25th January 2017

25 January 2017
tonights players were
Shirley, Tulay, Andreea (birthday girl) Laurie Gilly, Feddi, Dania, Nancy, and Coach Josephine.
Loads of fouls and double dribbles.
A Vodka shot and a cake ended the evening with a toast to birthday girl Thumper!
Apologies from the Bee who was nursing a sprained wrist.
A Quote from the Coach, ‘happy birthday trouble!’

18th January 2017

Thank you all for staying behind for a shot for Tanya.
She was a beautiful young girl far to young to die. She might have moaned about her jammed Goldfinger and how she damaged her back during play…But she was once a BING and a BING Never dies!
Tonights write up is Dedicated to Tanya. A Bing Girl.
Play started on the dot of 007pm
2 teams the BalloonRakers and the Thunderballs. Both teams ran their living daylights up and down the court.
Louise, Sally, Shirley, Tulay, Laurie, Dania in Orange Gill, Thumper, Bambi, Sarita, The Rump, and Octopussy wearing Blue.
You only live twice said the blues as they dominated the first few baskets. Sarita scored to play another day. Oranges are forever and they proved it until Coach Dr No said that Shirley travelled to Russia with Love. Never say never again said the Thunderballs who were licensed to kill this evening.
The Skyscore was becoming even. Tulay got a ball in her goldeneye. For her eyes only she played on. Laurie played great defence. Dania too. Sally the Bing with the golden gun finished off Louise’s Orange baskets . The Rump who loved me played with a view to kill. For shirley the world was not enough. Who’s on Andreea? The Bee Royal was on Andreea’s secret service.
We wished we could have played Roger Moore, but at 008pm the game had to live and let die.
A Quantum of Solace. Sleep well Tanya Chalkin.

Tanya at play

IMG_1001IMG_1007IMG_1006IMG_1002Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 22.22.05 Tanya Mini and Louise
Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 16.32.52IMG_7574Agent Bee and Bambi

11th January 2017

Tonights Japanese intimate dinner for 4 was shared by Tulay, Louise, Shirley and Laurie.
On the Menu, Salmon PICKS, California ROLLS, HEDGED Edamame, and Tuna POPS.
2 Teams Yo verses Itsu. Itsu a private lesson.
The first course Laurie learnt how to eat her Soft shell crab, while Shirley Rolled. They Picked and rolled until Josephine felt satisfied. The second course Tulay and I had to Yoshowme the seaweed. We broke through the sticky rice to make a noodle in the basket, Shirley rolled a few more with a scoring finish . We got in a picked ginger for a while but soon got the Tofu.  Josephine rearranged the chopsticks and Nobu both teams were maki rolling on their own.
Soy Sweet Dumplings! We got it right. Josephine screamed with delight.
By 8pm our Teriyaki Beef was sizzling.

Tonight Laurie’s basketball name became very clear. She is ‘the Starling’
Hope to see more of you next week.

4th January 2014

Tonight was 2017’s launch at the Big Basketball BADABING house!
9 BADABING Celebrities arrived to play the big badabing basketball game.
BADABING Louise arrived first sporting her Badabing shorts and woolly cardigan to fight away the cold outside air.
Next to enter the house was Tulay. The crowd roared at 7pm as the rest of the BADABING celebrities sauntered in. Shirley, Feddi, Nancy and Gill entered, followed by Laurie.
Once inside Celebrity BADABING Rhonda arrived. The crowd roared some more.
After a warm up suicide, stretches and layup practice we were in 2 teams.
Orange and Blue. 4 on 4. The crowd booed and hissed.
The orange team got a head start on the ball. BADA BING BING the crowd roared.
Big basketball Brother didn’t like this going so well and threw in a curved ball!
A new housemate arrived at 7.24pm to stir up the teams.
Ladies and Gentlemen we give you Celebrity Sian wearing a fancy pair of snazzy pants! They were so glitterati We were dazzled by her brightness. The 9th player to unbalance the game.
The Crowd hissed and boo’ed!
We choose to sub, It was 7.28 this really spiced up the games as one minute the celebs were Blue the next they were Orange. Were they running were they coming?
Feddi scored the most for the Oranges when she was orange by the time she was Blue she was out of puff.
7.48pm Big basketball brother gave Feddi a secret task.
She had to prove she could be the sweatiest BADABING on the court!
Oh no you are not screamed the crowd! Oh yes i am said Feddi as she left a sweaty imprint of her bottom on the floor!
Yeek she was! Hooray for Feddi she passed the task and the Orange team won with a score of 30-19
Unlucky for Feddi at 7.58pm she was now a Blue Celebrity basketball Bing’er and lost the game!
Big brother may be cruel but always fun!
It was 8pm and the Geordy man called the game to a end. We were all sent to the Diary room!
See you all next week, my bouncing celebrity bing sisters.
Happy new year!
Thank you for those that have paid their subs on line and in cash.
This season the 4th January to the 8th March 2017
Cuff up those that haven’t!

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