29th March 2017

Tonights 8 ingredients for a great game of basketball were
2 x sandwiches teams.
The Toasted in Orange Louise, Sian, Sally and Dania verses the Cucumber in blue, Josephine, Nancy, Shirley, Michaela,
The toasted sandwiches were the first to score. Basket after basket in the first quarter.
Josephine working for the Cucumbers called a break. After some personal coaching the blue started to cut themselves into quarters. With the crusts off Shirley started to make her baskets count!
Dania took hold of the situation using cheddar blocks, the cucumbers were becoming toast!
Michaela put her mustard on the side  and used her hight to whip the ball from Sian.
Sian retaliated with some mayonnaise topping to the score board. Josephine threw her tomato out of the sandwich from the 3 point  line. Unfortunately being the coach her baskets didn’t count! HAH HAH!
It was a tight tasty salt beef game with 2 slices. White or brown, wholemeal or just sour dough to the losers.
Champagne celebrated the Bee’s Birthday. Thank you Sally !
See you next Wednesday,

22nd March 2017

Thank you to the emergency services that made it to tonights basketball.
8 of us made 2 teams. Driving 4 by 4
The Girls in Blue, the Police. Shirley, Marta, Laurie and Gill verses the High-vis Medics girls in Orange. Kas, Louise, Sally, Andreea.
The Police scored, getting to the crime scene first pushing and shoving everyone out of the key.
Policewoman Marta and PoliceWoman Shirley made a good team, passing the ball backward and forwards to each other. Laurie and Gill were not so shabby either!
Ambulance driver Kas jumped high and saved lives for the Orange team.
Stretcher bearer Sally guarded the streets of Westminster road blocking when she could. The Orange team passed fast, running rings around the Police but failed to score. Doctor Andreea aimed high as she scored from afar. In the 2nd half Nurse Louise ran towards the danger stealing the ball from beneath Policewoman Marta’s eyes. The strong arm of the law was still winning. With a medic down Coach Josephine helped out.
At 7.58pm a male attacker appeared bouncing a ball distracting the medical team.
Nurse Louise turned her siren on! DEE-DAR-DEE-DARR  told him to hold his balls until we had finished. This didn’t go down well.
Just keeping Westminster safe.

Tonights casualties were Nancy and Tulay who didn’t manage to make it in.

Badabing TAXI

19 March Spring season Poem

The Badabings book of verse
Silly Willy Wordsworth.
The Badabings.
I waited lonely on the bench,
that floats so low the basketball sub,
when all at once I saw my team,
A host of dancing Badabings,
Along the baseline, around the key
Dancing and jumping beneath the Breeze.
For oft when on the bench I sit.
In vacant or in pensive thought
they flash upon that inward eye
the aim of the basket ball fought.
then my heart sings
the song of the badabings!
IMG_8528 IMG_8530 IMG_8529

15 March 2017

God made the world in 7 days and it had been 7 days since us ladies had played basketball.
10 girls appeared at little Venice sport centre, first their was a Marta, a Louise a Shirley and a Sally. Then there was a Laurie a Gill. God sent a text to the Marta to take control of these ladies and take them through the layup in the form of drills. Others gathered and join the group. A Tulay and a Sarita.
It was 7.10 when God aka Coach Josephine and a Natalie joined the ladies. The warm ups began.
Coach Josephine announced ‘Let there be Basketball’
The game began.
The Pinks Pharaohs played the Black Egyptians
The Black teams was wining with Marta, Josephine, Tulay, Shirley and Laurie on Gods side. Josephine saw the light and swopped the teams around. She Joined the Pinks but God stayed behind as the Blacks kept scoring. Natalie wore pink and blessed with the Hand of god she made a basket, she made another this time with the Argentinian  hand of the Maradona! With Gods Speed Sarita took the ball up the court but when it came to pass the ball the Blacks were still won. The Pharaohs managed to score but were no match for the MIGHTY HAND of the head scarf in the work place.
Lightening struck at 8pm, the game came to a abrupt end. The Egyptians had won the nights game.
New players of the apocalypse galloped in to start their game. We were out on the dot!

8th March 2017

IMG_8525 IMG_8528 IMG_8526 IMG_8527 IMG_8529
Tonights write is by Marta, thank you Marta. In Spanish. Please translate if you can.

Y esta noche como prometido la crónica escrita en español!Dos equipos las Naranjitas: Sarita, Sallyta, Tulayta, Fedita, Natalita y Kasita contra las Azulonas: Daniona, Rhondaona, Martona, Andreona, Nancyona y Gilliona.

Naranjitas empezaron marcando con entradas de Kasita y Sarita! Las Azulonas siguieron de cerca el marcador con canastas de Daniona e Andreona!
Los mejores rebotes fueron para las Azulonas con los bloqueos de Rhondaona alias the Rump y la sorprendente protección del balón de Gilliona- como una leona 🐅.

Las Naranjitas tomaron ventaja con sus pases largos y velocidad de Kasita y Fedita! Y ganaron al final del partido por solo un punto!

Canasta del partido: Natalita tiro corto de dos puntos, más tiro libre de falta! Total 3 puntos
Pase del partido: Martona a Gilliona en el último minuto con canasta de dos puntos!
Defensa del partido: Andreona por llegar a defender…
Bloqueo del partido: Sallyta en carrera.
Mujer del partido: TODAS por hoy es el día de nosotras, las mujeres!
Árbitro del partido: Jo, porque no había otra.

Nos vemos el miércoles que viene Badabings!
Pagaron: Fedita y Kasita
Feliz cumpleaños Dania!
In English -ish

Two equipment the Naranjitas: Sarita, Sallyta, Tulayta, Fedita, Natalita and Kasita

Naranjitas began marking with entrances of Kasita and Sarita! The Azulonas close by followed the marker with baskets of Daniona and Andreona!
The best bounces were for the Azulonas with the blockades of The Naranjitas took advantage with his you pass lengths and speed of Kasita and Fedita! And they only won at the end of the party by a point!
Basket of the party: Natalita short shot of two points, more free shot of lack! Total 3 points Happens of the party: Martona to Gilliona in the last minute with basket of two points! Defense of the party: Andreona to get to defend…
Blockade of the party: Sallyta in race.
Woman of the party: ALL for today is the day of us, the women!
Referee of the party: Jo, because it did
We see Wednesday that Badabings comes!
They paid: Fedita and Kasita
Happy birthday to you Dania!Orange Fedi Sarita, sally, Tulay, Natalie and kas.
apologies Louise working shock horror
Sian lost her phone!
Laurie Off Skiing

1st March 2017

It is the Oscar Season 2017 at Little Venice sport centre Maida Vale. I am honoured again this year to compare the event.
The 2 nominated teams are the Blue Moonlights Louise, Rhonda, Tulay, Gill and Josephine. verses The Orange La la’s Sarita, Shirley, Laurie, Kas and Nancy.
The Ceremony opened at 7pm with a right song and dance called “why is there a Badminton net still on the court”
This is followed by a display of jazz hands and a defence drill called deny deny…deny…deny’ (a catchy ditty we all caught on to)
After some stretches and a jump ball start the Oscars came in thick and fast.
The first Oscar went to Sarita for scoring almost immediately. Shirley picked up the next ‘Best supporting player’.
The Oscar for Best Female Blue player in tonights game went to Tulay with her Hattrick of ‘3 in a row’.
Lady Rump Alexander picked up 2 Oscars for Best Blue rebounder and Best music ‘score’
The Oscar for best steal was awarded to Kas. She managed to get through Josephine and The Rump.
The Best Man to Man went to Laurie for sticking on to Louise’s heels. The saviour Oscar went to Gill. Always there to save her team.
Nancy picked up the Oscar for Best knock on defence, leaving The Rump with a jam.
The Final and top award of the night went to the Blue Team for “Now thats what I call basketball”
Louise gave the acceptance speech
‘I would like to thanks everyone for coming, my Mother and especially Coach Josephine for coaching us and playing at the same time, Thank you to the court for being there, supporting us each week, without the court and a basketball we would not be able to play. For this we sincerely thank you ALL!
The Crowd shouted BADABING! There was not a dry eye on the court! What a La la!

OH No! There has been a mistake and there has been a recount. It was team La la Orange land that had won after all. Please come back to the court and collect your OSCAR ……..as if!