27th September 2017

Tonights write up will be sung by Elton John. Called
‘Feddi like the Wind.’
Goodbye Joesphine,
Though we hardly knew you at all
We know that you will replace yourself, the odd week with Edwarz, While all those around Play a game, a game of 5 aside, (Fed, Louise,Sarita, Lisa, Gillian,)  in black while those (Dania, Sally, Andrea, Shirley,Tulay, Malinda) in Purple lived their lives watching Feddi like the Wind,
Never knowing who to cling to When sub came in. And I would have liked to have known you but you are just a kid, Feddi burnt out long ago before Jo’s legend ever did. Dania played the toughest gal at basketball, she created a superstar, Far long ago Feddi ever did. Sally got a applause for a basket that she did, but Andreea got 2 in when the game set in. The game was tight with one point in, Never knowing who to cling to when the sub came in, we would have like to have known who was last to score, the last black basket, Sarita the legend did.
See you all next week for more fun on the court.
From next week Josephine will be subbing herself with Edwarz. He and She will be coaching us ready to play St Charles. Eek!

the last basket

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