30th August 2016

Tonight’s Roasting. 2 teams
The Blue Aubergines Nancy, Andrea, Shirley and Laurie verses the Yellow Chilly Peppers, Gilly, Louise, Karine and Del
The Evening started with Lay-up and passing shooting drills.
Then were all were Split roasted into 2 teams of 4 on 4 with Del making up the numbers.
The Aubergines started with the ball. They were the first to score. Skewering the peppers into Kebabs. This trend lasted for most of the first half before Louise Chilly Pepper got her first of basket of the evening. The Peppers thought their luck had changed but they were not out of the oven yet.
Andrea Aubergine scored from a distance moussakaring the Peppers chances of winning. Nancy was fast catching the ball and passing it round to her team. Shirley dipped herself in olive oil and slipped out of the arms of the defense. Gilly Pepper managed to Score 3 baskets through the first course of the evening and for the last course Karine scored twice.  Louise swelled in the heat of the main course with 6 baskets in all (a personal recipe best).
Unable to beat the score of the smoking Aubergines, The Peppers were grilled until burnt. Peeled and served up on a plate. The Aubergines left as happy and as tasty as Baba Ganoush.
We all left the court either fried or baked depending on your choice of vegetable.
Looking forward to cooking again next week,

24th August 2016

Tonights hot Bikram Basketball was played by 2 teams.
The Sauna-side in Orange (Sarita, Sally, Karine, Shirley) and the Steam-room girls (Louise, Marta, Dania, Laurie) in Blue.
The game started immediately on full court. 4 on 4. with a Jumpstart.
The dry heat of a Sauna filled the court. Hot hot Hot with double Nylon tops.
The sweat on the coals gave the Sauna-side their first 3 baskets.
As the Steam rose the Blue girls hardly got a look in.
With quick bursts Marta took control of the Steam-room and moved full steamed ahead, retaliated with baskets.
Through the Sauna-side girls there were passes to Laurie who scored, again and again.
Sarita was strong in the heat and caught rebound after rebound. Then Passing to Sally Sauna who popped the coals in the basket.
The Orange team were sweating and Scoring and scoring and sweating.
Dania warmed up and shot her Bullet in the net from the side. Laurie took her rebound and scored again.
Tonights medals went to Sauna’s Sarita and Steam-room Marta for exception playing.
Highest personal achievement ‘The Golden Pass’ went to Laurie for getting 6 consecutive baskets! AMAZING Laurie, tonight was your night.
A minute before 8pm Natalie appeared. To late to play but she did set a record for the latest player yet! (Sian so knocked off your spot! 7.45 is for pussy’s)
We all left 1/2 a stone lighter in a hot sweat.
See you all next week for another heatwave.

17 August 2016


It’s week 2 at the Olympics. 2 countries are dominating the leader board.

The USA Sarita, Shirley Laurie and Natalie in Blue and Great Britain Louise Sian Gilly and Del in Orange.

Medals are coming in thick and fast for both teams but the Americans are piping the Britabings to the post.

Team GB cyclists are speeding across the court on the 3 on 3. The score is a tense 2 all. Then from no where the American gymnastic Sarita leaps into the air and with a triple somersault takes the gold for her team.
The game opens up as late arrival Argentina’s Natalie joins USA . The talented fast Usain Del Bolt from Jamaica joins Team GB and we are now a 4 on 4 on full court.
Natalie Dives in from the top board and with front crawl arms takes the ball from Team GB’s top shooter Sian. Sian breaks free and cycles to the 3 point line and takes gold for Team GB.
Gymnast Sarita trampolines the rebound and gets the ball to Shirley, Shirley runs the 100 meters to the basket and using her shooting skills shoots the ball into the net, taking a silver for the Americans.
Team GB’s Hammer thrower Louise despite being marked by Laurie the American Archer gets the Bronze medal for her country.
Gilly dressage Equestrian dances her way under the net passes the ball out to Sian who with Trotts talent sprints the ball into the net. Her 6th Gold medal of   the night.
Both teams battle for glory, Team GB try and sail through but the Americans are too strong.
American Gymnast Sarita leads with the most medals.
The USA Win over all.
SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK for more fun and Olympic games.

10th August 2016

IMG_3920Team GB (the Great BADABINGS) At the OLYMPICS

Tonights competitors were 2, 4 aside teams fighting for Gold. Louise, Nancy, Feddi Del in Blue, Sarita Shirley, Andreea and Natalie in Orange.
Hot and exhausting was felt by all as we played Full court in the heat.
Sarita was the first to be awarded a Silver medal. Rebounding her own baskets and scoring again and again.
Louise Got a PB (personal best) for 4 baskets for the blue team.
Shirley PB (personal birthday) baskets for her Orange team and a Silver medal for escaping her marker.
Andreea was awarded the Silver medal for scoring baskets from unexpected angles.
Nancy received a silver medal for catching Del’s passes in the thick of it all.
Natalie too received the Bronze for scoring without looking.
Feddi The Gold for speed from one end of the court to another.
More medals were awarded in the Reception of the sports centre.
Louise received the Gold medal for drinking more Badabing Pink Cava than her team mates. It was a hard medal to win, but after much practice of knocking it back, she excelled herself.
Nancy won another Bronze for extra chocolate cake intake.
The medals continued to be given out at the Waterway.
Watermelon Cosmopolitan Best Drinker! It was tight contest between us all but at the last minute Louise again ran off with her 3rd medal of the night. Shirley and Sarita very close behind.
Their cars got in the way for a spectacular finish.
The final medal of the evening was won by Shirley. A GOLD awarded for being 50 Beautiful and most generous !
Happy Birthday to Sarita for tomorrow, Nancy for the 19th and Sally for the end of the month.
See YOU ALL Next Wednesday,

3 August 2016

Todays Match consisted of 2 teams. Blue and Orange.
Marta, Sally, Louise and Andreea V Sarita, Shirley, Nancy and Gilly
It was a game of 2 halves. The first half is beautifully described by MAX BYGRAVES’S famous song
(Which was a number one hit before most of the girls that played today were born)
You need hands
You need hands to poke someone you care for.
You need hands to knock someone in the face,
When you feel nobody is watching.
You need hands to knock them out the way.
You need hands to snatch the ball to play the game,
You need hands to guide them on their way
The 2nd half was a different story,
Told by a song by Spandau Ballet.
Always believe in your soul! You got the power to know, you are indestructible, (Sarita)
Always believe in that you are wearing GOLD! GOLD! (sung by the Orange bibs)
(BLUE Bibs chorus) Glad that you’re rebound is to return, there’s something you could have learned,
We are too indestructible, always believe in you and your GOAL! GOAL!
A Fantastic game of musical basketball was played this evening. You should have been there, you missed a Song!
See you all next week for a very special game.
New season. 10th August to 12 October.
For those that have not paid your subs please do.
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