21st December 2016

img_7186 img_7189It’s the most fabulous game of the year,.. Ding dong.. Ding dong.. ding dong.
With 2 teams a playing.
The 8 days of Chanukah (Sian, Louise, Laurie and Shirley) verses the 12 days of Christmas, (Sarita, Gill, Nancy, Sally, Tulay)
The Orange team represented Chanukah with their candles burning bright. The Blues representing the baby Jesus and the 12 days of Christmas.
Shirley started the game lighting her candles, her matzos balls on target. Turkeylay got gammon cramps and swopped position with Sian.
The Chanukah candles luck was short lived as the teams moved about. Sarita joined the 12 days of the Blue team and drove her juganaught through the Orange christmas market. The 12 days of Christmas were playing hard and were wining hams down. Scoring one a minute. Blowing out the orange candles at a rate of shots. Orange Laurie had brandy butter fingers but surprised us all with pulling 2 fabulous crackers ! Warnicks Advocaat!  better known as a he Laurie snowball.
Gill grabbed the Christmas pudding and slammed it into the net 3 times making it a white Christmas for the 12 days. ! Nancy swished a snowball. Louise scored 3 smoked salmon bagels but this wasn’t enough for the 8 days of Chanukah to win.
They lost by a few whiskers of a reindeers nose. Ho ho ho! said the 12 days.
Thank you.. thank you Thank you… all for my terrific jumper said Louise.
May all your Christmas’s be white. Mine will be stripy orange and black! xx
We are back on the 4th, which also starts the new season
4th January- 8th March 2017 .
C U ON the 4th Jan 2017 (Subs are due)
New years resolution
Play basketball every f**cking Wednesday
I missed you Rhonda. Where was my margarita’s?????

14 December 2016

Christmas party.

The Santa babies Dania, Louise, Joesphine, Rhonda, Sarita 
The silver Jingle belles, Laurie, Marta, Sian, Shirley, Tulay,
Together we sang the basketball Christmas carol
‘Let the ball go, let it go, let it go! 
Tonight the game was frightening 
But so much fun it was exciting
And since we’ve no else to go
Let the ball go! Let it go ! Let it go!

The game had no way of stopping
And the baskets are constantly popping,
With coach Josephine in the know
‘Let the ball go, let it go, let it go! 

Our hour is slowly dying
As 8 o’clock is a nigh’ing
But as long as you love to play so
‘Let the ball go, let it go, let it go (to the pub!)
Thank you Sally for joining us,
and Natalie who almost made us (pub’ing)
Andreea, Nancy and Malinda to go
The waterway a way to go
‘Let the ball go, let it go, let it go! 
The drinks were many and flowing,
after food we were all still glowing,
food speeches and the Moment of ho!
‘Let the ball go, let it go, let it go! 

7th December 2016

The evening started with shooting drills, warm ups. Opening and closing the oven door and stretches to and from the kitchen.
Head Chef Josephine choose the 2 courses.
The First course ‘The Duck a l’Orange’ ingredients Feddi, Dania, Louise, Sian, Laurie, Sally Sarita. The second course The Blueberry pie ingredients Nancy, Kas, Rhonda, Tulay, Gill, Shirley, Andreea.
Both courses served 5 with 2 on the side with only one hour to prepare.
The first 2 on the side waited by their plates ready to jump on. There was great confusion of who was marking who,
The Blueberry pie seemed to be the favourite on the menu. With a order of blueberries through the net at a cooking rate of one a minute.
The Duck was slower to cook working on lower heat system. The Defence managed to keep the oven door closed long enough for the Duck to sizzle. Laurie Broke the recipe and was the first to score for the Ducks. Sally followed suit and took 2 oranges threw the basket one after another with Elegances and flavour. Sian added garnish to the dish.
The top scoring Mary Blue-Berry’s were Kas and Shirley. Nancy too topped a dollop of cream on the top.
The kitchen was getting noisy and no one could hear Chef Josephine’s whistle. Coach gave us her orders. Zone and there became order in the kitchen. Against all odds The blue berry pie was served first, The sweet won over the mains.
Next week there will be Christmas drinks straight after the game.
Looking forward to seeing you then with added Christmas ingredients!