29th June 2016

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Sian takes the Rolex.

Its the beginning of Wimbledon, and with a New Umpire Sophie Glamour Dina we played the centre court.

The Boris Becker team in Orange Louise Andrea, Sarita, Nancy, Laurie verses the Andy Murray’s in Scottish Blue. Feddi, Shirley, Sally, Sian, Gilly and Tulay
Laurie was first to score, she played her best game to date upping her ratings! It was only moments later when the Murray Blue’s game set and matched it.
In the first half both teams were tight. With the Orange team pipping the blue to the post with one extra point! Sian arrive the blue team subbed.
Andreea Agassi and Louise passed the ball to each other like sisters Venus and Serena. Feddi Federer started to intervene each pass and took the ball up the court. Running through the ball boys as she scored.
Sophie Glamour Dina called the game to a holt.
New Rules :- No Hugging! No Pushing, Snatching or Shoving. The Game changed. It was Love on both sides!
Sarita Sharapova, gave the Beckers some amazing rebounds. Then Sianie Graff blew her own mind with a Billie Jean king shot from the side.
With a pep talk to both teams at the deuce break. Coach Sophie-Dina glamour Umpire gave valuable advice to all. The Rolex Rules.
‘Slow the game down! Watch and Look where you pass the ball, Look when you shoot. Look who you pass to.
The game changed again for the better We were playing at Queens! The Blue Murray’s got the advantage.
In the 2nd half Shirley became a Boris Becker, Sarita got tennis Knee and subbed out. Nancy Nadal held her own racket. While Sally scored a grand Slam!
The Game was more delightful than strawberries and cream.
At 8pm the Evonne Goolagong went!  Rain spoilt play!.
Lady of the match has to be Sian wearing snazzy snatch pants

22 June 2016

Two teams, the Hokey in Pink, Louise, Nancy, Shirley Del verses the Cokey in Blue, Feddi, Sarita, Tulay, Laurie,

The Game the prediction for tomorrows outcome.

The Pinks put their left leg in the Hokey v the Cokey. The teams turned around, thats what the games about !
OOOHHHHH the ball was in, the ball was out. In Out, in, out  shake it all about.
It was a good 5 minutes before the first basket was scored. The Blues put their right leg out and the first Blue vote was in the ballot box.
Nancy was the first to score for the Pinks, her vote was a swish from the side. Wow how she shook it all about!
Sarita blocked the blue voting box and canvased the area, She got each rebound and took the extra votes down the court. Louise in Pink put her left leg in and tried to stop Sarita with a shake her all about !
(apologies Sarita. I don’t know how my vote came over me!) Not shaken Sarita still kept the ball and another blue vote was scored.
Laurie ran backwards and forwards defending her ballot box. Tulay too Steamed her glasses running up and down the court. Feddi was faster than all of us all. Like a hound dog Scoring all the time.
Nancy, Louise, Shirley and Del passed the ball around the Cokey key. Del passed some great votes to his team players but their votes again were often stolen by the mighty Blue Feddi.
Some weak passes from the Pinks gave the blues even more votes.
To Nancy’s own surprise she made another 4 side votes in to the ballot basket. Woosh! Top voting Nancy! Our Man of the Match.
Shirley screamed Vote OUT! When she vote In, in-out-in -out then shook the ball all about. Shirley did vote more and so did Louise but the Blue teams vote was a higher count.
It was a hot night at the Polling station, we all left hot sweating and exhausted after a very fast great game.
I wonder if the  blue vote wins tomorrow?

15 June 2016

The United Rainbow colours of the Orlando shootings.

3 teams, The Bloody Blues, Marta, Feddi, Rhonda, Tulay. The Bloody Blacks Shirley, Sian, Dania and Gilly Nancy and the Bloody Pinks Louise, Sally Sarita Laurie and Andreea.

Sally was the first to set the bar. She shot and scored against the Bloody Blacks. Unfortunately this did not set a president to the bloody Pinks game. The Mighty Bloody Blues came on to the court and knocked them out.
The Blue team were unstoppable shooting against everyone. They Killed us all!
Even when they were tired and sweaty they still seemed to score first. The Blacks fought back but not for long. The Bloody Blues kept getting the ball. A terrorist combination of Marta’s height, Feddi’s speed, Tulay’s lay and Rhonda’s Rumping Rump.  They were unbeatable. (I will have to have words with my niece)
The Bloody Pinks watched and cheered from the side, encouraging the Bloody Blacks to focus and win.  No matter how much the Bloody Pinks screamed, the Bloody Blues just kept on shooting until they had knocked us all out.
Then to top it all! Another Disaster! ……5 mins before the end, the Bloody Pink team lost their baby, Sarita, she went paddling off and disappeared! The pinks called her name but it was too late and they had to on one man down. Oh NOooooo! Just when you thought nothing worse could happen in Orlando Sarita had been eaten by a crocodile!
This time the Bloody Pinks had luck on their side. They scored first against the Bloody Blues but time was against them.
The game came to a abrupt halt. It was 8pm.IMG_1907IMG_1908


8th June 2016

2x Teams.

The Blue Cars Louise, Sally, Feddi Tulay and Dania. The Orange work vehicles Sarita, Nancy, Shirley, Laurie and Natalie.
Sarita drove the JCB knocking everyone out of her way. Picking up the ball and lifting it to the net on a regular basis, though she meet her match with Mustang Sally! Beep Beep! Sally’s rebounding tonight not only blocked the road when she picked up the kids, she deliver them back to school again and again!
Feddi might have started out in her clean white Porsche tee shirt but soon exchanged it for her Fed-Ex delivery van. Picking up the ball at all destinations. Broom broom. There was no stopping her!
Louise was in her shiny mobility scooter. Taking the ball down the court at her own pace. Occasionally driving across the key and on to the pavement to avoid the Lorry (Laurie) Peep peep, she would not get out of the way. Thats good road marking.
Nancy delivered an amazing basket in her Acado van. With raspberries on the side. Shirley too zipping around in her 3 wheeled Robin Reliant. Making baskets when she least expected it. Poop Poop!
Tulay was laid back in her Bentley always parked at the side of the key. Like curb crawling she caught the rebounds on defence and shot from the side on attack. Though the Ball attacked her glasses. In her defence she took one from the side-line.
Natalie zoomed across the court in her police car chasing the ball Nar-Nar -Nar-Nar. Flashing lights!
Dania drove the blue cars to glory in her Red Corvette. Like a little prince straight through the jam, attacking the basket as she Beeped Beeped! Costing her a jammed thumb.
Fed-Ex was fouled at the last minute. She was awarded 2 points on her licence from the free throw line. As always the She delivered.
There was little travel to-night but plenty of fun with bumpers cars. It was a hoot-hoot!
C U Next week.

1 st June 2016

After a quick warm up, we started with some very useful layup drills.

Two teams playing to Brexit or Remain in the European union.
Sarita and Mark the late arrivals and joined each team. Mark Joined the Orange team he changed his name to Markarita and then he was a she, hey honey run on the orange side. While The others girls said Hey Sarita you be on the blue side, Doobybe do Bedoo bedoo be dobedoobe do.
We played full court.
The Brexit Blues, Sarita, Dania, Gilly, Sian, and Karine.
The Orange Remain’ers Nancy, Shirley, Feddi, Louise and Markarita.
Running backwards and forwards No.. No.. No! Screamed Shirley don’t leave. Sian took a side shot and scored. One for out. Feddi was her usual Euro-star speed and crossed the channel, no visa needed.
The Stay team played well passing the ball all around and scoring. Markarita rebounded for the orange using long arms and jumping stretch skills.
Dania took Blue risks which paid off. Gilly too scored for her country and supermarket vegetables.
Nancy was tight under the net. Shirley scored when she said NO! Sarita scored and shouted YES!
With only 21 days to go before the votes are in, tonight for the first time it was clear which way we should run.
To the Basket!
C U All  next week for more basketball fun and frolics. If we don’t see you first for Softball on Saturday.

Thanks Sian for dazzling us again with another pair of fancy leggings. The Scull pair.