16 December 2015

IMG_1484 IMG_1601On Tonights Red carpet

Louise, Dania, Karine, Fadi, Delrina, verses Shirley, Sally, Nancy, Sarita and Andreea.
The Top stars wore Blue, while making baskets they signed autographs. Dania signed the most with the some incredible lay-ups. Karine the newest starlet, stole the limelight, and zapped through the Orange crowd leaving them star struck. The Orange team shined brightly but unfortunately their film was a flop! Their balls regularly got near the hoop but failed to get the Golden globe.
After the intermission it became the Fadi and Dania show. Popping so many balls in the net they bagged the Oscar.
At 7.58pm the game finished with a star appearance from Sian. She closed the show. Coach Del received an award for best coach 2015.
The Award Ceremony was held at the York and Albany parkway Camden.
First to fight the crowds was Louise followed by Nancy, Sally then Sian and Fadi. Andrea, Shirley and Dania. Rhonda managed to get passed the red tape and a arrived dressed to kill Negroni style.
Wine and celebrity Pizza’s were served.
The ceremony began.
The First medal went to Nancy ‘This years Bings secret Weapon.
The Second to Fadi for being this years most Explosive player.
The Third To Andreea ‘The worst and Best Player with Attitude’
The Forth to Dania for the Bings most memorable lay up in a game. ‘thrown behind her without looking, the ball went in.
The Fifth award went to the late arrival Sarita. ‘For the best rebounding skills’.
The Sixth and last award was given to Marta for being Marta of the Match!
She was unfortunately unable to attend the evenings celebration but manage to send a live link to all our phones! Thanking us for the opportunity to play with such an amazing group of girls.
A Rosette was awarded to Sian for her wonderful taste in Snazzy leggings!
THEN Just as I though the award ceremony was over There was one more Classy award to go and it was to me!
SHOCK AND SURPRISE! I received The Best Award. It was The most beautiful jumper that fitted me like a Glove!
My Speech
I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL! From MY MOTHER, to the Brother I never had. My Poodle for letting me be the ketchup on all your Chips! THANK YOU ALL!
A Fabulous Evening was had by all.
Could any of the paparazzi s who managed to take photo’s last night please Share! (I would like the giving of the award shots for the blog)
The next Game is Wednesday 6th January
Happy Christmas to all, May next year 2016 be prosperous and we all can pay our Subs
IMG_1591 IMG_1596IMG_1593

9th December 2015

The Big Fight! Tonights Boxing match. The Weigh-in

In the Pink Corner Rhonda, Andreea, Louise, Fadi and Marta. The Blue corner Dania, Sarita, Shirley, Karine and Nancy.
Round 1
The Pinks came in from the left fists high, protecting their key. The Bee took the ball down and passed to The Bear who passed to the Whippet (Fadi) Before we knew it The Mosquito (new player Karine) the feather weight had taken the ball off us and was hurtling across the ring towards the blue ropes! No more Mister nice guy the pink corner realised. The gloves were now off!  Round1 to the blue corner
Round 2 
Rhonda shot like Rocky punching the balls into the net scoring against all odds. Round 2 to the Pinks
Round 3
Bambi took a swing and knocked the ball back to the blue corner. In the clench Rump took a punch to the face but got straight on with the game before the referee had a chance to start the count. Round 3 to the Blues
Round 4
The whistle blew as the blues travelled, the pinks got the ball. Thumper danced like a butterfly and stung passes to the Bee all to avoid the counter passes of the Mosquito. Round 4 to Pink.
Round 5
The Whippet got a blow to the head. Not the face! The Bear our pink heavy weight got the rebounds and scored. Round 5 to the Pinks
Round 6
Sarita (Apollo Creed) used her elbows to knock out her competitors. Ding ding. Round 5 to the Pink corner.
Round 7
The Bullet received a hit below the belt and was awarded 2 shots within the ring key. Round 6 to the Blues.
Round 8
Was fast run. The Crowd screamed for the blue corner but unfortunately for the Blues. The Pink won on points!
The heavy weight tittle was shared between Rump and the Bear. The Middle Weight between Dania and Sarita. The Feather weight honour won by the Mosquito,
If you disagree there will be a Re match next Wednesday.
Next week is the final game of the year we are back on 6th January. Christmas drinks straight after play to celebrate a great year of basketball. Even if you cannot make the game please come and join us for Drinks. The Water Way?

2nd December 2015

Tonight Everyone played their true selves ‘wild animals in London Zoo’

After warm ups and a few short runs of weaving we went straight into a game.
Our coach ‘The Cheater’  made up the numbers to 5 aside game.
The Pink cage contained a Black panther, a Wasp, a Whippet (the Wind renamed) a Lion, Thumper (a Hare)
The Blue cage a Bear, a Monkey (a Bullet for tonight only) a Bee, a Bambi and a Cheater.
Coach Cheater knocked his team in to shape with a big Game plan. He gave the blue team strict guide lines of positions to play in.  It took a while of getting used to this which allowed the Pink team to escape the penn and score one basket after another.
The Black Panther turned half Zebra hypnotised her opponents with her snazzy black and white striped pants.
With her opponents dazed and confused with their new positions she caught the rebounds and bounded down the court to score.
Followed closely by the Whippet. The Lion stood her ground on the halfway mark and passed the ball to wasp. The Wasp clung on tight and passed to Thumper who planned to shoot.  The Zebra caught her teams rebounds and scored again. She earned her stripes.  Zebra of the match
The big game plan started to pay off. The Blue’s passed the ball, made space and started to score. The monkey took the ball up, passed to the Bear. Coating the ball with honey the Bear passed to her primates. The ball stuck fast to the blues, who passed back and forth. The monkey took a hit in the tit but kept her cool and continued to swing the ball into the net.
The one eyed Cheater did not hear the calls, and favoured his cage mates with extra throw-ins.
The Pink animals did not seem to realise the more they roared the less the Cheater awarded them the ball.
The Bee missed the hoop many times but after the Bear had sweetened the ball with honey she made a bee line and hit her highest record in anyone game.
Unfortunately Bambi disliked the honey and favoured a jam. A Jammed finger.
It was a zoological evening of extreme fun and frolics
loved every minute of it.
Time Flies, Next week is the last of the season, (7th October to 9th December ) So subs are due the week after. 16th December to 9th March (16th December the last game of the year drinks after play or else!)