30 march 2016

God said let there be birthday basketball!
The Badabings were looking for new recruits. 40 minutes of each day and 40 minutes of each night the Bee searched the land for new players. She search to the top of Mount Siannia. To the Bottom of Rhonda Village. Alas no players to be found.
Night Fell and the dawn broke. She gave up her search. She was the bearer of bad news to the team. The message Pay more play less.
Easter came and went then the 30 March 2016… The birthday day when all hope was lost … It WAS A MIRACLE God sent 3 kings from the Orient (the Jubilee centre) They appeared in the disguise of Laure, Catherine and Tulay
Can we join your team they cried.
God said let them get fit!
Two teams were formed. The Orange Sarita, Andrea Catherine and Tulay and Delrina
The Blue team Shirley, Rhonda, Louise, Laure, and Siannia.
After just one Suicide warm up the game started. 5 aside on full court. In the first half Rhonda saw stars or Pink flamingo’s as ball flew from the sky straight to her face!
The Second half Moouise scored Twice! Her golden easter eggs sunk the basket. Hooray another miracle from God
Andrea too threw her Easter eggs straight to the net. Sarita worshipped fake idols with her rebounding, giving the gold (orange) team the advantage. Rhonda, Shirley and Andrea were back on form. Siannai too.  Laure Surprised us with a basket, and so did Tulay by being in the right place at the right time. Welcome Catherine.
Mouise thanked god for her selfies, She promised not to worship fake idles just beautiful coconut candles and a great birthday card that sits in silver glitter on her mantel piece.
C u next Wednesday!
The Queen Bee

23 March 2016

Tonights Supermarket sweep was a battle of 4 on 4 between Sainsbury’s (the Orange wearers) and Waitrose (the Blue’ers)

The Sainsbury Shoppers were Shirley, Dania, Del and Andreea. The Waitrose girls a little bluer than green but I won’t do Tesco’s were Fedi, Sarita, Louise and Rhonda.
Sainsburys trolly girl Dania started with the ball but it wasn’t long before the Waitrose shelf stacker Fedi had put a 3 to 1 offer on it.
The Waitrose baskets were filling up. Rhonda put a bottle of hot chilli sauce in hers and added a couple of chicken wings and organic falafel. She made 3 corkers in a row. All Cheese cake to her.
The statistics had to change and the Sainsbury’s stepped up to the checkouts. Single baskets only. Shirley was the first Orange to score. Technic Brie triangles.
Louise however lost her trolly and became a supermarket basket case and tried to score for the other team. Thank goodness her shooting was passed its sell by date and she missed.
Fedi was here, then she was there, she was all over the store Whipping the ball out of the hands of the Sainsbury’s girls. Del got revenge by taking the goods from the top shelf that no one else could reach.
Sarita caught nearly all of the rebounds by standing under the checkout to the annoyance of the Oranges.
Dania was not having this and got out her Loyalty card, barged to the front of the queue. At times passing at the last minute to Shirley.
Andreea had to score and did but with the Waitrose vouchers on top form they had no chance to win the game.
My waitrose team won.
C U Next Wednesday

9th March 2016


Martina and Sally G warming up.

This week To Celebrate National Women’s day,  8 Great Female Olympian Athletes played womens basketball.

Fadi (Jessica Ennis Heptathlon ) Dania (Jayne Torvill, Ice skater) Del (Dame Kelly Holmes, sprinter) Sally (Rebecca Adlington Swimmer)  Marta (Martina Navratilova tennis player) Andreea  (Fatima Whitbread, the Javelin) Louise Victoria Pendleton, Cyclist) Sarita (Sally Gunnell, Runner)
Jessica, Jayne, Dame Kelly and Rebecca wore Blue, Martina, Fatima, Victoria and Sally G were in Orange.
Martina and Faitma were 10 minutes late getting on the court. While they warmed up the rest of us Olympians played a 3 aside 1/2 court game.
At the sound of the starting pistol we were off on full court.
Dania skated rings around us, While Fatima threw the ball from afar. Rebecca front crawled after Victoria to little avail as Victoria just cycled passed with a layup. Martina passed the ball to Victoria, Rebecca’s long arm intervened and the coach shouted the ball was OUT!
Jessica was fast, she high jumped over hurdles and shot-put the ball into the net. Until we went over hurting her ankle.
Dame Kelly even though retired from running managed to always be along side the ball giving his team mates that edge. Sally G was not happy with her Athletes defence.
So the Orange team stepped up…. to receive their wreaths and Medals.
The Gold medal of the Evening Martina
Silver Went to Sally G
Bronze Fatima
Victoria, Rebecca, Jayne and Dame Kelly put their hands in. The usual cry ‘See you Next Wednesday, BADABING!
Apologies were from
Nancy (Paula Radcliff Runner) Karine (Zola Bud, runner) Rhonda, (Billy Jean King, Tennis) Amiele (Denise Lewis, Heptathlon) and Sain Christine Ohuruogu who unfortunately couldn’t make tonights game
Dame Kelly and Jessica Ennis


Jayne Torvill seeing if Dean has called

2 March 2016

The Oscar’s were held in Jolly-st-John’s Wood
It was The Dreadful 7 that walked the Red carpet as the Hateful eight couldn’t make it. (Whatever happened to baby Jane?)
The Bee was in Rose gold trainers. The Panther sported Zig-Zaggi Pants in Zoolander Zebra style, The Wasp shone out with Red boots (from the Wizard of OZ there is no place like home ground).
Bambi (a Oscar winner for Disneys best children’s film) wore a low neck T Shirt in grey. Danger Mouse known for winning the OSCAR for Amelie. The Whippet started a new trend with Gone with the Wind.
The Last to walk the Green Mile was Thumper (Bambi’s co-star) Who dressed all in black.
After warm up speeches and drills from the Bee, The Ceremony began.
Life time achievement award went to Best Coach Del.
Unfortunately Del was unable to be there this evening as he was stuck in traffic. The Bee accepted this award on his behalf.
The next Oscar for Best Film
Nominees are :-
Sarita for the The Revenant. The film about one womens fight to win against all basketball odds.
Amelie for the The Big Short. A Short girls struggle to shoot and defend against all heights.
Shirley for Room. A women trapped in a court needing to score.
Fadi for Mad Max. A courageous Woman’s Survival to rebound and to rebound again.
Andreea for the The Danish girl. The player trapped in a lady’s body fighting to keep the balls and the puppies in the net.
Nancy for Star Wars ‘The Force awakens’  A film about defending your zone using the force and scoring from a galaxy far far away.
Louise for Spotlight, A grey haired women and her need to layup.
Sarita for Revenants.
Keeping her speech short Sarita thanked her fellow team mates, she said, ‘I could not have done it without you all’ ‘Without you all I am nothing, nothing than a one man gamer’ We work as a team and that makes the game a game. Remember there are no boundaries just rebounds, catch every rebound, follow every stream until you find your Dream!
The APPLAUSE was Loud, SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY THEY CRIED! There was not a dry eye on the Court
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