29th July 2015

Tonights players were, Bambi and Thumper, The Wasp, the Bee. The Stallion and our Coach, the Bear.

Coach Bear after warming us up gave us shooting drills, a fun weaving drill with defence plus a new 1/2 court game drill.
We then played a 3 aside half court game for 15 Minutes then full court for 20mins. It was Brilliant. Man on Man power! The Bee on Thumper, Bambi on the Wasp. The Stallion on the Bear!  Pink against Black. The PINKS were YARR and Black were WHARR!  
Thank you Bear for a excellent workout. All of us left the court with sweat pouring! The Best game Ever!
Due to some unfortunate cancellations we have moved Drinks after Basketball to a very important date which we hope more of you can make. As it is Shirley and Sarita’s birthday week. So please put in your Diary Wednesday 13th August 
Next Wednesday is the start of the Tube strike. It comes in at 4pm next Wednesday. We need a pledge of at least 6 players or I will cancel the week. I the Bee pledge to be the first player. We need 5 More. 
Please let us know if you think you definitely won’t make it and those that can make it.

27 July 2015

This weeks coach will be Marta The Bear and the Week after we have Maia The Chief
Rikki has also been recently christened the Swivel. Feddi The Wind, Sarita the Stallion, Malinda The Sniper 
Sally, Nancy and Andrea still have to be named. So does Tanya, Lauren, Denali.
We still have not found  the right name for Sally and she has been with us for 15 years
Names don’t Come easy, as they describe your game. Sometimes it can take years to get the right one for you.
Louise=The Bee, Sian =Stretch, Rhonda The Rump, Shirley=The Wasp, Dania = The Bullet
Ollie =The Matador, Jill = the Chucker, Geraldine the Wall, Maia The Chief, Sarita the Stallion, Feddi The Wind, Rikki the Swivel, Marta The Bear, Malinda The Sniper, Natalie the Octopus, Hurray! Sally has just been named the Flame!
Nancy’s Bambi and Andreea Thumper!
BiNGS The Bee and The Bear
muddy looloo (2)

25th July 2015

IMG_1775 Today Marta and Louise ran/jogged/walked the 5k Mud run assault course for Cancer research on Behalf of the BADABINGS!
Appart from the nasty men throwing cold buckets of water over you as you went, we had great fun! So wish you could have joined us!
If you didn’t join us but wish to donate please go to my just giving page. We got muddy on your behalf!
Hope you enjoy our pictures!
The Start! All clean. The obstacles, the mud, the crawl, the climb, the finale!  We did it! Thank you Marta for joining me!
Thank you for looking after Auntie!





Sian Bing

Sian Sutherland is defined as a serial entrepreneur – he created his first design agency with only 25 years mother and sportsman; for two decades is part of “The Bada Bings” women’s basketball team that shares its name with the club of Tony Soprano. “I also spinning, some yoga, I’m learning to play tennis and … strength and toning exercises. I think when you get to my age, 54, it is important to keep your muscles and bones strong … Ah! and in London I go everywhere by bike! ”


23 July 2015

We were the Four Musketeers
Del kept us on out toes with a new 2 on 2 game using an imaginary basket – very confusing until the penny dropped !
Del is away for the next 2 Wednesdays. Remember drinks next week.

D’Artagnan x

15 July 2015

Curtain up at 7pm sharp.
The court was a Theatre.  The Players Marta, Louise, Andreea, Shirley and later Natalie. Playing against Sarita, Sally, Dania, Nancy and later Delrina.
The first half a even 4 on 4. The Applause was loud, almost every minute a ball went in. On both sides we clapped. Encore Encore! We were fast.
Shirley was put in the spotlight. Shooting 2 from the free throw lines. Unfortunately she forgot her lines and didn’t score.
There was a curtain call from Delrina and 2 water breaks. The theatre was hot.
In the Drama there were moments of pantomime.’ I’m behind you!’ Called Dania. Sally threw the ball without looking. Dania went on to score. Ready for her close (lay) up!
After the Intermission. Natalie arrived 27 minutes in. Sian’s stand in.
We now played 5 aside. Delrina was the Villain for the pinks. He stole the ball with his comedy arms. The Pinks turned Black due to the heat. After missing my cue 3 times I made a basket that brought the house down!  But then so did Nancy and Natalie.
There were 3 Leading Ladies on the Blue team Marta, Andreea and Shirley.  The Leading Diva’s for the Pinks were Sarita and Dania, Sally and Nancy in the supporting roles.
Break a leg said Nancy as we collided and I nearly broke my neck. Who mentioned the Scottish play?
Andreea trod the boards at both ends. You can tell this play is going to run and run!
The curtain dropped at 8pm
Encore Encore us luvvies cried!
See you next Wednesday

8 July 2015

Tonight the only Tube lines that were running were Louise the Victoria Line (wearing Blue) Shirley the Jubilee (wearing sliver Grey)  Andreea The Circle Line  (in Yellow) and Running 53 Minutes late Sian the Hammersmith and City (in grey and pink) Our coach Del The DLR (wore White)

 We started with Shooting Drills, Marble Arch’ing the ball into the basket.  At first none went in, then Holloway one after another to Highbury ball and Islington.
This lead to a game of the first to get 5 baskets, then we swopped partners and the game started again.  Edgware Road’ing our way Kingscross‘ing the court. 3 Moorgate games later and we were back playing half Earl’s court. 
This was a Epping game with non stop Acton that came to a Northholt at 8pm. Feeling hot and Old street we Tootingbec’ed our way home.
All Happy and Barking. What a Great Portland street game now behind us. So Glad I made it.
C U Next Week for more Piccadilly circus,
Mind the Gap.
The Seven Sisters that tried but couldn’t make to-night were Marta, Natalie, Rhonda, Sarita, Denali, Nancy, and Sally.

5th July 2015

Tanya went back to the hill this morning and found Mini’s lead! It had only suffered a soaking. Mini is back to Posh! All matching!
Thanks All again for yesterday, great fun. I polished off the Margaritas last night and this morning will start on what was left of the sea breeze! Ta Nancy!
When I listed yesterdays players I forgot to mention Yasmine.
So Team Yasmine! Hip hip! Thanks for joining us,
CUN Wednesday
Spot the ball! Sarita’s winning hit!

IMG_1540 IMG_1557 IMG_1561 IMG_1577 IMG_1580 IMG_1587

4th July 2015 Soft ball afternoon

Soft ball afternoon at Primrose hill. 4th July 2015 American independence Day and Marta’s birthday Celebration.
Thank you Sarita for organising, Martin for bowling, Marc for scoring, Spencer for fielder filling the space.
Thank you all
Thank you to all the Dog support. Romeo, Mini, Ralph, Rhonda’s,  Thank you Denali for recognising my ability to be team captain!
Players Louise, Sally, Marta, Nancy, Sarita, Rhonda, Sally, Tanya.
2 teams
Team Nancy (the Margarita’s) and Team Nancy Sea Breezers.
Player of the Match Nancy!
Team Nancy the Pinks Won!  Team Nancy the non-bibs Won!
The Dark horse of the Match Nancy!
The best spent afternoon in the sun with a booze Picnic and game exercise. Could not have been a better day!
Wish you were with us!
Love QT
See you on Wednesday

IMG_1531 IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1549 IMG_1558 IMG_1560 IMG_1562 IMG_1561 IMG_1572 IMG_1579 IMG_1588 IMG_1542

1st July 2015

it’s just too darn hot to be funny – so I’m going to be factual instead …
Playing for the Blacks were Shirley, Sarita & Nancy in opposition for the Blues were Marta, Dania and Sally.  We rocked, well I am writing the write up, so it is really how I see the game … and I’d like my team to win ….
Shirley got some great baskets, Sarita did some fantastic moves and Nancy got the slam dunks, but the Blues still rocked, Marta was both calm and deadly, Dania was fast and furious and I was hot and a fabulous blocker.  We rocked to victory with the Blacks also rocking to their own victory, it was possibly too close to call at the end.
We all left tired but happy, with the time simply whizzing by.
Subs paid by Marta, Shirley paid Del and took all bibs.
Good game everyone.