28th September 2016

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye, Delroy Hall,
Thank you for the last 11 years of coaching. It has been a privilege to have your Wisdom, Patients, stability and stamina ! Thank you for making us who we are today! We are all very sad to see you go.

In your Honour is a  A mad Medley of Songs from the sound of music to say good-bye to you, (I hope you can hear the music in your head as you read)
Sung by tonights players, Louise, Shirley, Feddi Andreea  Gill verses by Nancy, Sian, Dania, Laurie, Tulay, Maya

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye, Del we hate for you to go, though its time to say Good bye,
Some amazing balls we played for you tonight,
Adieu, a Jew, from you (Nancy Maya) and you (Sian,Gill) and you (Andreea)

There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the sports hall
And the bells on the court too. (Louise, Laurie, Tulay)
And up by the basket, is a absurd little bird (Shirley) popping up to say, Cuckoo, Cuckoo!

How do you replace a problem like loosing Delroy? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a new boy like Coach Delroy?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

Delroy coaching, new basketballs, and new coloured bibs, these are a few of our of favourite things.

We will Climb every mountain, Search high and low, Follow every layup, Every path and dribble you know. Until we find our new Coach Del.
We Bings are 16 going on 17, we just want to play, other coaches we meet may tell us were sweet but we know not to believe.
(sang by Feddi (Maria) verses Dania (Rolf)
We hope you find your new Dream (team)
We will miss you,
All The BADABINGS Girls including those that couldn’t make it tonight. Please add
Sally, Marta, Rhonda Natalie, Malinda, Maia, to the chorus x
Taxi for Duke Delroy Schneider. X bye bye

21st September 2016

img_5306 img_5305

7pm Wow Josephine you are so tall and beautiful. Oh No Marta! Your back! f**king Volly ball. Can’t believe you can’t play!

Double Wow… 12 girls…. Feddi, Maya, Nancy, Rhonda, Shirley, Sharona, Malinda, Andreea, Dania, Laurie, Gill, Me.
Blue, Sub, Here? There? Man to Man, OK! Arse! Out of my way! F**k you! MF**ing bitch! Whore! Sucker! HAHA up yours! AOW!  Behind the black line. WHAT A BASKET! Take that Orange! I’ve got her, take this! Please miss… its the wrong basket! Phew. Go Feddi Go! Laurie good rebound. Amazeballs Shoot! Shoot! Well done Maya 2 on the trot!… It’s yours Rhon! Swish! WOWZER. FullMoon! Nancy good shot! Dania’s driving! Malinda’s Screening. Foul. 2 from the free throw. Blimey your mum suck donkeys! Amazing shot! Water break! Oh no! Changing sides! Alright alright alright! MF-cunt-bitch-whore RUN RUN! try catch me! Come on, come on! Times running out, Subbing again-boring -boring! It’s all over! 8pm
That’s my mind, what went through yours?

14th September 2016

A very fast take away!
2 very fast teams  The Kentucky Fried chickens in Blue and McDonalds in Orange
12 girls, 2 teams of 5, 2 subs. Sally, Louise, Sian, Nancy Feddi, Kass, V Shirley, Marta, Laurie, Gill, Malinda and Sharona.
The mighty chicken bucket took their positions to zone. Leg and Thigh at the back, Wing and Fries either side and The Breast in the Middle.
Jump ball started the game with Egg MacMalinda verse KFC’s new girl Kasslaw.
Big MacMarta was the first to sub for the Orange. In these first 5 Minutes the KFC’s took full advantage of the new spicy Zinger offer and scored the first 3 baskets. Mac Marta was back on before the blues could give their order.
The MacDonalds started to Ketch-up. Kassslaw took on MacMarta in a big flavour wrap. Sweetcorn was made.
Spicy-Sian’s-snazzy chicken-legs, drove in and added to the Baked Beans carton. The Colonal called a fizzy drink break and changed Subs.
MacFlaurrie caught the ball and passed to Gilletteoffish, back to MacMarta who whopped the ball to Shirley’s Quarter pounder for her to add the cheese.
The Blues stepped up their game passing long shots to Nancy tasty-Dip, who did not disappoint as she scored twice on queue. Hash brown, we lost the rebound to new smoothie-Sharona.
Regular Louise crispy wing used her secret ingredients to pass to the Spicy leg Sian and Kasslaw. While Feddi-FrenchFrie Fed the ball to Sally’s toasted Burritos. The Last ball landed in the KFC popcorn bucket! It was all MAC’Over. Hands in.
C U Next Wednesday.
We all left with a happy meal and little toy of joy,
We loving it!
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7th September 2016

The sweet smell of Success.
Two teams the Eau Savage (the Depp) in Orange and the Bleu de Chanel in Blue (the Pitt)
Dania, Shirley, Karine, Natalie, Andreea and Gill versace Louise, Rhonda, Nancy, Malinda and Feddi
L’heure bleue started with 4 7 and finished with 11(one Sub) as Natalie arrived late.
With high notes we played a very fast creed game. Top passing, shooting and Cologne’ing.
First Rhonda showed pure poison by getting a ball straight to the net from very Shalimer away.
Feddi sprayed her usual old spice tricks and took the ball to a new Fahrenheit.
Meanwhile Dania wore Miss Dior with a touch of Brute pushed through the Mademoiselle’s for a spray-up.
Malinda chanel.55 played like she had never been away. Welcome back!
Well Dune to Nancy who Hypnose’d herself by making basket after basket. Youth Dew!
Gilly had my Tabac blond the whole Nuit. Andreea told Rhonda to Coco while Shirley played like Angel to a Alien defending her teams basket.
At 8pm we all left exhausted and now smelling of Eau di-do-dah-day
We Musk say a sad goodbye to Karine we J’adore you, (she is leaving to Brazil). Please join us whenever you can.
il est moi

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