6 September 2017

The Hurricane season has begun
2 Hurricane teams of 4 on 4
Hurricane Harvey blew havoc in Black, Feddi, Tulay, Mikaela, & Andreea While Hurricane Irma wiped up a storm in pink Louise, Sarita, Shirley and Laurie.
Coach Dorothy threw the ball for a jump start. Feddi V Shirley. Though the ball was scooped up by the pinks, whirlwind Feddi stole it back and Hurricane Harvey were the first to score twice in a row.
Laurie blew the ball into the net first for Hurricane Irma. Both Storms were powerful tonight but with Mikeala’s height looming over the sky Hurricane Harvey was in the lead. Feddi’s winds blew the ball out of Shirley’s hands and into her teams basket. Mikeala tripped as she received some debris to the head. Andreea shot a ball straight over the rooftops, a direct hit to the net. Lightening strikes for a water break. The score now 5 -7 to the black Hurricane Harvey.
In the break Dorothy swopped Feddi with Shirley.
Laurie excelled herself this evening catching every ball thrown at her though Tulay took a beating from her as she collided into her more than once.
Sarita thundered down the court like a twisting tornado and the teams were neck and neck. The wind blew cold for Andreea before she realised it was a shot in her favour. In the second half a tidal wave changed for Hurricane Irma and with Andreea’s broken wind helped redirect Louise’s shot for a terrific basket. This started a Tsunami of baskets for the team Irma. 5 in all scored by Queen Tornado herself (ME) a change of wind for the better. We all leaped over the rainbow at 8pm the scores had escalated to 12-9 to Irma.
C U Next Wednesday for another humdinger of a game with Hurricane Jose.

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