29th April 2015

A awful night of the worst basketball 11 players have ever played. (though the pictures beg to differ!)

Rikki, Sarita, Shirley, Sally and Nancy verses Louise, Sian, Natalie, Feddi, Rhonda and Andreea.
It was the crappiest game, with bashing butterfingers and bundling moves. The black team must of all had the decorators in. They were missing baskets left right and centre.
They needed a Ollie on their team to buck up their ideas.
The Blues however had mid month coordination. Playing smart, intercepting the ball making it a tough game. Black Feddi was the King of speed. Closely followed by Rikki in blue who has come on leaps and bounds. Obviously secretly practising. Something that Sally and I completely disagree with!
Sarita was Queen of ‘the Blue rebound and basket’ (good name for a pub) making up for last weeks apathy.
Black Andreea and Sian were the Princesses of baskets, not troubled by the decorators. While Blue Sally looped the hoop and Nancy gave a corker and got a applause.
Natalie was fantastic on defence and made 2 baskets without even looking!  Rhonda enjoyed the game, she laughed so hard she turned Chinese….but I hated every minute. The night was so awful Ollie you were lucky you weren’t there!
Get well soon Ollie, you will be greatly missed. The whole team is behind you, and if there is anything we can do, we want to do it! (Anyone got a old Mobility scooter preferably in black but maroon will do) I can walk dogs and Shirley is very good at shopping!
C U All next week (except Ollie)
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22nd April 2015

Oh what a night of nine and Del making the Top Ten. 

Sally, Louise, Andreea, Sarita, Nancy. Shirley, Natalie, Dania and Marta.

A night of 70’s and 80’s chart topping hits!  Pink and blue. ‘The two tribes go to war and it was baskets all we could score! ‘
Oh what a night, late April back in 2015. Oh Nancy ‘Omm-pa-pa Omm-pa-pa thats how the ball goes’.
‘Oop’s I’ve done it again’ Missed said Louise! Andree’agadoodoo Shook her ‘pineapples and moved the tree’ As the pink team Zoned they cried ‘I got you babe! ‘
Our mantra, Oh Marta ‘your so fine you blow my mind hey Marta’. The Supremes wore blue, they sang’ baby love’ while Shirley Screamed ‘Nooooo you can’t take that away from me!’  Natalie she’s  ‘So lucky lucky lucky’
Tonights Chart topper for the Pinks was Dania. Scoring from the side. Sarita ‘lost her eye of the tiger’ and hung back. While Sally never lost her ‘Midas touch’ I suppose ‘girls just want to have fun!’ and we did!
So ‘Shut upa your face’ till next week when we can sing it all again,
C U next Wednesday
PS. Ooh ARHH I forgot the Kungfoo fighting! It was a little bit frightening, but we were as fast as lightening! OOH ARRH!
That was the Song that was the inspiration for the whole piece. As some one caught the ball and was winded with a OOH ARHH

15 April 2015

Tonights 11

Ollie, Rikki, Louise, Sarita, Dania, Shirley, Natalie, Tanya, Andreea, Feddi, Nancy.
Girl catcher of the Match Rikki. Women Defender of the match Ollie. Top twosome of the match Sarita and Feddi. Right The Wing of the Match Nancy. The Left Winger of the Match Tanya. Dania the Leader of the Match. Arguing odd couple of the match Shirley and Andreea.
Welcome back of the match Natalie!
The need to know of the match, Who was marking Sarita?
C U all next Wednesday for more brilliant fun in a match,

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7th April 2015

Tonights 10 were Olly, Sarita, Dania, Andreea, Shirley V Nancy Marta, Sian, Louise and Rikki
Tonights Blue Man of the Match was Roast beef, followed close behind by our new Lancashire hot pot! The Blues were lead by the most delicious Spanish Omelette. Who passed the ball to the hot pot and re-caught her rebounds again and again. 
The Blue Omelette was fouled a couple of times by a tuscan Oil and a onion bhaji making the most delightful sweet revenge of the 2 shot Pizza twice or was it thrice? 
Meanwhile the Pink Welsh Rarebit held her cheese in defence saving and catching rebounds. Passing the ball on to the The Romanian sausage Who was well Defended by the blue Lukha. Tonights table was full of Tuscan Oil, a bagel and a onion Bhaji. The 3 combined created a new dish which wore pink. While I the Chop Liver looked on.
It was a feast of a game played by all.
Can’t wait to eat again.
C U Next Wednesday

1st April 2015

1st April 2015 Thanks To Patrick,
Sarita, Dania, Fedi, Louise, Sian, Sally, Bjan, Maranda, Nancy, Rikki, Shirley, and Tanya
Thank you all of you for such a Great birthday Evening, Rhonda for the cake! for the Prosecco, for the beautiful scarf in blue to match my hair. The fun and the finish of the brownies at the centre, the booze at the Waterway.  Thank you Rikki for the lift home.
Thank you for the lovely card and all your words. I am taking them all as gospel! The fun for this evening, the great game. I think I love you Patrick! (tonights coach)and thank you Olly for your coconuts!
I look forward to next weeks game when I will beat the pants off you all that might of beaten me this evening! !

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