30 November 2016

T’is the season for Panto, So before you could say BADABING!  2 teams appeared.
The Cinderella’s in orange verses the Aladdin’s in blue. Mother goose Josephine arrived last bringing a golden egg for us teams to play with.
Cinderella’s cast 2 Ugly sisters, (Dania and Andreea) Cinders (Louise (of course it’s a panto) Fairy godmother (Sally) and The Prince (Laurie)
Aladdin’s Cast Widow Twanky (Tulay) Aladdin (Kas) Princess Jasmine (Shirley) the Genie (Gill) and Abaneza (Natalie)
Wishy-Washy handed out clean bibs.
The Game started with a Jump for the golden ball. Kas verses Sally. Aladdin caught the lamp and made the first of his 3 wishes. The First wish to score 3 golden Eggs in a row. Using his team mates wisely and with a bit of magic this seemed a easy task.
Knock Knock who goes there….’Surely Shirley’…’Surely Shirley who?’ ….’to be surely Shirley’s scoring again’ I heard the Orange crowd Boo! Ugly Sister Andreea could not understand her ugly sister Dania’s English, which didn’t matter as they worked as a team to score for little Cinders. There was a slapping of thighs as the golden ball went threw the net.
She’s behind you, Oh no she’s not…Oh yes I am said Dania, as she grabbed the ball from the Genie. Widow Twanky tried to help her team mate but the wicked sister was too strong. The whistle went. Hiss! It was Aladdin’s 2nd wish, the Blue won the ball.
Cindella’s team had to get to the BALL ! Bibbidy-bobbidy-BING The Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand. The Orange started winning. Prince Laurie made a basket, missed a basket. caught a ball, missed a ball. The balls behind you said her team mates. It was a running yoke. Princess Jasmine got 2 throws for being fouled.
The Fairy godmother used her wand again and the ball was ours but Aladdin still had one more wish. His wish to win the game!
The Genie’s wishes were stronger than the fairy godmother’s wand and at the stroke of 8 o’clock The blue team had the curtain call.
The Golden egg turned back into a pumpkin coloured basketball.
See you all next week for more fantastic fun and frollicks,
Boo! I’m behind you….QT

23 November 2016

23rd November 2016
Tonights gladiatorial match was the Pinkies (Fedi, Shirley, Sally & Laurie) verses the Perkies (Dania, Andrea, Tulay & Gilly),
We started by a quick one two of fooling the chair, he was like so slow, once that was in the bag, Josephine introduced a new game called 7s.
Naturally we were all pretty confused as we aren’t good with new and found it all quite complex but gave it a go and WOW it was really fast and fabulous, once we understood what to do, 4 baskets, then 5, then 6 & finally 7 from different places round the two keys and different ends.
Then it was game time, four players means a jolly fine work out and by the end we were all Pinkies in the face, which was good as the Pinkies squeaked to a one basket victory, so we were all winners. Well played everyone.
Get well soon Lou Lou.

16 November 2016

The Apprentice.
I entered the hall at 17 minutes passed the hour to find a chair in the middle of the boardroom.
Lady Josephine Sugar Told the girls their task this week was to “MAKE BASKETS!  Sell sell sell! Fake it, Weave it, or shot it !  No matter how you do it, DO IT!.
Josephine Sugar was looking for a new business partner. A team to invest in her savings in. The Winning team gets Sugar Praise. The losers will be fired.
The Blacks named themselves Team Perspire, their Team manager Dania. Louise, Tulay, Shirley close at her side.
The Pink called themselves Team Perspiration. Their Team manager Sally. With Nancy, Natalie Laurie ready for business.
The game began with a Jump ball. The Blacks run up the court and scored first. Shirley was well out in front with her selling baskets. One after another. The Blacks were winning hands down.
In the boardroom Josephine got advice from her 2 aids. She swopped the teams around. Shirley became Pink and Nancy became Black. Dania was a good team leader and took the ball towards the net. Tulay was waiting there to catch the rebound. Louise tried to make a basket on her own. Natalie Snatched the  ball from Nancy. Louise jammed her work fingersin a scuffle with team leader Sally! Fouls were counted and 2 from the free throw were given to Louise, Natalie and Shirley.
Pink Team leader Sally sold a basket or 2 and sharing the ball amongst her colleagues, passing to Shirley, who couldn’t stop herself from scoring. Laurie too scored. The Pinks team were catching up.
It was Close….Who was winning… Pink or Black? Our hands went in! See you next Wednesday BADABING! Josephine announced the score.13 to the Blacks 12 to the Pink.
Pinks you are fired! Unlucky they lost by one point.
Thank you for the opportunity Lady Josephine the Pink team said as they were driven away in the black taxi. The Black team Perspire sweated with glee knowing they were coming back next week for another game!

9th November 2016

The American’s dream on
Tonights candidates are the Hilarious Hillaries (in Blue) Hills, Pops, Beyonce, Madonna and the Corrup and the Trumps (in Orange). Trumper, Molest’her, Grabberfanny and Fuck’er better known to their close friends as Hicky, Billy, Racist pigs.
2 teams Democrats Verses Republicans.
Sian, Louise, Sharona, Laurie and Tulay V Rhonda, Dania, Andreea Shirley and Gill.
We arrived on to the court on time. The Babmington still playing! This angered some of the ballers. Quite rightly so!
Un diplomatically Donaldina told them to f*ck off! While Hillary correctly asked the centre to move them. The night continued with Warm-ups, layups, and stretch-outs. The Game.
The Orange started the ball rolling. Build a wall! The Hillaries got the first vote! Stop the Hispanic’s said Billy Trumper and the Hillaries scored again.
Check her emails, the Orange scored their first basket! They won Texas!

Trump shouted for Guns! The Hillarie’s Won New York! The Corrupt Beyonced the ball up the court and scored again. Madonna sings as they bagged another basket.

Donald dribbled across the court he caught hold of Hill-Andreea’s arm. Don’t Grab me she screamed! Tulay scored 2lay-ups and they took California ! Hooray and the orange won Louisiana who was a right state!
Shirley and Dania won more votes between them. The orange cried No abortion and they won Mississippi without even scoring! The blue scored again but they lost Ohio!
The Blues were wining hands down, the Orange got the vote! No matter how hard they tried the Orange kept coming back Trumphant !
At 8pm the Orange marched off to the White house.
It’s unfair but true!

2nd November 2016

Party food For Rhonda
Tonights party snacks were 2 teams of Petit-fours.
The Hula Hoops in Golden Orange bibs Dania, Louise, Laurie and Nancy and the Monster-Munch in Stilton Blue Natalie, Rhonda, Shirley and Gill.
After warm ups and a 5-grill-weave, Jump ball got this party sausage started.
Roasted Rhonda and Nachos Nancy.  The Wotsits team in blue caught the jump. They went crackers with the cheesey ball and ran potato rings around the Orange pretzels.
With Advice from Coach Josephine  the orange canapes were everywhere. Setting up a sour cream screen. The Blues were sandwiched. The Blues turned hot and peppery and became Pastrami. Sushi does it, they scored! it was Nuts! The Orange Pringled up, once you start you cannot stop, Dania was a Golden Wonder making basket after basket.
After a crudités foul Gill took two quavers from the free throw line. Resulting in salt and vinegar. One in one out. Dania too, gave the orange team Cheese and onion. Louise pickled her eggs to soon and missed the gherkin on her 2 from the top.
The game took a guacamole for the better, with fun hot dogs and wasabi cashews from all.
At 8pm The Party ended way too soon, the game was matzos.
We all left cream crackered. The score: Equal cheese straws draws.