27th July 2016

Its all lies!…..or is it?

Basketball started at 7pm on the dot. The court was clear and waiting for us!

2 teams :The on Fire team in Orange (Louise Shirley and Andrea) and the wet water wimp Team in Blue (Marta Nancy and Karine)
I started wit the ball, I was amazing running circles around the others. catching every rebound. Scoring left right and centre from everywhere.
Shirley sure shot followed suit with corkers from the 3 point line. Andrea too. As a team couldn’t help ourselves but teach those blues how to play.
The Blue team were trying to keep up but to no avail. They couldn’t score to save their lives. Marta missed the basket, Shirley caught her rebounds. I was marking Karine, she hardly saw the ball. While thumper Andreea bounced so fast and shot so cool Nancy hardly got a look in!
The Orange team never had to run the court as a forfeit for loosing 3 times at all and Shirley never moaned once! The orange won every game!
If you believe that, I love you more than you could ever know!
To know the truth you might of had to have been there!
See you all next week for more fun on the court.
If you are running or walking on Sunday in Hyde Park for the badabings cancer research charity keep our eye out for Marta’s whats app details, if you are not walking or running please sponsor us that are!
See you there!
As it is the summer months please try and come to make the numbers up, as i know many girls are away. So it is really important that you make it!
Next week is the last day of the season, so your subs need to be in by 10th August, (10 Aug to -12 October ) We still have to pay the court if you are there or not.
Special night for Sian it was 25 years ago to the day that she married this underaged child.  IMG_3453

20 July 2016

Despite the high temperature the insects were out in force.
The Wasp, the Mosquito verses , the Bee and the Spider.
The Bee arrived late but not to late to play the game.
It was a hot game of 2 aside on a half court.
The Mosquito was quick and fast as usual to bite the ball, flying the ball backwards and forward to the Wasp. The Wasp displayed some amazing HorNet skills.
Spider-Del span his web, passing the ball for the Bee to score. The Wasp was sharp and high on the Bees knees. Blocking her every move.
It seemed at first that the Mosquito and Wasp were winning (Well they did have special tutoring 1on1 with the Spidy before i arrived)
Then after a taste of honey and a high 5 from the Spider, the Bee grabbed the pollen, got the ball in the net! Again and again. The Score became even.
We all left buzzing and exhausted at 8pm.
See you all next Wednesday,
PS. This season ends 4th August. New seasons money due 10th August taking you to 12 October.

13th July 2016

Are you suffering from excess news? Ever felt you can’t keep up with resignations

Not sure who is Prime Minister

Badabings guaranteed to make the situation worse …
Guest coach Jahlisha did not carry a news feed, so 11 players remained oblivious of the Cabinet appointments being made while they played.
Old Cabinet: Sally, Nancy, Sarita, Gilly, Sarah, Natalie
Drinks Cabinet: Blacks: Feddi, Tulay, Andreea, Laurie, Shirley
Details are sadly hazy – Shirley got the last basket of the night, Sarita and Sally grabbed many rebounds, Laurie scored, Tulay blocked, Andreea attacked, Nancy and new player Sarah whizzed up the court greyhound style to match the Whippet in the other direction …baskets were scored, defence at both ends was tight and most players seemed to approve of a temporary rule that the team pass the ball 5 times – within their half – before a basket was shot. All very inclusive and 11 players left to catch up – Boris, really?

6 July 2016

The John Chilcot Badabing report :-The 2 Teams at war!
The Welsh singing dragons holding their Leeks verses the Portuguese Sardines holding their Golf club and bottle of Port.
The First half.
The old welsh singing Choir, Louise, Gilly, Tulay and Sian V The younger Golfing cocks drinking Port. Feddi, Sarita, Karine, Nancy.
The First to score were the Portuguese with Feddi running up the court with her weapons of mass destruction.
Sian gave us 3 incredible Saddam slams. The Mosquito was a sharp shooter at time held in under the net having to pass to Sarita to finish off the job.
YAY to Tulay as used her height catching rebounds, she too dropped the bomb in the net.
In the 2nd half
Natalie arrived, Del divi’d-up the 2 teams.
Natalie became Welsh and dropped her Portuguese accent and turned blue. Del took the place of Feddi, and Gilly turned orange.
Portugal were still strong but with Fedi turning Welsh the blues stood a better chance of catching up.
The Blues started to shine, Natalie threw a wild shot with her leeks in the air! I would have put money on her missing but it was on target another Saddam slam!
Louise used her dragon and scored twice despite Sarita’s cross block.
Nancy played well running and catching balls along the wing. Passing to Sarita to finish the job. Gilly shot from both barrels and scored twice.
The Welsh lost their daffodils and couldn’t Bale out. While the Portuguese celebrated, they won the match.
It was a great hot fast game.
Everyone will sleep well tonight except for Tony Blair.
Snazzy Pants were worn by all!

IMG_2767 IMG_2768 IMG_2770