27th January 2016


Tonights the Girls that could not play because they were in intensive care were Stretch, Lion and Thumper. While Bambi was recuperating in Barbados.

tonights players were Louise, Sarita and Shirley veres Karine, Fadi and Del.

Their illness were too infectious ! 2 Teams the Orange Fevers played the Black Plague.
The Black Plagues tried to starve the Fever but not letting them get the ball, Miss Influenza (Sarita) was the first to fall, putting her ankle at risk. It was not long before she was up and out of bed and back in the ward putting Pressure On Miss Rubella.
Rubella (Fadi) managed to get a injection and shot up to the basket. Her temperature was rising as she tried to sweat it out. Ms Measles (Shirley)surprised her from behind. Measles passed to me,
Chi-chi-chicken Pox and a basket was scored.
We needed to score more drugs to beat these Fevers.
Karine aka Malaria was fighting hard to get the ball. She was fast and was all over us like a rash! She was everywhere and so was Rubella, but luckily Miss Influenza (Sarita) was there to stop Rubella’s fever from Spreading. Dengue Del Fever played well, passing the ball to Missies Malaria and Rubella.
The Black Plagues survive the danger period and won the first 1 to 5.  By the 2nd half we were all exhausted and we had to have a intake of fluids. Both sides equally ill!
The Fevers were dripping sweat and the plagues were Sneezing. A Tissue a tissue Mini Miss Measles fell down. She too had a ankle wound. Bless you Bless you She said as she was handed a ice pack to hobble home with. It was 8 o’clock we all had a remarkable recovery! Our temperatures were going back to normal.
The Ward was reclaimed by new patients needing beds.
Looking forward to playing with you all next week.
Get better soon everyone
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20th January 2016

2 teams of Hero’s

On the Wonder Women Side,
the Wonder Bee, Wonder layup Bear, Wonder whizz Whippet, Wonder thumper Rabbit and the Wonder Sister of Karine (Andrea )
The Super Girls were
 the Super rebounding Lion, Super Slam Dunk Dania, Super 4 legged Bambi, Super Shooting Shirley and Super fast buzzing Mosquito
Tonights game started promptly with a few running warm-ups then straight into 2 teams chosen by the coach.
The Wonder ladies took control of the ball, they glowed in their nuclear Orange bibs. POW! Wonder Marta Made the first basket. Her Cape moved with lightening speed over the blue masked heroes.
Then Wonder Whippet whipped the ball using her wonder powers out of the Finger tips of the Super girls.
The Super Girls Were blinded by the wonder orange capes. Again and Again they were thrown back, then from nowhere The Super Girls found their powers and KABANG! Jumping Jehovah! Super Slam Dunk Dania SlamDUNKED the ball in the basket. the Super Teams luck changed!
Super Rebounding Sally caught the Rebound and passed to the masked Super Deer who found her 4 legs and took the ball along the side line and up to the basket via Super shooting Shirley.
Wonder Lay-up Bear Marta Was not taking this quietly, using her wonder powers, she grew to such a height, held the ball above her head. The Super Girls jumped and jumped but could not reach, The Wonder bear laughed Loudly as she swatted the Mosquito jumping beneath her. She passed the ball to Super Bee (with hair of Steel) who passed to her cape crusaders. More baskets was made.
The Mosquito moved fast and ran and ran but was stopped by Wonder Sister. The Sisters Super and Wonder battled away till help came along, Super mosquito jammed her little finger! It swelled to the size of a super swollen finger! OUCH!
Wonder Whippet whipped the ball and flew across the court to Wonder Rabbit! The Rabbit giggled as she used her magic powers to shoot into the basket.
The Super girls were now tipped up with super strengths! Super Slam Dunk thundered her way forward into the wonder crowd of Defence. BASH! BISH BOSH! The Whistle went. She was fouled. Super Slam Dunk Dunked the ball into the net. With her Free throws. WOWZER like a action replay, it happened again. She Scored Twice.
The Wonder and Super heroes were full of life and could have played on for hours, Days but the court was booked for badminton so we had to stop!
The Whippet wasn’t even hot!
It was a Super Wondrous battle between 2 amazing sides.
The best fun I had had since last Wednesday evening between 7-8pm
Only one super hero left to pay their Subs
C U ALL Next Week
Below Super Heroes,  Bambi with hair of Steel and Wonder Whippet IMG_2727 IMG_2729 IMG_2719

13th January 2016

IMG_2148It’s a Strike!

The Junior Doctors verses the Government ministers
The Doctors wore their orange Scrubs. Louise, Sarita, Andreea, Karine, Shirley, and Nurse Nancy. The Ministers in their black suits. Sally, Sian, Rhonda Fadi, and Dania.
Having more Doctors on the picket line, the first to sit out was Dr Sarita.
The negotiations began. A Jump start.
The Ministers were winning, passing motions around the key. The Minister of health Rhonda made 2 balls from the side of the key. This outraged the junior doctors so much they called a strike.
They could not get want they wanted. They wanted the ball.
The Ministers refused to give in and another basket was made by the Minister of Snazzy pants.
The Doctors paraded their banners, re-grouped, re-subbed and administered a injection of energy and the new operations began.
Dr Sarita pushed through the barriers and Scored. The Doctors cheered. Dr Andreea stood her ground and was the next to score. As did Nurse Nancy.
Prime Minister Dania who took the ball up to parliament, passed to Minister Fadi and Another motion was carried.
There was a scuffle with Minister Snazzipants and Junior Dr Louise. Both landed on floor, they waited for a Ambulance, but alas none arrived, as the Doctors were on strike.
Their Negotiations continued with a jump ball. Minister Pinstripe Sally got hand-head-ball in the face and the game continued.
Minister Pinstripe Sally repeatedly caught the rebounds from Junior Dr Karine, As did Favourite Nurse Nancy caught the rebounds for the Doctors.
The Ministers may have won this game, but with no a agreement made the strikes will continue on.
Next week we will play again.
Thank you to those that paid their subs.
Much appreciated.

6 January 2016

First night at the Globe The cast of this Shakespearean play was 6

Dania, Sarita, louise, Andreea, Nancy and Shirley.
This tragedy was set in 2 colours Blue and Black. The Capulets verses the Montagues.
Is this a midwinters nights dream? O yes Puck the Blacks were Wining.
If Music be the food of love, play on blacks, play on. Said the coach.
Is it so the Blues are loosing, Is this the winter of their discontent?
Oh yes. If you prick us, do we not bleed? Fair is foul and foul is fair but wait O Dania’, O Dania wherefore art thou Dania?
Dania awaits a layups in yonder window breaks a basket.
The Dagger before her moves the blues luck.  Shirley too a basket was made. At last a game to the blues.
To be or not to be said Andreea, is this the ball I see before me? Yes Sarita, Shoot!  As noting comes from nothing. 
Alas Poor Blues they knew it well, the baskets are well above their heads. Nancy was fast, her defence fierce but will these blacks ever get out of her way?
What is in a name that a basket that can be called a rose? Is not a rose, it is a wining layup that smells so sweet said Sarita.
A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a basket screamed Shirley. Why tonight do my baskets not go in? As many as the day is long she cried.
It is a much ado about nothing laughed the blacks.
The world is a stage and the men and women only basketball players. The black Montagues won another game.
Once more into the breach my friends, another game of 5 to 1 went to the blacks.
The final score, blacks won 6 games to 2
When the battle is lost and won, all’s well that ends well.
When will we witches meet again? Thunder lightening or rain.
Yes all of the above next week if you have read the weather forecast.
Love the QB