28th October 2015

Tonights brave pussies were Sarita, (lucky black) Louise (Russian Blue) Shirley (persian) Andreea (tabby) and Natalie (Siamese)

We started the evening with layup and weaving drills playing cat and mouse defence on the return. Followed by a 2 aside game. The wining team being the first to get cat-o-nine tails. The persian and tabby had their claws out as the cat had got their tongue. No catmmunication. Coach Tom cat moved the teams around till the cat nip stopped. A catastrophe occurred, I jammed my finger. I purred away at half court till we the tabby and I won, No claws were out.
At 1/4 to eight the siamese cat was dragged in. Our game changed to a 2 against 3. Blacky and the Persian slaughtered us 3 Ally cats. While coach Tom looked on.
Sarita was the cats whiskers of the night. She was a unstoppable. Catapulting the ball upward, catching her rebounds. Like the cat who got the cream she got each basket. Us short kittens did not have a cat in hells chance of getting the ball from her as we ran around like cats on a hot tin roof. The Tabby sat out and watched us for a while.
We missed you Catamalinder and Catarrhonda but while the cats away us the mice will play.
See you all next week for more of who’s she the cats mother.
The cats out of the bag and through the cat flap!
Get better soon Rhonda and Sian.

21 October 2015

Tonight was a special night as another year had passed noted by the coach Del’s birthday.

It was a REALY Brilliant fun game played by very old people. (Ughterkuckers) They were deaf, they were blind and thank god they could not smell. Oye…what can you do?

Sian, Rhonda, Louise, Dania, Natalie, Shirley, Sarita, Andreea, Malinda, and Del.
The old people Played 5 aside Campari and a freedom pass game.
On the Pink team, Nurse Sarita pointed that patient Louise and Andreea could not tell the difference from left or right. While Nurse Del pointed out that we should be in the middle.
Patient Andreea and Louise respected their elders and ran all over the place.
On the blue team they had zimmer-frame Sian who made the baskets from afar, Shirley, the moaning granny, ‘saying she couldn’t get it in it.  Then got it in!
Nurse Dania the bullet made baskets with her young quick accurate moves breaking the old girls defence.
The ball had a mind of it’s own. Everyone got it in the face, except for a small few.
Oye-vey The pinks made baskets by Louise, Rhonda, and Sarita. Nurse Sarita catching her rebounds and reshooting again. The old girls new hero.
Rhonda did 2 sideshots that blew our demented minds,
The young Natalie has become so old she couldn’t see the time and was 45 minuets late. The good news.  Her presents made us a 5 aside game.
Birthday boy Del was on the pink team.  Hurray his spider arms fucked off the blues.
At 8pm  the game had come to a end and the coaches birthday party started with campri-prosseco toast in the foyer. ]
Thank you Del for over 10 years of coaching us.
Thank you Rhonda for the amazing home made basketball Cake,
Well what can you do?? other than drink!
C U NEXT Wednesday
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14th October 2015

Tonights World Cup Ruby Game was Between the All Blacks and the Awesome Blues.

After singing our national anthems, Feddi, Malinda, Rhonda, Dania and Delfina, v Sarita, Louise, Shirley, Sian and Andrea all played a rough, tough, strong game of Rugby.

There were Girls throwing themselves on the floor after the ball, Girls rolling on the floor without a ball! We had a scrum in the fly half. A fly in the works but the best move was the All blacks Hooker Dania! Who made a sweet chariot basket by converting the ball by throwing it behind her.
The Awesome blues held their own but without making a basket in the first half. Then their luck changed and Try after Try the balls flew in! Each taking it in turn to score. Truly AWESOME!
Feddi a all black was a fast inside centre stealing the ball from the turnover, straight out of the hands of Sian, crashing into the the Awesome defence where the Rump waited for the rebound to shoot again. Thank Goodness for the Black Panther (your new name Sarita, it suits you more than the Stallion) Got their rebounds and the Awesomes became awesome once more.
Rhonda Screamed and did the Haka as a ball hit her in the face. Sarita manage to catch the Rump as she did a full back and hooker Dania got a ball right up her scrum.
Good to have you back Malinda. Hope you enjoyed yourself!
I left with one jammed finger but nothing broken. It was a good game had by all.
C U all next week! Del’s Birthday. Cake and fizz straight after play.
Remember to pay those that haven’t. Thank you you for those that have.

7th October 2015

Sally (Wales) Sian (Dorset) Louise (England) Dania (Italy) Feddi (France) Shirley (Israel) Andreea (Romania) Sarita (India) Natalie (Argentina)

I must still in holiday mode as tonights game was a blur of beautiful Blue seas and wonderful Pink Sunsets.

As I travelled across the court in a daze, swimming the blue seas and gazing at pink Sunsets, our Journey started.
At the Blue seas of the English Channel we picked up some migrants. They came from Romania, Italy and France taking the ball upward towards the Equator.
The Seas got too rough and the europeans had to turn back.

The Pink Sunset glowed in India a fast city break to Wales. Only stopping in Israel for a swift basket. Israel was pushed one time too many and got 2 free throws.
Dorset arrived in the nick of time setting the sunset with only one eye.
A packaged holiday all inclusive was now for offer by the blue seas taking the pink sunsets by storm. Only thwarted by a Water break !
In the last 20 minutes the ball flew across the Equator into Argentina. Hurray the seas were blue again!
The Wind Travelled and the seas were turbulent. The Ball flew back and forth to Italy Romania and France, hardly catching our breath. We were all Exhausted.
Our Trip Adviser Del said we had travelled far too many times and handed the Ball back to India who cruised to Wales, then Israel and the Sun set in Dorset.
We lost Israel early and I changed my colour from Blue seas to pink sunset sky’s.
Alas it was the end of my holidays, But to soften the throw I bagged a basket at last minute.com.
Having a lovely time, wish you were here!  the new seasons of 10 weeks of fun started today.

30 September 2015

It was a relentless onslaught by the Blacks – a fierce team with Sarita, Fedi, Rhonda and Del (I shudder to think of it)

The Blues had Dania, Shirley and Andreea who made basket after basket until her finger got in the way of the stampede and now matches her bib. We were joined by Sian, the class swot who cried out “did that go in ?” every time her baskets went effortlessly in to the netless basket – no swoosh just magic !
The Wasp
Meanwhile I lie on the beach, I wishing I was at basketball!