25th may 2016

Under the beautiful flowers at the Chelsea flower show there were two teams fighting in the mud for the ball.

The Blue tipped earthworms verses the Orange under-bellied Woodlice.

The Worms, Delroy, Louise, Dania, Sally and Shirley started with the ball. Sarita, Feddi, Laure, Andreea and Nancy were on defence.
The Woodlice used their outer shells as shields to block the earthworms. This was very effective. The earthworms tried to wiggle out. Sarita blocked the ball. Feddi used her insect instincts to intercept and take the ball to the lice basket.
Andreea made a few corkers, Laure two. Feddi even played solo.
Luckily the Earthworms used their secret weapon worm Delroy. He was smart and used his body to grow tall and grab the rebounds from the woodlice. YAY!
He was truly the blue worm of the match.
The Worms found it difficult at times to catch the ball as worms have no arms and only one eye. This gave the woodlice the advantage with up to 16 legs.
Sorry seemed to be the word from Shirley. As Elton John said
‘What do i have to do to make you pass to me’ ‘ What do I do when lightening woodlice strikes me’. Dania replied get into defence.
‘Its sad, so sad, a situation and it is getting more absurd.
With Eltons words in their ears the Blue worms stepped up. Dania did a couple of wining side shots, Shirley scored surrounded by woodlice. Sally too. Louise gave her team 2 slow-worm layups.
‘What do i say when it is all over’
Louise says sorry to Nancy for threatening to break her arms. Sarita said sorry to Louise for stopping her baskets.
Forget the Sorry’s THANK YOU ALL for a great game of fast fun basketball.
Thank you to those that have paid their subs. Those that have not paid please pay soon as I have the court invoice to pay.
This will take you to the 3rd August 2016

18th May 2016

IMG_1375 IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1393 IMG_1394

Tonights players were Dania, Sally, Louise, Shirley, Andreea, Nancy, Laure, Gilly, Sarita, Rhonda, Fedi

2x  teams The Orange Paper Clips (Biro, Sellotape, Pritstick, Rubber, ink cartridge) and the Blue Scorcese’s gangsters (De Niro, Liotta, Pesci, Pacino, Keitel and Defoe.
The Game started quickly, Blue Pesci got a immediate basket from the jump ball. The paper clips were quickly folding until Sellotape-Shirley got the first orange basket in. Keitel and Defoe passed the ball between each other De’niro finished the job. Early on in the Game the Paper clips tried to Rub out Nancy Defoe with the old ball in the face trick. Unfortunately this worked and Nancy had to sit out with a ice pack on her nearly scared-face.
Laure wore the wire and changed from Orange to Blue. Sally Prit-stick caught some amazing rebounds, as so did Sarita on the gangster side. Rho-Pacino killed us with some side baskets. As did Sellotape and Andreea. Even the little ink cartridge pulled her paperweight.
Dania used her Biro skills and drew a line to the basket.
It was a blue ball even when it was orange. The back-handers were now paying off.
At 8pm the game ended with a gangster foul giving the paper clips 2 from the free throw. The Clips left feeling triumphant. The Blues too.
A surprising equal sided game. .
C U all Next Wednesday

11th may 2016

3 x High Street banks Lloyds in Black, Barclays in Blue and HSBC in Orange

Rhonda, Louise, Feddi, Shirley, Maria (the black Horse)
Sian, Dania, Sally, Laure, Gilly (the Blue Eagle)
Karine, Sarita, Andreea, and Nancy (4 aside Orange Diamond)
The Black horse won the jump and galloped up the court. The Black horses stayed on for 2 games before the Blue took their wining position. Dania got money in the bank by pushing through to the cashier with a lay up. Sarita collected the mortgage and took the ball down for the Orange team. They were living comfortably until Rhonda got the most interest with her savings account. The lady of the match.
Bank manager Sian splashed out on some new snazzy pants passed to Gill, who passed to Laure who passed back. Like counterfeit money, quick to let go as they passed back to Dania. Dania laundered the ball to Sally. Sally banked it with a basket. This time the Blue stayed on twice.
HSBC the team with one cashier down, had the game under control. Karine man to man’ed each of us. Sarita got the rebounds and Andreea got the money into the piggy.
5 minutes before the Banks closed Del lost his statement and miscounted the total spent and gave the blue team a 118 118 quick loan.
Call that a loan screamed the Blacks. They soon joined the Orange team for the last fight to win.
No one got the tax free ISA as time ran out.
Hands in. See you next Wednesday.
Super Being Xmen Stretch showed her true colours. IMG_0628 IMG_0648 IMG_0655 IMG_0658 IMG_0662

4th May 2016 headlines

Last nights Headlines.
On May the 4th be with you.
2 teams Millennium Falcon verses the Death star.
The game started with Darth Vader removing Luke Skywalker’s arm
Princess Laya impresses her team with Lay-ups.
Chewbacca gets 2 from the free-throw line twice.
Don’t touch me says R2D2  as Darth is back to old tricks. Officially Anakin has moved to the dark side.
Obi Wan Kenobi breaks through all rebounds.
Yoda uses the force and obtains the ball magically from her opponent hands
C-3PO looses secret weapon.
A ball in the face. The Force awakens.

May the 4th be with you

The Blue Grave diggers Looking for body parts were Louise, Marta, Nancy, Sarita and Gilly. The golddiggers digging for gold in orange were Feddi, Andreea Shirley, Sally Natalie and Dania. (Nuggets with 6 players had to Sub)

From the off of the jump ball Gravedigger Louise tried to pull the arm off Dania. She did not know what came over her, devastated and apologetic knowing she had shown her zombie colour of BLUE…Gold Digger Dania was very magnanimous about the arm wrenching, screwed it back on and began to play.
Feddy flew in with the new found goldball and dunked it straight to the net.
It looked like the Orange Nuggets were Winning as they passed the ball from team mate to team mate, as if the ball was attached to them on a invisible necklace.
It was not long before the grave digger Marta managed to pluck out a few heads from the ground and show the gold merchants who was boss. Gilly too managed to save the grave.
Wonderful team work from the Blue grave diggers. Sarita caught the rebounds and took the ball down.
The Golds passed to each other and Shot. Dania got 2 from the free-throw, after being fouled by the Gravediggers trying to steal her breast.
5 good shots from Golden good girl Sally. 4 from Blue Zombie gravedigger Louise.
Sarita, Feddi Andreea, Shirley and Marta got many more baskets but that is not as unusual.
Good defence from Golden Natalie even if one of the times she took out her own team.
Marta got 2 from the free throw twice and there was a wild ball score from Dania which got a applause.
We all left hot and exhausted with limbs and pieces of 8 missing.
The good news was not a jammed finger in sight.
C U ALL NEXT WEEK where there will be more ball stealing, high jumping, record ball shooting and of course moaning! ‘don’t touch me’