26th October 2016

It’s Halloween week and the ghouls were out! Be scared be very a scared. A Warning to those of fragile disposition do not read on!!!!!
This Write up is rated 18+ with added Parental Guidance. Bring them Dead or alive!
Joseophinx picked 2 teams, Trick and Treat. 12 players 5 aside and 2 subs.
The Trick in Blue (Dania, Tulay, Natalie, Laurie, Tilo, Andreea) and the Treat in Pink (Feddi, Rhonda, Gilly Shirley, Sharona and Louise )
Dusk Fell the pumpkin shaped Basketball appeared. We started Dribbling in Zigg-Zagg monster moves, followed by the Zombie thriller stretch.
Jump ball started the game. The Rump verses Hercules. The Trick blues scored first with Laurie using her skeleton skills under the net. 2 in a row.
Spirits were high, as the Pink Treats retaliated. Andreea apple-bobbed her way across the court with a direct hit, she tricked the ball into the basket as a head falls from a guillotine.
The Treat Rhonda took up a Zombie pose and pushed through the Tricks in Spooktakular style. Things that go Rump in the night!
Louise turned from Pink to Blue and with the voice of the Exorcist spun round with a murdering scream, called for Shirley! Hurling the ball straight into the hands of the enemy. Before she could say Marshmallow The Tricks scored into the caldron of fire. The Spell had been cast.
The a cult had now taken over. The Tricky blues turned to murdering skeletons. The Treaty Pinks were now walking zombies. A witch hunt began .
Natalie bone’d the Rump leaving her headless. The Exorcist got smacked the in the gob. Balls were uncontrollably grabbed. The golden Ghoul Rule. We were out of control and heading for a early Grave. Quasi modo’s bells struck 8pm
I told you it was scary!

19th October 2016

img_6016 img_6020

Tonights Strictly come Basketball was filmed live from Little Venice Sports TV Centre. The film crew stayed on the side and took their shots from afar.
2 Teams the The professionals in full Kit! Louise,Tulay, Feddi, Natalie and Shirley and the Celebrity Dancers Sarita, Josephine, Laurie, Andreea and Maya in Blue.
To warm up, we ran the ballroom, Dribbled, lay-up’ed and Stretched.
The Game started at 18 minutes past 7pm. The 2 teams took to the floor with a Jump ball. The Girls took their partners. Natalie Verses Sarita. Before you could say Zoe ball! the Blue scored. Scores please judges!
Shirley Samba’ed towards the basket with Feddi doing a Paso doble together in harmony. The pair tripped the light fantastic with equalising basket.
Natalie followed Sarita into a Argentinian Tango. They were close, they were in time, they were sharp. The elbow was off point. They got down on it! A foul was called. 2 From the free throw.
Tulay showed her professional shimmer and shined out with 2 Ed Balls into the net. Celebrity Laurie was in the Swing of it, catching rebounds from under the net. Maya gave her first 2 from the free throw line and later scored.
Celebrity Josephine played like Darcy Bussell, with a pirouette, spring and a leap to the basket. Scoring high for her team. She Jived and swept the ball to her girls, while catching rebounds. Feddi tried to stop her, there was a Hustle and a Salsa with a Charleston fall pushing Darcy to the ground. Oooh went the crowd!
Louise the Professional latin dancer cha cha’ed across the ballroom floor waltzing the ball to her team mates. With a rumba and a quick step and help from Tulay Feddi caught the ball and scored again.
At 8pm sharp the foxtrot came to a end.
During the game there was a lot of mambo mambo! None of that. What the Coach calls goes!
See you all next Wednesday

12 October 2016

Due to Jewish new year and Yom Kipper day, tonights basketball will be celebrated with a medley of songs from Fiddle on the roof and of course Fagin’s favourite song, You have to PICK a BALL or two Boy. OY!
The Orange team. Tulay, Feddi, Laurie, Sian and Maya
The Blue Team Louise, Dania, Gill, Sarita and Kas.
At Sunrise, no Sunset procedures started with drills, weaving and layups. Followed by thrilling Josephine Jackson Stretches, ending with opening and closing the barn door till you got to the base line.
TRADITION! Jump ball started Play. Matchmaker, matchmaker make us a match, Find us a find, Catch us a catch!
Kas got the ball which was quickly picked pocketed by Feddi the Artful dodger. Feddi scored the first three baskets for the Orange. Before the Blues knew it, the score was 6-1. Sian scored the other 3. 2 fouls gave Kas and Dania throws from the free throw line. The Blue team we catching up.
The Orange team won the first half. Score 7-5
TRADITION!  The 2nd half we changed sides. While on the other hand…Maya’s nose was mistaken for the ball.
Dear God, you made many, short people.
I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be Short
But it’s no great honor, either.
So what would have been so terrible if I had been a tall good basketball player?…OY?..sang Louise. While Sarita and Dania took control and passed to Kaz and the Blue team started to win…BADA BiDA BADA BADA DUM.. With a EEh and a Arrh What a happy mood were in. The Blue team just tipped Topels balance. YOY!
It was a fast close game. We broke the fast at 8pm.

5th October 2016

Learning the Rules
Yes tonight Josephine, Welcome to the Badabings !16 girls, 3 even teams, one sub. Warm-ups, stretching and Drills.
Then the  Game.
Tonight 3 large wooden creaky Galleons learnt how to play basketball on the Seas of the Mediterranean
Napoleon’ Ships were in Orange Dania, Nancy, Tulay Andreea and Sharona
Nelson’s ship Rhonda, Louise, Gill, Malinda, and Sarita, in Blue
Columbus’s Ship in Black. Natalie, Sally, Feddi, Laurie, Shirley and Malika, (6/1 sub)
The Game started On the top deck with Napoleon’s verses Nelson. Kiss me Hardy, The Blue Hardy touched the ball.
With Dania at the Napoleon helm, she lead her team across France. Steaming into the hard Shoulder of top Nelsons figure head The Rump. Leaving Nancy and Andreea cannon-balling balls to the net.
Nelson’s girls were off.
Columbus left Portugal, Feddi leading, running northward at a rate of knots, breaking Napoleon’s strong-hold. The Black Portuguese sailed rings around the tired old Orange vessels. Napoleon’s team were canny and before being ostracised to Corsica, they were fouled. Andreea took 2 from the free throw.
Nelson’s girls including the Lady Hamilton were back on the court. They saw no ships. Lady Sarita tried to score, Gill caught the rebounds and gave us a point from the free throw line but the Rump lost her butt. Malinda picked, Louise shipwrecked. The Blacks found America and settled giving Napoleon their time. In the last 2 minutes the Blue verses the Orange. At 8pm Napoleon’s team left victorious !