24th June 2015

Tonights 7 up was a mixed cocktail of Bevies.

The Blue team.

I Louise was the Bloody Mary as I lost my head (nearly ran the wrong way) Sian is the Tequila Sunrise as she arrives after sunset. Shirley was tonights Long island Iced tea. She had a least 5 types of shots in her (Defending, shooting, blocking, passing, screaming) Andreea the team Zombie, she said she was the walking dead. But again we know better, a Zombie is a high-octane cocktail full of shots, fruit juice and makes you talk and giggle!
The Pink team
Sarita the Chilli Margarita with a jalapeño pepper, hot and too strong to take on. Nancy the Pina colada her coconut cream disguises her rum kick. Rikki The vodka Martini who twists and never plays dirty with the olive. The 8th Member Del the Bartender. Taking control of the drinks allowing us to be shaken but not stirred.
The Happy hour started with high ball shooting practice. Then a warm up and Negroni stretching, followed by weaving. We Singapore slinged the ball to one another. Irritating the barman down to his lemon lime and bitters. As we missed like Gimlets.
The Game had a Sloe gin start. A Gin and Tonic was needed.
10 minutes in before a basket was made. Then they came along like Tequila shots on a Mexican bar. I made 4, The Margarita missed 5 but made 10 by catching her rebounds!  This awoke the Zombie, she stole the Snow ball and  spritz down the court and Mint juleped the cherry into the net. Tequila Sunrise caught balls from under the net. Pina Colada gave us a Rum Punch that got a applause
Manhattan you should have been there! It would have made you all Pisco sour with envy. Mai tai it was great!
Sangria to us all! Hip hip Caipirinha !
With all this talk i need a drink!
See you all next Wednesday!
Reminder Saturday week 4 July Soft ball in the park.

17th June 2015

Tonights feeding time at the African Zoo consisted of

Sian (Springbok), Feddi,(Gazelle) Louise (Cheetah) Andreea (Coyote) Rikki (Tiger) Nancy (Zebra) Shirley (Hyena) and Dania (Leopard)
It was the fastest night of the year and certainly the hottest.
The Pink team were Zoone’ing. The Blue team were Marking.
The Gazelle was running and shooting, passing to the Leopard who passed back. Their reward the first Chicken (ball) in the basket.
The Coyote did not except this and retaliated with the Hyena. They paired up passing to the Zebra who passed to the Tiger, cleverly under the net and another chicken dinner was made.
At half time the Zoo keeper changed our stripes for spots and mixed up the teams. The Springbok came into her own, catching her own rebounds and scoring again. Now flaming burgers were on the menu. The Leopard became a Jaguar and drove her way under the net with a repeated layup. Like a action replay with added tomato and horse radish sauce.
The Blue team now had the Gazelle. She stole meat balls left right and centre giving the Hyena a run for her KFC.
The Hyena screams for help. Her teammates the Cheetah, the Springbok and the Leopard were too exhausted. The Hyena was on her own. Life’s so not fair!
We all left hungry for more. It certainly was the best fun of the week!
A absolutely brilliant game.
C U All next week
For more fun.
Some of us saw a Elephant in the room, did you?

10th June 2015

The Bream team of 10 consisted of 

The Blue Fins,
Manta Ray-Marta, Lemon sole-Louise, Dragonfish-Dania, -Sharp Knifefish-Nancy, Red snapper-Shirley 
baited by 
The Pink Salmons, 
Swordfish-Sarita, Angler-catfish-Andreea, – Rainbow trout-Rhonda, Razorfish Rikki and Flying fish-Feddi.

At first the waters were muddy, with confusion in our new positions given by Codfish Del. Poor Lou Lemon sole was lost in the stickle back line. 
Manta-Ray-Marta started the game by netting the first basket. The dragonfish Dania swam up stream frying fish for supper! Passing the ball Hook line and sinker’ed them into the net.
The Pink Salmons soon caught on the line and carried the ball to the other end of the pond. Like shooting fish in a barrel Swordfish-Sarita got her rebounds and shot again and again. 
MantaRay-Marta impressed us all with her 2 brill shots from the free throw line.. twice! 
As the Pink Salmon run ran, we were all hooked in the wave of excitement as the balls hit the net from both sides. 
Razorfish-Rikki hooked a big one in the net. 
Knife-fish Nancy was tall and brave as she caught the Salmons rebounds and a jump ball too. Snapper Shirley made some fishnet tights moves, as did Rainbow-Rhonda with her amazing shark side snipe.
Angler Andreea catfish thought she saw a bitchfish but I think that was the fish that got away. 
The Pink salmons were Razor fast, stealing the ball out of our fish fingers! Flying-Feddi flew up the court tipping her scales to the plate.
Coach Cod called plenty of travel on both sides. DULL! 
The trophy for Big fish of the match goes to Manta-Ray-Marta
We all had a Marlin time,
C U next Week !

3rd June 2015

 The mighty Black and Blues :
Sharp-shooter Sarita                    versus          Fierce Fighter Fedi
Ninja Nancy                                                         Just Awesome Jennifer
Daring  Dania                                                      Samurai Shirley
Accurate Aim Andreea                                      + Del !