23rd September 2015

Yes indeed Jesus did rule tonight. The colourful Gentiles took on the Black pseudo Jews and it was a veritable ritual slaughter.
A couple of baskets were sacrificed but the Gospel according to St Del struck deep into the heart of the non believers and two near beheadings were avoided but did result in double penance.
We will return to the temple of Bing for a future service next Tuesday where we hope to all feel truly and righteously kippored.
Bless you all, Bad Bings, and may you seek forgiveness for your fouls.
Rev Stretch
and all who sail in here.
The odd jew louise
Everyone came!
  1. Marta – head priestess
  2. Sian – sacrificial lamb
  3. Sally – never seen a red haired Jew before must be a faker
  4. Nancy – in purda
  5. Miranda – top basketeer
  6. Dania – ferocious Lioness
  7. Andreea – pseudo Jew of the match
  8. Fedi – our Holy Spirit

From Gloss magazine Interview With Sian Bing!

I love to feel strong and fit, so exercise and sport is important to me. I play basketball every Wednesday with my fab team, The Badabings (come and join us – always recruiting!), a bit of weights, yoga and tennis is now my new passion. Tough as hell to learn a new sport at my age, but I am determined to get that topspin!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 21.08.03

16th September 2015

Sian turned up, got a shiner and sadly left. ¬†She was so brave so here’s to a speedy recovery from :
Runner bean, haricot vert, mange tout, garden pea and petit pois.
(Sarita, Fedi, Andrea, Nancy and Shirley )
Wondering Badabing FAN found on the street of Palma.

9 September 2015

Short and sweet and sweary – yes QB, that is sweary not sweaty.
The fucking hooligans took on the cunting slappers in a full on frontal attack of 5 on 5. Del damn near lost it with foul language hurling around the court. It wasn’t just the ball we were catching – it was SWEARITUS.
Nancy was the Dog”s Bollocks at baskets closely followed by Dania who was FN Dirty Mouth of the match.
Happy Bloody Birthday to Fadi and thanks for the delish buggering baklava.
See you next Tuesday.
Ok Wednesday.
Bring it on
Cunting Slapper Stretch
Basketball is so in fashion ask Harrods.

2nd September 2015

Fast and Furious Fedi is back and so is the tempo ! – it was a manic 3 on 3 game until Natalie arrived promptly at 7.45 when we became 4 on 4, thanks to Del.

The brave were : Fedi, Dania, Andreea, Nancy, Natalie, Sarita, Shirley.