25th November 2015

It was Black Wednesday Shopping day out. Object bag a Bargain.

The Shoppers verses the Sales assistants played a 5 aside game of basketball.
The Pink shoppers were Marta, Sian, Louise, Dania, Shirley, store deceptive Rhonda (kept swopping sides keeping her team mates on the ball)
The Shop assitants in blue uniforms, Sarita, Andrea, Fadi, and New Trainee Karen.
We started with staff training. Team running, practicing how to bag a bargain. Up and down the store. Stopping on each floor till we all knew our stock. Then with balls.
The game began. 
The shop assitants earn themselves commission on the first 3 shopping bags, selling their score at full price. Then BANG! The doors opened and the Shoppers began to bag their bargains! 4 on the trot. Up to 50% off
They were satisfied customers.  Passing and shooting, filling their trolly’s.
Store detective Rhonda took her shots from the side, keeping her eye on everyones bags.
Dania got a TV half price right in the middle of the scrum. Then Sian a washing machine! It was a steal!  Nancy and I wrestled over the latest christmas Fadi toy. I was left empty handed.
The shop assitants did a stock take and pulled their team together passing the cash across the pay desk. Ding Ding their till’s bell went as they hit their commission. They were again in credit.
Sarita took the orders and delivered on time, Kerching ! Her Christmas bonus was in her personal pay packet.
All this time the compulsive Shoplifter Fadi stole the ball again and again out of the innocent arms of the shoppers.
Karen the new trainee passed the ball back and forward. As her supervisors ordered. Marta was not having this, she pulled out her shopping vouchers, She was now in the electric department. Another Bang, she slammed the door on the microwave and went for the full hob!
At one stage Shirley was surrounded by shop assistants ‘I’m just looking’ she screamed! ‘who’s free’ Her team mates joined her but too late, Andreea took the bargain and we all heard it swooshed into the assitants stock room.
I only got one bargain tonight but it was a good team effort. I could not have found it without my fellow shoppers.
At 8 o’clock the store had to close, late night shopping was over. The liquidators moved in and Spoilt our game a minute too soon. I told them we were not ready but they continued to enter the store before time. 5 aside footballer were waiting to rip our shop apart.
C U N week for more games of fun


18th November 2015

It was a explosive night of fun bangs and shootings.

The revolution had started!
2 teams, the Gendarmes (wore Rose) and the Terrorists. (in Bleu) 

The leader of the Gendarmes was Sarita, her team Sian, Louise, Sally and Shirley. The Terrorists Dania, and her team, Rhonda, Feddi, Andreea and Natalie. 
Both Leaders knocked their teams into shape. Rhonda becoming a Citron, blocking the path of the opposition. Sally a perfect apple tarte tatin spreading herself wide sticking to her d’homme à homme  (man to man)
The Terrorists were first to score whipping the ball up and into the creme brûlée. Feddi was a soufflé rising to the occasion. Stealing the ball, running like a French maid being caught with the crown jewels. 
Sian became the Chanel from hell taking the baskets from the Tricolour line. Her Rival Miss Dan Dior took the ball up for her team. Like Bardot she stunned all around. The bleu Macaron!
Sarita put herself in the thick of it, standing out like the Eiffel tower under the basket. Catching the ball before it hit the guillotine, Encore Encore! Screamed the Les Miserables.
I was hit in the face by a baguette more than once. Andrea tried to croissant the key, thwarted by Louis XIV but alas she got through and popped her champagne cork, to the boules of the other Gendarmes. 
Pardon-mes-amis said the QueenB Marie Antoinette Shirley our Edith Piaf of the team sang out loud for the ball. Natalie arrived late but still Arc de triumph a basket when we least expected.
We all left feeling a little moulin rouge after doing a 45 minute Can can! , 
Viva la France!
Au revoir till next week
Next week December starts I would like to suggest Chrsitmas Apéritif for the team. Please RSVP if you are around for the last game of the year 16th December. All Bings invited if you have played or not! 
Graffiti I found today on Tottenham Court Road, dedicated to those in Paris by Nathan Bowen

11 November 2015

Tonights Sexy Pink and dull Blue underwear was worn by
Sian, Louise, Sally, Sarita, Natalie, Rhonda, Nancy, Shirley, Andreea and Dania.
10 Bing’s played a 5 aside game.
Sian arrived on time wearing her slim fitting bra. We all warmed up, and stretched out our straps.
Then straight into a game. The Pink bras against the Blue panties
The first was me to score wearing my gossard push up. It was a wonder bra with extra padding. Then Sarita took the plunge with a full cup.
The blue panties got their revenge with knicker-bocker-glory. Nancy snatched the ball from Sian’s slim fit and with full latex ran up the court.
Dania was wearing hot briefs made from leather, danced through the key with rawhide. No meshing about.
Andreea put the wind up her french knickers and took the ball to victorious secrets. Sally put a stop to those bloomers and with a conical uplift got the rebound.
Sian and Sarita took the hook and eye and with 2 moves and their bras were off.
I jiggled the ball to Sally and cross-my-heart she passed to Sian. The ball was back in the balconette. It was a swish squash hot boob job in the caldron.
Dania retaliated by going commando, she passed to Rhonda who filled her draws with a matching pair.
Natalie made Shirley crutch-less as she took her g string leaving her knickers in a twist.
It was a hot underwired game, full of up lift and in-continents.
C U NEXT WEDNESDAY YAY burn your bra’s.

4 November 2015

It was a Halloween night of fun and Mischief.

Starting with warm up drills. Up and down and around the cauldron we ran.

The Pink treating Pumpkins consisted of Louise, Dania and Shirley and the masked wearing Blue tricky ghouls were Andreea Sarita and Natalie.
Del stood in for the pink Pumpkins till Natalie arrived.

Then the Game of horror began.
It was night of the living dead and Zombie Sarita grabbed the ball and ran to the basket. With a blackened face and scary eyes she scored.
Mask wearing Andreea thrilled us with magical baskets throwing from afar. Our pink pumpkin eyes rolled back in our heads watching them go in.
In retaliation Dania bobbed her apples in to the basket followed by witch Shirley moaned while casting a spell dunked the ball and created a equal score.
Louise like a ghost appeared and disappeared running like a devil in and out of the key. Shooting and missing.
Our Headstone coach gave us prank restrictions. Cursing the game to no scores unless we shot from afar, then changing his marshmallow mind to layups only.
We ran around like lost souls. Our skeletons rattling as the ball got a mind of it’s own and hit us back. It was spooky!
A slap in the face hit Natalie. A jammed bony finger haunted Shirley. I had my head stuck in a toffee apple crutch more than once, freeing myself only by blowing the cobwebs away with squealing shrieks.
The candles were blown out at 8pm on the dot and the game was over.
We all left on a pumpkin high!
C U all next week