26th July 2017

Tonights hot french soup was the perfect recipe for Bouillabaisse .
3 teams
The Razor clams in Black, Sally, Sarita, Shirley, Gillian.
The Blue Mussels Feddi Louise, Rhonda Sian, Tulay.
The Pink Squids, Marta, Tanya, Andreea, Nancy.
First we warmed up with a confusing Pick the winkle and roll mop drill getting into a right Paella.
Followed by weaving out of the fish net and into the frying pan.
Two teams the Razors and the Squids are first into the Pot. Tanya won the jump ball and the fry-up began.
Marta gathered her Squids around her using her tentacles to pass to Nancy to Andreea while Tanya caught the rebounds.
Josephine added stock to the mix to make up the numbers. The Blue Mussels were on.
Tulay used full Mussel control and gave the blues 2 tasty baskets.
The Razors were sharp. Gill sautéed a Black basket under the grill.
Sally popped the ball in with ease. Sarita added a hot sauce.
Rhonda and Sian added a touch of garlic to the mix proving Skinny is the new strong.
While Feddi cut a French onion grabbed the ball and steamed her way into the bowl.
Feddi and Louise changed colours and joined The Razor clams and The Squids for the last few moments running up to the plate. Cucumber from Nancy to garnish. We ate at 8
C U all next Wednesday.

19th July 2017

Tonights Game of Thrones was played by 2 teams.  The Black Kings from the North. Dania, Rhonda, Tanya, Andreea, Feddi, Gillian,
and the Purple Queens from the South. Sarita, Louise, Tulay, Shirley, Nancy. Coached by the White walker Josephine.
After weaving and warm ups the battle began with a Jumped ball. Tanya against Sarita. The Kings stole the ball and a basket was made!
The Purple Queens soon equalised due to Tulay’s incredible rebounding. The Score was neck and neck but with a bit of jousting from Kings Feddi and Dania the Black Kings were ahead. Shirley shot some great arrows straight to the net and Sarita Queen of Dragons fired a ball straight into the basket from the free throw line. The Scores became equal. The Rump arrived at 26 minutes passed and like the Hound she killed soldiers and scored immediately. Tanya Scored her first basket and caught many a rebound….a new King to be reckoned  with. Feddi was turned Purple, Nancy was purple and turned Black.
The White walker called all fouls and travel. We leant new rules, Rumping is a body foul. oops!
The evening was fast with the heat of the south. No blades or blood shed. The Battle was won on the dot of 8pm by a throw from Queen Tulay from the free throw line!
Hooray! Hurrah! All Hail the Queens from the South.

The knight of the match was Tulay.
C U All next Wednesday

12th July 2017

Ode to Marta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liyiT_DGREA&feature=youtu.be
Oh, what a night, mid July back in 2017 Oh it was Marta birthday you can see my ladies, oh what a night!
A What a very special time it was for me, Oh ladies what a night!
We played a game of 2 teams, Oh ladies what a night.
the Blacks team Louise, Sally, Mikaela,Tulay, Rhonda Andreea
When they walked in the room Oh ladies what a night.
In the Pink team we had Marta, Sian, Sarita, Nancy, Shirley, Tanya, Oh ladies what a night!
You know I didn’t even know all our names
Basketball was never gonna be the same
Oh Marta , what a night!
Oh My It was hot, 12 ladies what a night.
Incredible rebounds from Nancy like I’d never seen her play. Oh Tulay’s rebounds ladies what a night. Andreea scored, Sally couldn’t miss, Oh ladies what a night.
We got a funny feeling when we walked in the room we knew Sian had made it, what a night. As I recall it ended much too soon, oh ladies what a night!
Rebounds from our new girl Tanya, baskets from Sarita, Oh ladies what a night, Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me
The game was everything I dreamed it would be
Sweet surrender, Oh what a night!
Why’d it take so long to see the light? incredible Dribbling from Mikaela,
Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right Oh Rhonda what a night.
Oh What a basket Shirley , what a night!
Oh what a night!

Doo dit doo dribble doo dit doo dit dit Oh what a night!

5th July 2017

A heat wave hit the court I was confused and delirious. It was so hot I was back in the playground. 3 teams and a floating coach. 5 headless chickens in Orange (Natalie, Gill, Feddi, Sarita, Shirley) 4 blind Mice in Blue (Rhonda Dania, Nancy, Sally)  and 4 little pink piggies! (Louise Andreea, Mikeala, Tulay,) 2 teams against each other while 1 team sat on the side.

Hay dribble dribble the Orange cats got the fiddle and Feddi’s run off with the ball. Ding Dong bell Dania’s popped the ball in the well. Hickory dickory dock Rhonda’s run up the clock. Tulay cut one,  Nancy ran down, hickory dickory Shock. Shirley followed Gill up the hill to score a pale of water. Mikeala played hide and seek and drank a bucket of water. Natalie and Andreea put their phones down and Sarita came running on after. Pat-a-cake-cut and score, Sally made a basket please make one more!
The clock struck 8 we can’t be late!

See you all next Wednesday for basketball and drinks at the waterway to celebrate Marta’a birthday. Table booked outside at half passed 8
CU ALL next week