24th February 2016

Warning to those who are too young to understand tonights innuendo’s please forgive the puns.

The Carry on Girls were put into 2 teams the Carry on Matrons in Black. Louise, Andreea, Sally, Feddi, Natalie and the Carry on Nurses in Pink. Nancy, Karine, Amelie and Shirley.

Matron’s team started the score board running. Ooh ARR Matron, oh how they carried on Regardless. One ball after another. 
‘I can’t get it in ‘ Said Nurse Shirley to the Bishop. Carry on Screaming! Oh Noo! Matron Sally’s phone rang. She had to Carry on Working. 
Carry on teacher Del took her place. 
Ooh La la Whippet was everywhere, swearing in French as she stole the ball. Like the Scarlett Pimpernel, you see her here, you see her there, you see the Scarlet Pinpinel everywhere.  
What luck, Carry on Doctor Natalie arrived. After 20 minutes warming up carry on at her convenience. Amilie had 2 from the free throw line. Getting the last one in! 
This released Del from his Matronly Duties but not for long as Matron Sally joined in carry on in the jungle. Del changed sides and became a Nurse. 
The Nurses started to get their aprons dirty. Del Whipped the ball from the Whippet! A taste of her own medicine. A carry on up the court passing to his team mates.
Their temperatures rose after a corker from Nurse Shirley. Retaliated by Matron Fadi. Thumper showed Mosquito by carry on cruising past her.
Don’t loose your head! Nurse Nancy as she got a ball in the face. Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me. 
Andreea took the ball passed and carried on up the Khyber with a magical throw she made a basket to remember.  Oooooh!
DING DONG! Nurse Bell! it was 8pm and the game was over.
C U ALL NEXT WEDNESDAY for more fun and frolics.

17th February 2016

Well, Bambi picked the short straw as no one wanted to compete with the QB for a lifetime achievement award for best write-ups.

Tonight’s teams competing for the best production were the Blue team (Karine, Andreea and Sarita) versus the non bibs (Amelie, Nancy and Del). The coveted prize tonight was not having to do a suicide run after each game of first to 5.

The game started fast and furious and was won by the non bibs. The blues then fought back only to be beaten again in the third game. Luckily for the non bibs time ran out after their defeat in the fourth and last game, so there was no time for that final suicide run…

Everyone left exhausted, fitter and bemused at what they hadn’t been invited to that the rest of the basketball players had!

See you all next Wednesday.

10th February 2016

Tonights New Moon brought a host of howling Wolves wearing Black and Devilish swirling Poodles in Orange.

Coach Marta Expert Dog trainer pulled us all in order,
After a warm up runs and weaves we did lay up around the court. Then she showed us a new shooting drill. Ooh Chihuahua! The Wasp was howling winner of the drill.
The game began
The Wolves started with the ball. Head Wolf Whippet and her two biting Chihuahua’s Mosquito and Wasp took their positions of man to man.
The swirling poodles were strong but not as fast. The Whippet and Mosquito intercepted each pass. The Poodles were not going to take this on their hind legs. The Bee, The Panther and Bambi
Snarled their way to a Basket. Losing the first round by one basket.
Round two. Full court.
The Hairy Wolves started with the ball. The poodles had become accustomed to the quick ways of the pack and had worked out a turn to get the wolves off their backs.
Passing and quick shooting did the trick. The Poodles could have won but the hair of the dog came from the Wolves.
Congratulations you ugly dribblers.
See you next Wednesday
The sweetest cuddliest poodle of them all
The QB
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3 February 2016

Tonights swashbuckling adventure

2 teams the Black Beards Pirates and Admirable Admirals.

The Black Beards team was Run by the most ghastly black bead of them all The Del McRoy De Coach, his motley crew, the Scary black Bear, the Dashing Mosquito, The Limbo Bambi, and the new cabin boy Amelie.
The Admirable Admirals were Me’ the beauty’ Bee, The Flash Whippet, The Kiss me Hardy Panther, the Stinging Wasp, and the Gunner Thumper.
After warm up suicides and layup ‘me hearty-drills’ the Game started at 7.15
The Admirals started with the cannon ball. The Flash Whippet aimed straight for the flag The jolly Roger. A direct hit into the porthole. The Admirals canon balls were sharp and Accurate.
The next basket blew black beards Parrot off his shoulder. Foot Out! called Black Beard McDelroy. In full pirate fashion he had lied and gave his crew the ball! Foul he called, giving the ball to the Black Bear who took the throw from the free throw line.  She missed the first shot cursed and made the 2nd.  It was a bunghole in the seagulls eye.
The Pirates marvelled in their treasure but not for long, as their booty was stolen by the Flash the Whippet who shivered the Pirates timbers with the Captains first Mate Kiss me Hardy the Panther.
After a waterbreak the Bambi took herself below deck to the sick bay.
With one pirate down, this allowed the Thumper to scrape the barnacles off black beards rudder.
The Admirals saluted their Victory!
Blow me down Squealed the Cabin boy Roger! I can give as good as I get! With that she sprang forward and chased the cobwebs from our lower decks. The Pirates were catching up swaggering baskets when they could.
The battle was exciting but exhausting. The time had flown over the yard arm. Drink! The Skullduggery was over. It was 8pm and both ships docked.
C U Next Wednesday the teams cried
Ahoy me beauties!
The QB