14 June 2017

In homage to todays very sad tragedy of the Grenfell Tower The Badabings played a game of basketball. 2 teams of 6 aside.
The Towering inferno’s wore fire Orange Louise, Gill, Sally, Sarita, Sian and Shirley verses the Poseidon adventure in Aqua Blue, Marta, Rhonda, Laurie, Tulay, Natalie and Nancy. We were in the zone. Marta won the jump ball and the Poseidon’s were the first to score. Rhonda rose from the deep and scored next. The water sports were 2 up before the Inferno’s scored. Sally faked a special-need while defending under the net and received a hard ball to the nose.
The game played on. Shirley found her mojo and became the scorer for the Tower. Sally returned to the game with wonder woman powers.
but Rhonda wore the suit and got a basket mid jump!  Sian was fast and courageous. Marta was fouled and got 2 from the top. As we played on Sarita excelled herself. Tulay scored. Natalie defended. Nancy held her own. Laurie took 2 great balls from the fireside. It was hot game. Gill and Louise both scored. Josephine blew her whistle called fouls, travel and the seconds. Our game is getting faster. The Aqua Blues tried to put out the Orange fire but the flames were too strong to be extinguished.
Maybe The Poseidon Adventure won ?With the fire still burning Revenge will be sweet.
See you next Wednesday

7th June 2017

The Election
2 political parties go head to head to Rule the Court.
The Blue candidates on the right Rhonda May, Sarita Johnson, Shirley Rudd, Tulay Fox, Laurie Hunt played The Reds Michaela Corbings, Louise Abbott, Nancy McDonald, Gillian Burham and Natalie Benn on Left of court.
The Voting started with a jump ball, Corbings v Johnson. Michaela won the jump but the ballot changed hands as Rhonda May’s years of experience took over. May or May not she cried. Both parties were slow to get their first vote. The Blues scored first. Shirley Rudd was fouled and got 2 to come twice. She debated but missed the point. May took over the lead and scored for her party. Tulay Fox boxed out the Reds with some amazing defence. Michaela Corbings stole some votes from right under the Blues noses. Nancy McDonald ran for political office all the way. Laurie Hunt found herself unmarked and passed the ball straight to the polling station. Natalie caught some blinders and dropped some too. It was all about Policies. Louise Abbott forgot her numbers but managed to get one in the ballot box. Both teams now neck and neck. Will Corbings press the button? Will Boris sell the NHS. Will Rhonda May cut cross and score to win the election! Yes she did. The blues took the lead at the last second. We will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what happeneds. Please pay your party dues if you haven’t all ready.
C U Next Wednesday.