31 MAY 2017

Tonights Game keepers made 2 teams of 4
The Darjeeling’s Tigers Louise, Kas, Tulay Natalie in Blue and the Ceylon lions. Sally, Gill, Shirley and Josephine in Orange.
After a warm up of weaving drills, layups and Stretches a 5 minute half court game of 3 on 3 began. Soon Natalie arrived and we were 4 on 4 on full court.
The score was neck n neck. Then with Sally scoring from under the net and Gilly’s non miss tactic the Ceylon Lions pounced ahead.
The Darjeeling’s started to brew. Natalie surrounded her pray from behind. The Zoo keeper called foul and Shirley was given the ball.
The Kaselle sprang into action giving Josephine a run for her money grabbing the ball and popping it in the strainer. With the Ceylon Loins still ahead Coach Josephine changed her spots. Kazelle turned Orange and The coach became Blue. Two sugars Tulay and Natalie regularly caught their rebounds. Our spacing was better, our play was faster. Even Louise got a couple of tea bags in the net. I knew I would as this morning I saw a Bee in the Tea leaves… and we all know the the leaves never lie!  Tea-Time was called at 8pm !
Thank you Josephine for seeing my handbag!

TEA leaf BEE!
jesus in my tea bag

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24th May 2017

Tonights game was made up of 2 teams
Dania’s Bashed breasts Shirley, Laurie, Sarita, Gilly, Mikela Natalie and Louise’s the Smashing Noses Sally, Sian, Andreea, Nancy Tulay,
After Shooting, weave and cut drills the game started promt at 6.20!  Mikaela Won the jump ball and the bashed Breasts got their first 2 baskets. The blues caught up as Tulay shone with a magical blue basket. Laurie was open for a great catch. Gill still had her magic touch from last week scoring for the breasts. Sarita and Mikaela become a unbeatable duo, while Louise, Sian, Sally fought hard in defence. Nancy gave us smart cuts. What the Noses lost in baskets they made up in technique.
Coach Josephine called for Roger Moore Passes then later Roger Moore Spacing. Sally bamboozled the coach for a blue ball…But what the coach says is Vinyl !
The Smashing Noses’s marking got lost among the courtside as short Blues were now marking tall oranges.
The bashed breasts dominated the score board.
Revenge will be sweet next week when we play some Roger Moore. RIP
C. U. N. Wednesday

17 May 2017

Tonights sporty babes were put into 2 teams of 7.
The Sweaty Betty’s Marta, Dania, Tulay, Nancy, Laurie, Shirley, Andreea in black and the Lou Lou Lemon’s Gill, Louise, Sarita, Sally, Rhonda, Kas, Mikaela, in Pink.
The evening started with layup drills, then a competitive shooting drill. ‘Shoot Score Run’
7.26pm The game began.
Marta won the jump. Quickly Mikeala got the ball back and fast footed it to Kas. Gill was on fire for the sweaty Bettys unable to miss.
Rhonda gave the Lemons a head turning a basket. Flying through the air ‘catch and throw’ before she landed. Kaselle too, stole the ball with high-jumping rebounds out of Sweaty Betty Marta’s hands.
Sweaty Betty Dania called her team to pass, cut and space. While Sally took control of the pink subs. Keeping it fair. Thanks Sally. We man to man’ed then zone to zone.
It was a fast Adidas, Nike, Puma Reebok and Kappa type of game. The Subbing gave you time to get your breath back, then back on for a Fila, Everlast, Spalding, Converse type of faster play.
Only Josephine knows who won. We were to busy having fun to keep count.
Maybe it was a shoelace tie?
See you all next Wednesday for more crazy fun on the court!

10th May 2017

This evening’s beauties took place in the Salon.
Our Coach taught us new hairdo’s and don’t do’s in the five space cut and dry drill.
2 teams of 6 hairdressers. 5 players 2 subs.
The Pig tails in Orange. Sally, Dania, Laurie, Shirley, Sarita, Nancy and Pony tails in Blue, Louise, Feddi, Michaela, Rhonda, Tulay Gilly,
We started with a cut and 5 blow dry drill. Each team using their D.A followed by pass the roller and straightening irons to the hair-net.
After we had warmed up under the dryer the game began.
Michaela used her high pony to win the jump ball but the Pigtails who were the first to score.
The Pony’s revalued their defence and got Wiggy with it. Feddi sported a bouffant as she swished up the court scoring for her chignons. Sarita and Dania used their weave to get to the net. Gilly got a bangs’ed in the nose but played on regardless. Sally pulled her hair-out for being left on the side-parting with Louise. Nancy was a fast cutter. Shirley kiss-curled the ball into the net. We spilt ends and changed sides.  The fringe was even.
8pm hands in, Comb over.
The final score 8-9 to the Ponytails.
C u all next week for more fancy styles

3rd May 2017

Kas Michaela Rhonda Gilli Dania Shirley V Sarita Fedi Nancy Gilli Andreea

Cut and pass cut and pass cut and pass !!! Loved it

Cut and Paste cut and paste. Must have been a sticky game!