27th April 2016

As a tribute to todays verdict of Hillsborough  The Badabings rein-acted the event 27 years on. The Sun newspaper had no comment or apology.

3 teams took part.

Liverpool were in Orange Louise, Marta, Shirley and Tulay. The Police wore Black, Feddi, Andreea, Nicole, Natalie and Sally. The Blue the away fans Dania, Gilly, Laurie, Sarita, Sian.
Justice at last was announced The Orange team got the right verdict ‘WINNERS’ After last weeks unjust loss. This week they ruled the Pen.
Orange and Black started the game.
The Orange stayed on for 3 games before they were beaten back by the Blues. The Orange were Playing the police. The Police used force, Feddi and Nicole tried to knock us about in disguise of whipping the ball. The Liverpool orange Bear was squashed as she tried to layup. Foul called the coach. One from the Free throw line. The Orange won that match. Marta was unbeatable and with Tulay under the basket who caught every rebound. We were a team to be reckoned with.
Now the Blue away team steamed in from the side-door and knocked out the Orange.  The Police were back on against the Blue.
The police told lies to the coach said the ball was OUT. No no no said the Orange (artistic licence to help tell the Hillsborough story) but no one believed them. Especially the Sun newspaper who printed bigger lies.
Then on the last game The Bear was fouled. 2 from the free throw.
Hooray  Hooray the Chief of Police was suspended and Justice was served!
C U All next Wednesday
To do it all again,
Welcome to the commitment Gilly. Good to see you Nicole.

20th April 2016

At 7pm 10 lovely ladies entered the Sports centre.

Sarita, Louise, Nancy, Shirley and Laurie. Fedi, Andreea, Dania Gilly and Tulay. As they changed into their basketball gear they re-arrived into the playground.
The Nursery rhymes began.

Oranges and Lemons were the first team of st Clements, The other team Little boy Blues our leader the Wasp was blowing her horn. We were to form a ring of roses-Zone with a pocket full of Poses.
Sarita won the jump ball, like three blind mouse Nancy to Shirley back to Sarita and Ding dong bell, the pussy’s in the well! Little boy blues had scored.
The Orange bells took hold of their Humpty and pulled themselves together. They ran at us with all the kings horses. Hickory dickory dock the mice rang back to defence.  The Orange raced to the lead.
Little Red riding hood, the Fox with Grandma not far behind. (Dania Andreea and Fedi) Took control of their team.  Fedi’s itsy bitsy spider arms took the ball and ran up the spout again.
Pat a cake pat a cake the blue managed to retaliate. 3 little piggies managed to score.
It was not long before the The Orange came back at us and blew our house down. Gilly and Tulay scored.
At 7.45 one more lady arrived to join the Kindergarden. Natalie. The Oranges had to Sub.
Pop goes the weasel!
Oh No a ball in the face and Mondays child was full of woe.
A Tissue a tissue Louise’s nose was bleeding. Twinkle twinkle little star is all she could see. She had to be nimble she had to be quick to the ladies parlour to get washed up.
One 2 buckle my shoe!
It was suddenly 8pm and the game was over.
Hey Diddle Diddle, I missed the end of the game.
See you all next week
for more fun on the court.
Nothing broken just swollen.

13th April 2016

Once upon a time in a sports centre near the canal was a place called Little Venice, every week 8-10 girls arrived to play a game of basketball. Every week they were a girl down or 2. A full house was what only dreams were made of.

The girls Stretch, Bee, Wasp, Rump, Lion, Whippet, Panther, Bambi, Thumper, Mosquito, Bear and the Bullet, did their best to turn up every week but work and transport would get in the way!

OH NO what were they to do.
Fight dragons? wear golden Eggs? Kiss a Prince? Sleep with 7 dwarfs? The girls did do all those things. Then one day a fairy godmother put the team on social media? Zap Bibbidy bobbity Badabing!
Was it facebook, was it Instagram was it word of mouth? Their cries were heard.
BADABING Its a record! Tonight at 7pm 17 Girls came from far and wide to the little sports centre on the canal.
Can we play tonight they asked!
The handsome Coach was beside himself with ideas, after warm up suicides and layup practice he formed 3 magical groups, One in Orange one in Black and one in Blue!
The hunger game was on.
It was fast, the winning team stayed on. The losers swopped. The winners got tired, the other team scored.
It was like a game come true. BASKETBALL at it’s best. We won, they won, we won again they lost. We lost they won. We all Lost. We all Won.
Thanks to all the Fairies. Rhonda, Sian, Louise, Sally, Shirley, Natalie, Marta, Sarita, Fadi, Andreea, Karine, Nancy, Miranda, Tulay, Laurie, Gilly and Hannho for a great night.
We all lived and worked-out happy ever after
Would love to see you all next week
IMG_8337 IMG_8338

6th April 2016

The Wasp was having nightmares about the drills! Was the Queen Bee Dreaming, as she arrived late all she could see was new girls?  New girls everywhere! Her head was buzzing.

There was Olaria Maria, Gilly, Tulay and Catherine. Welcome girls to the hive.
Coach Del formed 2 teams.
The Queens Bees in Orange and the Wasps Zappers in Blue
The Bees Rump, The Queen, The Whippet, Gilly and Maria, The Wasps were Wasp, Tulay, Catherine, Thumper, Olaria  and Octopussy. With 6 Blues they Subbed.
The Game began.
The Rump was first to bring home the honey for the bees, then the Whippet stole pollen straight from the hind legs of the Wasps. Maria cornered the Wasps into the jam pot. For the Bees the game was going well
The Wasps became angry upped their game. Thumper Zuzzz’ed to her team mates, ‘to me to me’ she called taking the ball through the swarm to the Queens nest.
The Bees defended their hive well but Shirley Wasp of Wasps got through into the nest. Gilly earned her strips for the Bee’s by attacking the Zappers nest. 2 baskets of honey were scored.
Pest control was on the The Coaches mind and during the water break he Swopped Whippet with Olaria.
A New Dynamic was formed. Fedi became a Hornet (Wasp and Bee mix) The game flowed better. The worker Bees took flight and the Wasps stung back. Tulay made some great rebounds.
Too quickly the game was over and it was hands in
See you all Next Wednesday
A big Thank you to the girls that paid their subs! We will go to the basketball after all!