26 November 2014

Andreea, Sarita, Shirley, Nancy, Louise, Sally, Dania and Tanya All Played basketball!

Tonights game was Full of Fun, Run and we gained a new Hun! Welcome Tanya to the BADABings!

Andreea took control of the Pink team, whistling for the ball then giving miracle throws to the basket, with Sally, Tanya and Nancy supporting her moves. Tanya made her FiRST BING BASKET, obviously the first of many! 
Meanwhile Sarita held court for the blacks, rebounding, taking the ball down, shooting basket after basket. At times resembling Wonder-women running and spinning and knocking out other on the way. Shirley and Sarita teamed up on offence, while Dania and I defended the front line. I surprised myself by leaping in the air and snatched the ball but then forgot who’s team i was on! 
All in all bloody good fun! 
Join us for more next Wednesday


19 November 2014

With Del we had a full house

Girl power turnout – amazing to have Fedi back again – she rebounded and snatched the ball out of nowhere and forced us all to up our game and speed up !

Then there was Rhonda – yay you’re back and on a roll
Sian was possessed by tequila and made insane 3 point baskets
Sally left triuphant – epic basket finale
Marta – slick
Sarita – powerhouse
Dania- smooth
Andrea – on a mission

Ok it was a delightful game of two halves.

Playing rather fetchingly for the pinks, Marta, Shirley, Dania & sure shot Rhonda, with a bouncy Del.
Steely eyed & determined & winning, until I joined them, for the blacks, Sarita, Fadi, Andreea & even more impressively sure shot Sian.
It was either very hot, or we are all now super fit.  The play was fast & furious as we all chased Fadi with the ball, her team and the opposition.
The baskets were numerous & impressive, but the passing was truly inspired, we are playing like a team, there was a little bit of fakery, and the old one twos were in operation, also a little bit of blocking, it’s almost like we are playing basket ball!
Good game ladies, good game,
So pay your subs & join us next week for a fabulous work out,   Sian is sorting out Christmas drinks,


12 November 2014

To night the players were

Dania, Marta & Shirley


Sally, Andreea & Sarita

We began with running drills into the badminton net, which was still up,
we ran with gusto and verve, this was followed by passing drills into the
Œperson¹ taking down the nets

Then led by Marta & Dania we tried the old one two, this was tactics,
blocks and fakes, we were positively amazing.

Playing half court then opening up to the full court – we oned, we twos,
we faked and we ran,

It was truly fabulous, good game, good game,

5 November 2014

Tonights Sparklers were Louise, Sian, Sarita, Andreea, Shirley and Sally. 

A Spectacular night of fireworks. The Rockets verses the Bangers.
The Bangers sharp shooter tonight was Sian with her amazing rebounding. She was Banging! While the Rockets shot their baskets in unison with Sarita and Sally catching rebounds and passing straight threw to the wining Katherine wheel!
The night was a fountain of fun. Good shooting, Roman candles, TNT of defence.  We were on fire!
C U NEXT Wednesday