22 February 2017

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15 Girls filled the big tent! it was a evening of Cirqu’arse du Ciel
The Ringmaster Josephine made 3 teams of 5.
The Black trapeze girls, Rumpette, Stretchette Lauriette, Whippette and Sallitte.
The Pink Elephants JumGill JumLou, JumKass, Jumsar and Thumper.
The Clowns Bleu, Bamboo, Shirlhoo Martoo, Cindoo, Tutoo.
The first 2 teams in the ring were the Black Trapeze artists and the Pink Elephant fancies.
with 2 swings and a summersault the trapeze girls were swinging into the lead.
The Pink Elephants might have had procession of the ball but couldn’t seem to score. The Ring masters whistle blow as fouls were made.
Holding each others tails the Pink Elephant fancies went to the side.
The Clowns Bleu took to the floor! Ha ha how the Pink Elephants laughed, as the fresh limbed Clowns Blue knocked out the Black knackered trapeze arses.
After a water break the Pink Elephants were back on the rampage.
The team of the match were the Black Trapezettes. The Clowns Bleu came in 2nd with humour and The Pink Elephants 3rd with their trunks in hand.
8pm on the dot HANDS IN!
C U Next Wednesday

8th February 2017

Tonight’s program was brought to you by the word “Cut” and the number “7”. (If any of you grew up on Sesame Street you’ll know what I mean).
Special guest appearances from Rhonda (Big Bird), Nancy (Cookie Monster), Laurie (Burt), Gilly (Ernie) Dania (Grover), Sally (Elmo) and Shirley (obviously Oscar the Grouch )

Thanks Josephine for making us learn something new every week !IMG_7881IMG_7879

1st February 2017

Tonights players were. Marta, Shirley, Kas, Feddi, Andreea, Natalie Gilly Nancy, and Sarita, Laurie, Dania.
I can only wonder what the evening was like, as I was stuck at home with my arm in a sling with my sprained wrist.