28th January 2015

We won Victorious! Happy and Glorious, Oh to reign over the court, God save the Victoria’s! 

Tonights 2 teams The Victorious verses the Edwardious
Dania, Sarita, Louise and Nancy played Sally, Marta, Andreea and Shirley.
The most Royal game of the year! 2 perfectly match teams fighting for glory. Thank you King Delroyal.
Both teams fought hard, scoring baskets. Left right and centre.
I travelled the most and paid the price. I also passed the borders and lost the ball. While Nancy saved the Victoria’s with a excellent break steeling the ball to Victorious victory! Dania and Sarita too were awarded the basketball Victoria cross for the most wining team work and good shooting.
Andreea Edwardiously made a fast break for her Edwardians. She also graced her team with her usual well aimed baskets.
Edwardious Marta gloriously passed her knighthood to her team mates, giving Shirley and Sally the honour of a OBE’s to the basket.
Sally ran faster than usual chasing the Victoria’s off the court. Nancy jumped and landed on her Royal behindness luckily with no injury.
Tonights game succeeded all expectations.
Come join us again next week for more Royal practice at the palace of Little Venice sports centre.
The Victorious Happy Queen Bee


21st January 2015

Tonights 10 Amazing! Excellent! Warriors were 

Dania, Louise, Shirley, Sally, Sian, Nancy, Lauren, Sarita, Marta and Andrea

The 2 teams.
The Black Holes were Bum, Stink, Cake (AKA shut it), Piss and Ear. (These holes may have technically won)
The Pink holes. Were Key, In-one (she gave us 4 in a row) Port, Man and me Peep. (These holes may have technically nearly have won)
It was a brilliant tough sharp game. Definitely not for sissy’s. With real improvement for all. I can only hope that one day all tall people will be reincarnated to be born short. And I will come back as Lauren!
C U NEXT WEEK to do it all again…and for MORE FUN!


14 Jan 2015

Tonights 4 Ballers were Louise, Sarita, Sally and Andreea.

Tonight I was YAR! Sally was YARHOO, Sarita was BLIND and Andrea was DEAF

Definition of Yar ‘perfect for sailing.
Definition of Yarhoo is excellent shooting.
Definition of Blind is can’t see Andrea for the trees
Definition of Deaf can’t hear the coach.
I sailed round the defence made baskets without Sarita seeing, Sally got them in without Andrea hearing, Excellent shooting Sal!
To be fair the deaf and blind team won the first round of 10 to 1.Then had their bottoms whipped in the 2nd half by theYar-hoo’s!
IT was a brilliant game. The best fun EVER! The hour went in a minute! Can’t wait to do it all again…..next week!
Come and join us! C U next Wednesday

7th January 2015

Tonights 2 teams were Bambies and Thumpers. 

The Deer Bambies were Louise, Sian, Nancy and Shirley. The Rabbit Thumpers were Sally, Rhonda, Sarita and Dania. The teams started off equal but before long the The Rabbits raised the game with bright eyes and scored and scored. The Littles Deers baron period soon ended with a corker from Shirley and a blinder from Sian. Rhonda slid on the ice and collapsed to the floor taking Bambie Louise with her!
A youtube moment according to coach Del. Nancy was sandwiched by Sarita and Sally while Dania water shipped her way down to the basket to score.
It was a thumpingly good fun night to kick start the new year!
Happy New year to all
See you Next Wednesday
Badabings on street wall! Graffiti Boundary road, E2