29 November 2017

Tonights comedy duo made up 2 Teams, the Blue Ronnie’s Louise-Corbertt, Sarita-Barker, Gill-Regan, Shirley-Mcdonald, Lisa-Briggs versus the Purple Michaels (Tulay-Caine, Laurie-Bolton, Dania-Jorden, Andreea-Buble, Rhonda-Douglas)
After a fast warm up our comedians were ready to play, Lisa Briggs Jumped ball with Tulay Caine. Caine won the volley blowing the bloody doors off. The ball was slippery and soon changed hands, Ronnie Corbertt left her chair & was the first to score. Michael Buble made her first basket of the night while singing ‘haven’t net you yet’. Edweze was blue till Ronnie Barker took to the court. Ronald McDonald fell on her arse twice trying to catch the ball. ‘Its behind you’ we shouted to Lisa as the ball rolled between her legs. Rhonda caught the ball ‘I’m Spartacus’ and she scored.  Ronnie Briggs stole the ball from Michael Jorden ‘Are you taking the Michael?’ Jorden was not having it and lead her team forward. The Score now 4 Candles, a draw, handles for forks. Laurie Bolton’ed one in, Corbett being too short to stop her scoring, the purples took the lead. Coach Josephine showed us how to screen, beyond us all, we did our best. Ronnie Corbett scored from the free throw and the Blues were winning. In the last quarter we changed ends and started Zone’ing. Ronald Regan ‘forgot to duck’ taking one for his country, one in one out. The Michael Ball was out of control, 2 more baskets from the purples team. Yeee- Haar! sang Michael Jackson from the sideline. Was it a draw or were they wining by one point? It was 8pm so thats goodnight from us and goodnight from them.

C.u.all Next Wednesday, QB

22nd November 2017

Coach Josephine had us girls on our toes, she fitted us into two trainers. It was boot camp. The Purple Nike’s (lets do it) Sian, Louise, Gill, Tulay, Dania, and the Blue Adidas (impossible is nothing) Shirley, Andreea, Sally, Laurie and Nancy. Sally and Sian jumped ball to start. The Stretch velcro‘ed over, won the volley but the ball was intercepted by Thumper, the blue sneakers were plimsole’ed to score. In the first half the blues were leading with Thumper pulling her Reebok’s out of the box. The Bullet laced her timberlands for the purple team scoring with both feet off the ground. Josephine called body foul and the Bullet shot from the free throw line. One shoe in one shoe out. Body talk! Josephine moved the teams around Shirley turned purple and Gill became blue. Sally put her running shoes on, she was all over Sian marking her kickers and stealing her passes. Lets get physical said Olivia newton John, Laurie Converse’ed from being a Sparrow into a Cuckoo, knocking the ball out of our hands! The Bullet and the Wasp paired up taking the purple into the lead. Dania’s bullets were on target. Fouled again Dania took 2 accurate baskets straight into the net, the Purple trainers were now strapped into the lead. Jo called more fouls, from football to hipster moves  ‘let me hear your body talk’.  Adidas Andreea excelled herself tonight with some amazing Hi-tops (everything is possible)  Dania man of the match for the Purple Nike’s (she just did it)
We all put our best foot forward.
C U Next Wednesday for more fast fancy moves. QB

15 November 2017

Tonights pack of cards dealt into 3 teams,
In black: Louise, Gill and Nancy the Clubs and Team Feddi, a fast running Spade. The Red team the Hearts Sarita, Dania, Laurie and Lisa.
After our warm ups and stretching, the game started with Feddi and Lisa in the jump. Laurie was the first to score followed by Gill.
Snap! Something happened to the Red team, they became whimsical and one by one the house of cards started to fall. Queen of hearts Dania was the first to take a breather after a poker in the breast. Next one to burn and turn was Black Jack Nancy, the hearts gave her palpations. Coach Edweze played his Joker stepped in for when the girls stepped out, changing his colour, teasing us with baskets that didn’t count.
Next to show her cards was Sarita with a minute on the side. The Clubs were gathering momentum, gin rummi’ing up and down the court laying-up balls and getting them into the basket.
Spade Feddi played solitaire giving the black team the wining hand. YAY!
Lisa was fast on Feddi’s heals, Feddi lost her patience and pulled out a Ace. The Black Queen B dealt the ball to her team mates, raised the stakes by scoring 3 of a kind. Unfortunately Lisa folded as she got a ball to the nose.
In the last 5 minutes the red hearts started to pump with a flurry of baskets. Dania, Sarita & Lisa all scored. As the clock struck 8pm Laurie knocked one in making it a full house.
We all showed our hands to the centre, See you all next Wednesday!  I left the casino in a right Royal flush, feeling richer for and happier for playing.


8th November 2017

Good evening ladies, this is your captain speaking, please fasten your seat belts, sit back and enjoy the ride. Tonights flight, weather permitting should take exactly one 1hour.
We have 11 hostesses to help you enjoy your game. Please pay full attention to our safety demonstrations, starting with well filed short nails so not to scratch anyone if your luggage may fall from the locker above.
Flight Captain Edweze will take you through warm ups and stretches.  Please play attention as this is for your health and safety.
The cabin crew will now split into 2 teams with one sub seated on the side. The First class crew are dressed in purple, Laurie, Tulay, Dania, Shirley, Lisa and Andreea versus the Business class in black, Nancy, Rhonda, Gill, Sarita and Feddi.
The Cabin doors are ready for take off.  The game began. Within minutes of being in the air, hostess Laurie was the first to score. The second was Hostess Rhonda for the Business class. This was too easyjet for Hostess Feddi as she highjacked the plane taking the ball straight to Bogota scoring twice via Caracas.  Ryan air Rhonda turned purple. Dania Air and Andreea Airline flew straight to the black side. Business class Dania was fouled and took 2 from the free throw line. There was sudden turbulence as Tulay and Sarita found themselves on the floor, brace brace. Drinks were about to be served when Shirley’s hand luggage gave her 2 shots from the top of the key, with her luggage correctly stowed she scored.  Balls were coming in from exits left, right and centre. Weather conditions were becoming hot and hazy. We started our decent and landed promptly at 8pm.
I hope you enjoyed your flight and will return to play with us next week.
Flight attendant

1st November 2017

Present were Sarita, Andrea, Sally, Nancy, Dania Shirley Lauren Gilly and Melinda and …….Natalie,

As we were an odd number Edward put us into 3s. The winner stayed on and by 7.30 most of us wanted to prove ourselves on full court. Natalie saved the day with her spot on timing and 9 became 10 and the 3s became 5s.

Edward said if we played full court there was no slacking, no hanging back. We showed him ! There’s life in the old girls yet .