26th August 2015

Tonights 4 aside Criminals were Thumper, Bambi, Bee and Swivel, Stallion, Wasp, Octopus and Denali. (Andreea, Nancy, Louise and Rikki v Sarita, Shirley, Denali and Natalie)

We started with Running with the gang, then weaving gun drills, a quick stretch (in the can) then going straight into a game. 
Mobsters verses the Gangsters.
The hit men of the Gangsters were The Stallion and the Wasp. Like Reggie and Ronnie Kray, thick as thieves passing the ball back and forth, anything to make a fast basket.
Denali deflected the ball from the mob making her debue first killing!  Bambi was a sharp as a knife catching the ball and shooting from afar. Where as Lucky Luciano the Swivel was in the thick of it, under the net ready to shoot!
The Octopus was fully armed  and held the Mobsters at gun point. A true gang member tonight!
Man of the Match was Al Thumper Capone her aim was incredible. Like the valentine day massacre, she shot them all. Whose ever side she was on, she blow our brains out with her accuracy.
I Scarface was in cahoots with Capone, bootlegging her the ball to shot. While the Stallion gambled her way to the basket breaking the law to win, exhausted, she shot till she dropped.
The Godfather Del looked on and judged us, fined us when we broke the law. Gave the ball to the other side. He would call it organised crime! We would say we were robbed!
C U all next Wednesday for more hit and run.
Shame the Bullet could not make this write up. She would have fitted in nicely!

19th August 2015

Tonights 3 on 3 was Thumper, Bee, the Wasp, Bear, Stretch, and the Octopus.

5 Ginger Snaps and a chocolate coach finger!
After shooting, Dribbling, drizzle cake drills Del made us Meringue around the court with our basketballs like jammy dodgers. Faking passes with fondant fancy footwork.
The Game
2 teams the Black forest Gateau’s verses the Strawberry Cheesecakes. We played half court. The Court was hot. We were baking!
Like Swissrolls we were running in circles! Taking the ball in and out of the key lime pie.
I might have been the shortest shortcake on the court but I sure made my treacle tart felt. Shirley too, she was the cupcake of the forest gateau’s. On the other plate Thumper was the icing on the strawberry cheesecake, decorating her balls in the net from afar.
The Bakewell timing was not good tonight with Andreea at 16 muffins passed a brownie, Natalie at 18 donuts passed but Sian took the biscotti at 43minutes in.
Natalie and I jammed our sponge fingers.
We all left Victorious sponge at Ate sharp. Leaving behind only crumbs!
Andreea a hot sticky toffee pudding, Natalie was cookied out, Shirley a truffle worn, I a nutbrittle, Sian was still ready for a slice of Battenberg
Marta took The double Lemon tart, the to be Birthday cake. She lucked out!
See all you carrot cakes next week, freshly creamed after your holidays.

12 August 2015

Tonights players  were Nancy, Miranda, Sally, Lotte, Shirley ,Andreea, Louise, Natalie, and Coach Del.
A great game of 4 aside!
The young’um’s and the Old’ums played together, in mixed teams.
The Pinks, Sally, Andreea, Louise and Miranda verse the Blues Nancy, Lotte, Shirley and Natalie,
What a game! what fun!
I have never seen Sally so defensive as I did tonight on her daughter Lottie on the opposite team. Miranda too never got so much defence fromany one other than her Mum Nancy.
Man of the match on the pink team was Andreea (Thumper) Amazing baskets! Wowzer girl. You were the best tonight!
Man of the match on the Blue team was birthday Shirley! (the Wasp) What a scorer!
Lottie Made at least 5 baskets and so did Miranda. The newbies showed us all up!
Damn fuck and bugger! I missed so many opportunities!
After the game it was surprise birthday celebrations for Shirley! Champagne! Candle! (Badabing Ollie’s  De Beauvoir own make of candle) and cake!
All had a toast to Shirley.
Next week we have to celebrate Nancy Sally and Sarita’s birthday!
Life’s a gas! How exciting so many birthdays!
All too drunk by the time I took my camera out! x


5th August 2015

Tonights game was a fabulous hair Commercial. Full of Bounce, Streaks and Split ends.
Nancy, Dania, Sian The Pantene Blondes verses Louise, Andreea and Natalie The L’oreal Brunettes.
The Evening started with warm ups. Zig zag bouncing hair-net drills, followed by streaks across the court in squat position, then curl-up Bench pushing, finishing by 3 long pony tails from top to bottom of the court.
The herbal essence of the game was blondes V brunettes, The sheer blondes covered the grey (Me) and got the ball into the Elnett spray. Like Dandruff all over our head and shoulders. Using volume and body the Blondes won the first round. We swopped the teams,
Andreea used her power plait to repair and protect her way to the basket.
Nancy shocked us all with her Breakage defence and pure colour, Using her long arms to knock the ball out of her opponents mousse. Twist, glide and Shine!
Dania showed us her turbo top knot using wax to bed-head the ball into the hair-net. While I using my low slick tong technics managed to fizz eaze my way to the dream curl!
At 7.40pm We enriched ourselves with a hydrating treatment and photo selfie break. (see below)
Natalie joined the Brilliant brunettes. Her hair never looked so good!
Sian arrived late, as if she had just walked out of a salon, smooth and sleek with blue tips to join the brighter blondes.
Go blondes!  You might be sexier but the Spicier brunettes shined through!
Because we are worth it!
(Aka The Beehive)
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