
Andreea took a shot for the black Labels. Angreea’s bitters, putting the Smirnoff’s in the lead.
Barman Edweze ran out of whistle, good pass he shouted as Dania caught the ball adding a cherry to the score board. Come on you Absolute blues screamed Sarita we can do this,
Who’s your Manhattan? Lets add some fizz to this drink, we can add sparkle! Sarita’s cork was popped and she was Rum-ming up the court, she downed 4, one after another. Nancy passed to Laurie, Ginn’y intercepted and shot a black olive making a dirty Martini. The blues added a twist and Campari’ed together to score but Sally caught the rebound and whiskey’d the ball to her team mates. The blacks tipple’d the score board.  Louise took a glugg and bloody mary’ed the ball to the net. Cin cin ! The Blacks were not shaken or stirred as they downed their shots in one.
At 8pm the game ended with a toast and shot of brandy. Bottoms up!
So this is Christmas and a Happy New Year, lets hope it is a good one with plenty of Basketball cheer!
Our next match will be 3rd January 2018

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